Saturday, October 27, 2012

Honey Boo Boo is child abuse

I have a very high tolerance, and a pretty strong stomach. As a, scratch a human being, I am disgusted that people are watching this crap. That poor little girl is being exploited by her own mother. Someday, that little girl is going to grow up. Someday, she will be a teenager. How is she going to feel then?

White trash culture is nothing to be celebrated. We are supposed to encourage people to be dignified, literate, respectful and intelligent. Moreover, these are values we are suppose to instill in our children. This glorification of trailer park American culture is disgusting.

If revolting people want to appear on reality shows, competing for the attention of some guy, or showing the world just how vile and low they are, that is perfectly fine with me. There are some things I have written that some consider vile. The difference is that this poor little girl is a child. Everything she learns about the world, every frame of reference she has about reality, comes entirely from her parents. I support the idea of taking this little girl and adopting her to a decent family, where she will have a chance at normalcy. People like this should be sterilized.

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