Friday, October 12, 2012

Davis Aurini - Why Beating Women is Okay

After writing my first blog about the Monster Davis M.J. Aurini - The Canadian Taliban, I discovered a few more things about him. First, his drugs of choice are alcohol and LSD. I guess this is one stumbling block in the road to becoming the next, greatest Islamic Fundamentalist. The Quran strictly prohibits alcohol. Two, he had been accused of beating up his ex girlfriend and giving her a bloody nose. Islam does allow wife beating, so maybe Aurini does have a chance at joining the cult. The article I am referring to appeared in The Calgary Sun: Assaulting Estranged Girlfriend. <--- LINK

Aurini was acquitted of beating up his ex girlfriend. The Judge found that it was most likely self-defense. At first glance, I agreed with the Judges ruling. Below is a segment of the above linked article that appeared online:

In a decision released Monday, provincial court Judge Terry Semenuk said Davis Aurini was acting in self-defense when he assaulted Amanda Lockhart during a manic episode.
Semenuk said he believed Aurini's testimony Lockhart attacked him when he rejected her attempt to kiss him after they viewed the Oscar-winning film about mental patients.
Aurini admitted pushing Lockhart and applying a pressure point to her neck in an attempt to get her to release his motorcycle helmet so he could leave.
"The force used by the accused ... when she was out of control and having a manic episode, was no more force than necessary to prevent her assault on him," Semenuk said.
"His actions were justified," the judge said, in finding Aurini was acting in self-defence.
Lockhart accused Aurini of choking her after he became angry at the conclusion of the movie.

As I mentioned previously, at first glance I agreed with the Judge. From the facts it looked like self-defense. Then, I rethought my position after doing a little more homework on this monster. Shame on me for not looking more closely at  his Twitter feed. As I looked into other content this man put online, I began to second guess myself on this. Maybe the Judge was wrong. Maybe this was not self-defense. Maybe this guy is both a rapist and a woman beater. Maybe, she was telling the truth? Read the following tweets:

This one shocked the hell out of me.

Golden Age of Slapping Women

The second tweet is very telling of this character.

With a closer look at his twitter activity, I am even more confident than before that this guy is a monster. I am glad that he uses his real name and women can identify this guy. I am hoping that any woman he has a relationship googles his name. His comment, ¨Seems I´ve spent most of my life forgiving those who´ve hurt me,¨reinforced some of the things I wrote in my first blog about this guy. He choose the wrong women, and he has been deeply hurt by women - that is what drives this man´s rage at the entire female gender. I have to wonder what could have happened to this man.

I still stand firmly on my original position that Davis Aurini is a Monster. His tweets prove that without a doubt. Yet, I am also torn by the thought that something really horrible happened to this guy. I have to wonder - did a woman he loved cheat on him? Did a woman infect him with HIV? What happened? People are not born like this. 

What is even sadder is that Aurini will never find real love and happiness in life. No self respecting woman will ever be with him. He will continue having relationships with one crazy woman after another. He will continue writing his gynophobic rants. It is only going to get worse for this guy. His future is bleak. 

I love being helpful to people. If there is anything that I can do to help someone I will do it. This man cannot be helped, and there is nothing a woman can do to change his way of viewing women. Many women jump into relationships with men thinking that they can change them or help them. That is a foolish mistake and one of the reasons women end up getting hurt. Any woman who gets involved with this man will get hurt either physically, sexually, or emotionally. 

 Unless he is willing to change, get out of his comfort zone, and associate with different people, Davis Aurini needs to be alone for the rest of his life. He will have a string of one night stands. But he will never know what it is to be really loved by a woman. That is a unfortunate way to go through life because everybody deserves to be loved.  


  1. Well. I think I can shed light on this. I found out about venturephilosophy because I'm a follower of Aurini's and Clarey's material. I'm not deterred or frightened by their provocotive statements, because I'm a person who is normalized to violence. I've experienced sufficient violence that I consider it to be normal. Aurini needs no one to save him as you suggested in another post, because he's not in any danger. The people around him aren't in any danger either. He's a relatively pleasant person.

    My life has been sufficiently saturated with violence that when I see for example, a woman being beaten by a man from across the street, I can immediately calculate several dozen ways for her to escape that danger. It's not okay for her to get hit, but it's not okay for me to get hit when she can escape so easily. In North America you can escape from that kind of danger easily. I'd not be alive if this wasn't true. Honest to God normalization to violence comes with a life affirming aversion to violence. Anything less is masochism.

    From examining these mens expression, the worst thing I think either of them has ever done to a woman is the nerve pinch as Aurini claims to have done to his girlfriend. A nerve pinch is 0.05% of the human capacity to endure pain. I just pulled that number out of the air, but yeah, that kind of pain is infinitesimal. He has the right to use force to prevent unwanted sexual contact with another person. Any amount of force up to and including lethal force. But he didn't use lethal force, and he never will, because he has the aversion that I mentioned.

    Also, I don't think that they've been hurt by any women per se. What actually happened is that they experienced every kind of danger there is, and they're trying to advise people on how to stay out of danger. They're using danger language to show people just exactly what the uncautious have to look forward to. Often enough, they're just venting, but they're venting over the fact that the average person won't admit to themselves that there's some gruesome things waiting for the uncautious.

    If a non-violent person wants to learn to be safe, these two guys advice is the easy way, not the hard way.

    1. I think any person would agree that we must protect ourselves. Coming from a family of tough women, I can certainly understand it.

      However, this does not explain Aurini's hatred for women. It does not explain his desires to control, dominate, and humiliate them. This is seen in many of his videos where he says that educating women is a waste of money, and they should just stay home letting the men do all the heavy lifting. There is no explanation about the twitter comments.

      According to his twitter comment, he has been hurt by women. I do not think that he needs to be saved, but I think women should protect themselves from this man. I think that Aurini is a danger to women.

  2. 1) Because he favourited a youtube video on slapping women and wrote a tweet about rape that doesn't feel comfortable to you that means that he is a women beater and a rapist? This is a bullshit logic. His personal opinions do NOT make him guilty in the case with this women were the judge didn't find any proof for his guilt. This mentality is sick. Someone who writes about how some taxes are immoral, according to his opinion, is automatically guilty of tax fraud?!

    2) Using his pictures and his full (!) names for these things is called BULLYING (funny, he just released a vid about leftist bullying) and CALUMNY. You are trying to destroy his life, his credibility, his chances for finding someone to love. Why can LibTard/FemiNazis never let people alone? Why do they try to destroy others lives (by using FULL names and PICTURES???) Sick. Sick. Just sick.

    1. 1. He is a woman beater because he has beaten women in the past. I do not claim that he beats women all the time, but I certainly do think that he does not see a problem with it.

      2. I can use his name and his picture because he uses his name and picture. If he made himself a public figure by putting himself and his real name on the internet. I do not have the power to destroy anyone's life - he destroyed his own life. He destroyed his own life by being a woman hating pig. The things he has said are so vile, that he destroyed himself.

      And if you do not like what I say - you can bend over and kiss my ass because I am going to say it anyway. Aurini is a demented, gynophobic Nazi

    2. On the contrary

      I do have the right to repost anything he puts online.

      And it is clear you are running in circles, so I will ignore you. Unless you want me to make more images of that Nazi and put them online....

      In fact - for the two comments you posted here, I am going to make two more images of Aurini doing June Cleaver.

  3. I used to work with the guy. He's most likely gay. He just won't admit it. And he hates women because he has to pretend to be interested in them.

    1. Hey I've met him too, friend of a friend.

      Naomi has him all wrong, and so do you.

      He didn't give off a gay vibe around me, and he seemed pretty polite and normal, I suspect a lot of his online ranting is just letting off steam, although it sometimes goes way, WAY too far.

      His problem is his past experiences which is not my place to get into but would be plain as day to anyone who has actually talked to him before. Yes Naomi is right that he has a past, but it is totally absent of a woman caused problem, his militancy is the biggest hint I'm giving you.

    2. I have a past too.

      But I do not use that as an excuse to hate men.

      Aurini has said some primitive things about women. For example: we should stay home and be mothers. We should babysit children for free. Our education is useless unless it makes us better mothers, oh...and we piss about like untrained dogs, and we like to screw men in the bathroom of nightclubs.

      No matter what past he has, those opinions are very sick.

  4. I've known a lot of democrats, liberals, marxists and anarchists who have also abused alcohol, drugs among other things. I don't think any of this information on Aurini makes him any worse than what is common enough in this culture. I think it would be more useful if you spent time demonstrating what you find his political and philosophical views to be "wrong" rather than focusing on his embarrassing personal history, which, even assuming he did nothing wrong, I'm sure must have hurt him personally. A little compassion for your fellow man would go a long way.

    C. B. N.

    1. You may have missed my first blog about this man. He does not deserve my compassion.

  5. This is laughable. Any real woman can see immediately, this boy is a closet hommo.

  6. I will say this... if someone wishes to contest this extremist point of view, feel free to spin your wheels without gaining friction. It is not this man's view that needs to be contested, but the argument with which the view is demonstrated. The fact that there are "they" statements and "you" statements suggests an all or nothing approach. For example, "pit-bulls are vicious animals that would sooner eat a baby than act appropriately enough for a domesticated animal." Truth implicated by this statement resides in its overarching attitude toward ALL pit-bulls. But... everyone knows some pit-bulls that are good and some that are bad, thus, the statement is true but not all inclusive (see, I used an overarching statement that is false because not everyone knows a pit-bull). This is not necessarily wrong until the statement is made all inclusive, such as "all women are sluts." Everyone knows some loose women, but not all women you know are loose women. The argument's fallacy becomes fully transparent the moment that connection is made.

    The damaging part of this "man of the west's" statement stems from some readers/viewers inability to see this fallacy in the argument itself. Just like becoming numb to violence due to exposure requires exposure to make one numb, the ability to see the weakness of the argument takes exposure to seeing and understanding weak arguments. Instead of trying to rebut what Davis is arguing, it would be more effective to rebut the argument as a whole. If someone could honestly make a sound argument for a single damaging behavioral characteristic for half the human population (women actually have a majority of 51%), then they would tilt the entire axis of the earth... because its just not possible.

  7. His first mistake was staying with mentally ill woman who doesn't want to up. His second was not making his point the first time, by either reciprocating to such a degree that she either left, or stopped being an idiot. I've been through the mill with abusive women myself, who seemed to crave domination BY ME. At some point, you have to cut toxic people off. I chucked both women out of my life, much to their dismay. I'd do it again. People, men and women, when they subscribe to eh romance mythology, pick partners in incredibly self destructive ways. If I ever bother take on another relationship, I'll probably have a woman selected by a professional with a very long CV, but I doubt the traditional type of matchmaker even exists now. Call me heartless, I don't care.

    Aurini isn't the alpha male he portrays him self to be. He's also not as sick as you make him out to be, nor are many women as wonderful as mainstream culture makes them out to be. Real men take care of themselves. Guys like Aurini who need women to support their household or changing a damn diaper aren't men. A real man can patch a roof, write a sonnet, paint a landscape, change a diaper, tuck his child in at night, and calculate compound interest.

    Frankly, all this alpha posturing is weak. They need women to feel like men. Authentic men build, explore, create, and ponder in order. I have yet to read his novel as I have a backlog of classics to read as it is. But then I prefer a Greco-Roman separation of genders, minus the unscientific hierarchy and rigid gender roles. Women have their spaces and men have their spaces. We ought to come together to fuck, debate, and make things work; that's it. Whoever can do a job does it without all this palaver over gender roles. Who cares? Romance was the worst thing to happen in the history of gender relations. I don't want a woman in my space, I don't care how hot or intelligent she is. And women deserve space to call their own as much as men do! Of course I'm also hetero-flexible, and for the most part don't give a shit about women unless they have real skills and intellect. Extended family with both sexes socially distant was the sanest system and carried us through the longest period in human development. Look it up for yourself. Romance and the nuclear family are just fly by failed experiments.

    ...End of rant on gender

    What we're talking about when you talk about "woman beating" is physical bullying, as opposed to the emotional blackmail that many women use without mercy on men. Both are rqually toxic to the adults, and even more so to children when they are involved.

    End of line, over and out.

  8. I just started following Aurini recently and wanted to do some background on him and found this article- to be honest I was expecting much worse. If women believe in equality can you please explain to me why it's wrong to hit a woman? I don't see many articles written about women who hit men being "monsters". Plenty of women regularly push or take swings at men who make them angry enough (It has happened to me and people I know), but since women can't do much damage since they are much weaker than men, no one minds.

    If a girl socks a man in the face and gives him a shiner, heaven forbid he punches her back cause he might knock her out, double standards all around. I have never hit a woman, but trust me, if they did something that really deserved it, I might- men understand this basic concept because men are innately afraid of fighting other men so we understand if you go too far there might be a fight, women on the other hand think they are special and above this reality.

    There is a line you don't cross when you interact with another man, because a fight could be around the corner- women who act like animals only due so because no one has ever hit them probably, it's pretty simple. There are countless videos on youtube of women doing insane things to men and getting away with it, spitting on bouncers at clubs, destroying their video games systems etc. If I spit on a bouncer at a club or took a hammer to my friends ps3 cause he was ignoring me, I would know a punch would be coming. It's common sense.

    Aurini's biggest mistake is that he let this piece of trash in his life and let her get to him so much that he started tweeting what he did. He likely was trying to find some type of release for all the anger he had towards this maniac women and tweeting about things that involved hitting women was a release. It's not different than when someone is mad at the rival baseball team and tweets videos about beating up fans from that team or players- they understand it's not acceptable to actually do it, so that's the next best thing. A man with no history of violence does not (usually) wake up one day and decide he's going to sock his girlfriend, it's usually been boiling up for a long time, you have no idea what she did to him or if she hit him in the past and he did nothing, most men don't even talk about these things because it's embarrassing. Keep that in mind next time you write something.

  9. Wow okay, yeah I regret not reading your "aurini is a monster" blog point before, I made the mistake of taking you seriously. Anyone who insults and calls someone names and gives them a bad book review because they don't like their opinions and haven't even read their book shouldn't be taken seriously. Here is something you need to understand, smart people are seeking out level headed thinkers in this day and age of whiney name callers masquerading as intellectuals, who will call anyone the modern equivalent of a "pinko" (racist/sexist) if they say something that offends them (which isn't hard to do, people like you on your side of the table is why I started questioning these things in the first place). Just because the feminists are now the ones who have a red scare like list of people who they want to destroy who say anything that upsets them doesn't mean red scare like tactics are now okay. If you had any intellectual integrity you would be ashamed. If you want to to discredit someone's argument, act like a grown up, not a five year old- because now any valid points you could have said to back up your argument go out the window, smart people don't listen to people who act like they are on the jerry springer show. Good job.

  10. He is bringing back the language/norm back to where it should be.

    Look at the biases surrounding violence between the sexes. How people talk about it normally. Then compare facts and see what really goes on.
    He is perhaps using extra "hard" (i.e. slightly off where the norm OUGHT to be) language and generalizations to get a hard-on or enjoy the shock effect. I haven't heard all of his statements, but probably more than anyone who uses feeling so much when not appropriate.



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