Thursday, August 30, 2012

Greta Christina Caught Lying

I was a bit surprised by a twitter conversation between     

Greta Christina told a person who goes by the user-name JustanAtheist, that the comment she left my husband....telling him to go fuck himself, was taken out of context. In her comment, she specifically said

¨the person (Johnny) was asking for "evidence" that had been provided multiple times

Ms Christina blatantly lied. I do not know if she knew she was lying, it might have been accidental, it might have been intentional. Either way, her statement was an untruth. 

Above Mentioned Image
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Here is what happened. 

I: I was the one who took that  picture. So she is accusing me of *sigh* taking it out of context.

II: My husband did not even have any online conversations with Ms. Christina before this incident. We both have thousands of Facebook friends and do not communicate with each and every one of them. We have two babies and no time to engage in extensive online discussions with anybody. I too had Ms. Christina as a Facebook friend, but like many others, I never communicated directly with her. 

III. Greta Christina never provided ´evidence´multiple times to Johnny. If she did, then it must have been through her psychic powers because these two people did not communicate with each other. If there had been communication, or she had provided the above mentioned ´evidence´, I surly would have heard about it from my husband. 

IV: That single comment Johnny posted on her wall was in fact - the only communication these two had with each other - ever

After he posted the comment requesting evidence, she immediately blocked him. After she blocked him, then she told him to go fuck himself. Johnny did not see that comment and did not even know about it. 

Hopefully you will ask me how I know this. I will gladly provide the answer.

Because he said to me, ¨guess what? I asked for evidence and Greta Christina blocked me. Isn´t that weird?¨  He did not say anything else about it.

He did not see the ´go fuck yourself´part because she blocked him before making that hateful comment. I however, was still on her friends list and I did see the comment. I copied it and posted it in twitter. I also notified my husband about it after the fact. So I was the one who told him about the ´go fuck yourself for asking for evidence´comment. 

After I uploaded the picture to twitter - I posted on that same facebook thread a direct link to the image and made it known that this behavior was completely juvenile. I let this sea hag know what I thought of her, then I blocked her. 

All he did was ask for evidence, and she told him to go fuck himself?  Wow! 

 Ms Christina, if you are on the rag and need to borrow some tampons I can arrange to have some delivered at your house. Making a comment like that to someone who politely asked for evidence makes you look like a major cunt. 

So, of course, I will be called ´sexist´ for referring to menstruation as an explanation for this type of behavior. True, women can be bitchy without being on the rag. Yet there is a correlation between the two. After all, PMS was actually used as a legal defense one time in the UK for murder. If Ms. Christina wants to use PMS as her excuse, I suppose I could forgive her for it. 

Oh, one more thing...before I posted that image I carefully went through the comments to make sure there was not any other interaction between Ms. Christina and Johnny.  I double checked. Not only did I ask my husband about his interaction with this maniacal, crowing windbag but I carefully checked the comments on the entire thread before posting the image.

So to wrap it all up, and tie this in a lovely little bow - Greta Christina is a liar.