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Ode to Aaron Clarey - the World´s Biggest Mangina

Mangina and Aurini welcome their newest e-book to the world.

Ode To Aaron Clarey

I have the distinct honor of introducing you to Aaron Clarey. ( a.k.a Mangina)

 Aaron posted an important video which has been viewed by over 1200 people. A few words about Aaron. First, he was previously employed on the Board of Trustees at several Accredited Universities He also has previous experience in University Accreditation. As you can tell, these are very important jobs.  

While working on the Board of Trustees and carefully overlooking the accreditation standards in The United States of America, Aaron personally calculated the reading requirements for several different disciplines including Physics, Engineering, Mathematics. Then he meticulously compared them to the reading requirements for disciplines such as English, Sociology, Psychology, History, Art and several other humanities. You see, Aaron is all about fairness. He understands that one hour of Shakespeare is just as difficult as one hour of Physics. He is an honest person, and respects the unique abilities of all people. Aaron collected data proving, without a doubt that Physics 101 is more work than Anthropology 101. Aaron found that Mathematics 322 required more work for the average Joe, than Italian 322. He found that the coursework for all of the humanities and arts were significantly easier than engineering. Those classes contained fewer assignments, easier tests, and sometimes the professors just let the students sleep in class. 

Worthless: How Most Education is Meaningless has been on the New York Time Bestseller list for several weeks. It was also nominated for several awards including The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences (in memory of Alfred Nobel). This prize has been awarded 43 times to 69 Laureates since 1969. Aaron Clarey, man of pure genius, compressed the knowledge of each of these Nobel Laureates..LINK, dumbing down everything to one basic principle. Humanities are stupid. English is easy. Social sciences are for people who are dumb, or have vaginas. Let me tell you...professor John Nash has nothing on Aaron Clarey. 

Aaron took into consideration the essays students had to write for various courses. Once again, he found that a student who had to write a ten page essay discussing fundamental virtues as described by Friedrich Nietzsche  did not qualify as ´real work´. He found that doing ten pages of math problems was much...much...much more difficult. After all, he could write a paper like that standing on his head. In fact, the Will To Power is one of his all time favorite books. ( ah hem

Aaron Clarey took special care to discuss women and men who major in English. He finds that English is not a ´real´ degree because these people have been speaking English their entire lives. However, people like myself who majored in French and Italian - whelp, we are a second. I am not sure about that so we will have to revisit that issue later. 

Anyway, this blog is about how amazingly cool Aaron is and about how his knowledge about educational standards, the amount of time, work and effort that goes into each of these programs is so..totally right on. 

After all the comparative examination, considering the value education has for each person in each level of society, and the impact education has upon our societal health, Aaron Clarey uploaded one of the most brilliant YouTube videos I have ever seen. This is Award Winning material. 

Aaron Clarey Proves Eighty Percent of University Degrees are Worthless

Women Earning  More Degrees Than Men
How One Man Makes Sense of it All


Aaron, what do you think about Comparative Literature?
¨Pfff, I could get an A in that class without even reading any of the books or doing any of the assignments. After all, I have been speaking English muh hole life.¨ - Clarey
English 225: Shakespheare? How would you do in that class?
¨Err, okay, ya got me. Shakespearian plays is a little harder because they spoke old English. I might break a sweat. But it is a waste of time taking that stupid crap. So Romeo and Juliette die at the end. Who cares?¨
What about the love or passion that a person might have for English literature? How does that fit into your book?
¨What kind of a liberal, tree-hugging question is that? Education should be about making money. Who cares what you love, or what people have passions for? Duh!¨
Aaron, we see here that you hated college and went only to please your parents?
¨Yeah, well, I am kind of stupid and reading gives me a headache
Have you ever read a psychology book?
¨Err.. no...what do I look, gay?¨
What About Foreign Languages?
¨Dude...just get Pimsleur and be done with it. Geez.¨

What The Hell?

Okay, so lets stop for a moment and examine what is really going on here. Women are earning more degrees than men. It is not a myth - it is a fact. The reason is not because women are smarter than men, or more hard working than men, it is because women tend to be more motivated. From the way Aaron speaks with that arrogant, condescending tone, it is pretty clear that he feels threatened. Women...slowly but surely making more money. Ohh...the thought....the horror

Each person is unique and has their own reasons for doing what they do. As mention earlier, I was a foreign language major. I am also the minority in this discipline - most foreign language majors are men. Does Aaron think that the men who earn foreign language degrees are all a bunch of stupid pussies who are too stupid to do anything else? These men went on to work for the State Department, Law Enforcement, Military Intelligence, or Translation Services. Others like me have an interest in International Law where the field of possibilities are limitless. 
this is where his book belongs

In Aaron Carey´s one dimensional e-book where he takes all humanities degrees, and flushes them down the toilet. The book carries the unimaginative title Worthless. What Carey proposes is education merely in terms of global success and competitiveness. This is terminally narrow-minded and kills the innate love of learning for millions of people. He views education purely from a hedonistic utilitarian perspective. Herein, I can see why gynophobic Davis Aurini loves Carey so much. Carey genders all University Diploma´s as ´male´degrees and ´female´degrees. When women do earn the ´male´degree,´ Aurini comes along to say it is worthless unless it can make her a better mother.  

Aaron´s book shit all over the entire discipline of psychology. Two psychology majors that I know, one who is female, the other who is male, both went on to post graduate studies. The female went on to work with mentally disabled adults. The male went on to study cognition and neuroscience. According to Aaron - both the male and female wasted their time earning a meaningless degree. According to him, they did not earn their degree, it was ´given to them´. 

 According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of psychologists is expected to grow at a rate of about 12 percent through the year 2018. While this is considered average growth, the demand for psychological services in schools, hospitals, substance abuse treatment centers and social services agencies is expected to fuel the demand for trained professionals. Psychology students spend a great deal of time learning about research methods and statistics. Even if you don’t particularly love the research process, learning more about how to gather, organize, analyze and interpret data can be important skill in a wide variety of careers. If you’ve ever dreamed of making a real difference in other people's lives, earning a psychology degree can be a great way to achieve that goal. Psychologists, counselors, therapists and community services workers devote their time and energy to helping people overcome adversity, increase their well-being and realize their full potential. Lets sum it all up this way: all the therapy these douchebags are going to need in life will be coming from a psychologist. 

Amazon Review of Aaron´s Worthless Piece of Crap
Reviewer is Book Dallier. This person has reviewed 21 Books on Amazon, Giving Most of Them Positive Reviews of 3 Stars or more. 

¨A final, but fundamental objection to Clarey's argument is that there is more to life and happiness than the production of wealth. Perhaps it is true that many people would be better off economically if they followed Clarey's advice. But if everyone did, ours would be a culture without historians, philosophers, theologians, artists, musicians, and writers. No one would take the personal economic risks necessary to follow the humanistic impulse that gives pride and meaning to our collective existence. Clarey does not acknowledge that the medieval village might in fact have been a lot worse for not having social workers or puppeteers. (And yes, someone needs to be a lawyer or a politician, too!) By suggesting that no one needs to study these things in order to do them, Clarey reveals how little he knows about the truly rigorous and worthwhile study that upholds many of these disciplines. It is in fact valuable for a musician to study music, and it is in fact valuable for an artist to study art. Nor is the serious study of art or music a joke. (The same can be said about philosophy, anthropology, sociology, and literature.)¨

Aaron is an angry middle-aged man guys who feels better about himself when he shits all over the hard work others do. He is condescending and rude. It is clear that he thinks he is more important than he really is. The guy comes across as an asshole in all of his videos. He feels that women and liberals are inferior and it pisses him off that they are doing things he is either too stupid or too lazy to do. He also seems to think that anyone who has an opinion different from his own is an idiot, or a stupid little child that needs to be reprogrammed.  It is a good thing he lives in the middle of nowhere. There is a reason a lot of nutters  militias and freaks come from Montana.  

Birds of a Feather

 Davis Aurini made Aaron a lovely little video. Watch it and you will see what is going on. ¨Oh, are so awesome. Your book is sooo kewl. Oh Aaron...please let me suck your...****.¨  ¨Oh, macro-economics is too complex and convoluted for my little mind. You makes it so simple for me. Oh Aaron. Yes Aaron!! Yes YES AARON." Not only do I think that woman-hating Canadian freak enjoys getting a prostate exam now and again...but I think he would like it even more if Aaron slipped on the latex gloves and gave him the finger himself. 


The Irrational Fear of Women

Aaron Clarey and Davis Aurini do not have to suffer in silence. There are a variety of treatment options for overcoming Gynophobia. The first step is to reach out to your doctor and have them refer you to the best mental health professional. You want to ensure that you are getting the treatment you need that is best suited for you. This mental health therapist may suggest different forms of counseling or psychotherapy, depending on the level of your fear. (unless, you are one of those people who think psychology is bullshit, then the best course of action is just to kill yourself.) In severe situations, medication can be prescribed, but it is not 100 percent guaranteed to relieving or “curing” your phobia. You may also choose to use behavioral therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy or exposure therapy to help get rid of your gynophobia. Whichever method you choose, know that you are on the path to rediscovering your life.
Aaron Clarey is a ManGina

I, however, have a different theory about how to treat gynophobia. It is called, exposure therapy. The more these guys see themselves as big vagina the more desensitized they will become to the idea. Exposure therapy is commonly used on soldiers suffering from PTSD. It is a matter of gently revisiting the thing that terrifies you - being a great big MANGINA. Aaron Clarey seems to be a proponent of the First Amendment of The United States Constitution. 

Therefore - he supports freedom of speech. Whelp, in the spirit of the First Amendment and Everything it embodies, including the right to criticize people on the internet.... please enjoy the following low-brow images of Aaron Clarey as a big Vagina. 

¨Liberals are Stupid Little Children¨- Mangina
I like to do my homework before writing blogs about people. It is unfair to come to conclusions about people from only one or two sources. I went to this guys channel to watch some of his other videos. I started the journey jumping to a video titled Cap Soc4. (This retard does not even know how to properly title his videos. He even keeps the WMM file tag after uploading it) In this video he starts off talking about how liberals are a bunch of stupid little children in denial. 

I went back, realizing that I needed to suffer through the beginning videos so that I could fairly understand mangina. The lecture was How to Defeat Socialism. For a moment I pondered if this mangina had any idea that a socialist wrote the pledge of allegiance? You know what they say, a little socialism on the left is better than a little fascism on the right. Anyway, so here I am suffering through mangina´s lectures based on his irrational fear that socialists are going to take away his gun. After checking out the pages he likes on all started to come together. 

Surprisingly, I found myself agreeing with some of the points he made about the importance of capitalism. Although I would identify myself as a conservative Democrat  Atlas Shrugged was one of the best books that I ever read. Yes - I read the whole thing which I doubt mangina made it past page three. 

His rhetoric was offensive.He comes across as an arrogant jerk. He treats liberals and democrats like stupid little children that need to be ´reprogrammed.´ I am all for the exchange of ideas, but there is some wisdom behind the expression ¨you will get more flies with honey than vinegar ¨ If mangina knew that, he would not be an arrogant jerk, treating people like little children because they have different philosophies than him. He is also a dude will some very bad judgement when it comes to family. (see footnote) The only redeeming thing that I can say about this little prick is that he is a libertarian on social issues, such as abortion and gay marriage. 

Aaron Clarey´s Real Impact On The World

This actually broke my heart a little. 

 Can someone please come along and give this guy a few pity-likes. I mean, my gosh darn soap and cosmetic company is liked a lot more than his book. And I have a vagina for goodness sakes! Amazing that people like my soap more than his ideas.

Mangina has three entire people following him on twitter. Wait a second......Mangina?? Tell me the truth, did you set up three sock twitter accounts? This got me to thinking. This whole thing about not getting any likes for his worthless book reminds me of that South Park episode about Facebook. 

This is Mangina on his Worthless Fan Page - 2 likes :-)
According to his website, he only went to college to placate is parents, and started dancing because he wanted to hook up with girls. (I could see how they would not be interested in him without some talent.) No wonder he shits all over the higher education system. He decided to be a ballroom dancer because it was the only way to meet women. 

Give Me My Money Back
The shoes I bought with Mangina´s money
You know what Mangina, I am not giving you your money back. I am using your money to buy myself a nice pair of shoes. Then, I am taking your money to buy myself a delicious double tall skim pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. ( no, seriously, try the latte, they are to die for.)

Not only am I keeping YOUR money, and SPENDING your money...but I am going to put your money in my bathtub and roll around in it saying, ¨oh, mangina´s money....I love rolling around in mangina´s money.¨ Naw, I will not do that. Ewww. Gross. Davis Aurini is the one in love with you, not me. I would prefer to spend your money and rub it in your face. If you feel really dirty, you can always buy a bar of soap from me which I will sell to you for the price of $5.50 per bar. But...for you mangina, I will give you a discount. I know you are probably broke and need the cash.



Education is a gift you give yourself. It is not just about the demonstrable ways you can make more money. Knowledge in political science, history, sociology, and the other disciplined makes one as smarter, more well rounded person. We need our philosophers, historians, linguists, and artists. To think that the University setting does not offer students something above and beyond what we find at the public library is just absurd. It shows a blatant ignorance about the humanities programs, how they function, and what they offer. It also shows that ManGina has no idea what the work entails. 

I have been writing the polyglot experience for quite awhile now. I can say with absolute confidence that some things must be learned in a classroom. I have personally used and reviewed many language learning programs. This Mangina thinks that he knows more about the language learning process than I do? A woman who has lived abroad, owned businesses abroad, made money in different currencies, and taught others? His view on education is over simplified. But, what else would we expect from a simplistic mind. 

Sadly, in the United States and other parts of the world there are trends of anti-intellectualism. Being ignorant is something to be proud of. We see that the people who spew this rhetoric the most, are usually Republicans who have never taken the time to study something else. Mangina admitted in his own blog that the only reason he went to college was to please his parents. From the get go, we know that this douche has no love for learning new and different things. So we already know where he is coming from. 

Our educational system is one of the things that makes us different from third world countries. Islamic nations that look to the past, instead of the future, and the ones lagging behind. In fact, Spain translates more literature into Spanish than the entire Islamic World translates literature into Arabic. What does this tell us?  To be civilized, we need our translators  our artists, our thinkers, and we need people with diverse educational backgrounds. We need people who did the work and have proven themselves. 

People are all unique and should follow what makes them happy, what fulfills them. If that means investing in an education that makes them more money - so be it. If that means creating great works of literature  art, or philosophy - so be it. It is a contribution. Contributions to knowledge mean something. Call those contributions what you will, good, bad, ugly, eccentric, brilliant, weird, whatever. Contributions have an additive effect upon our knowledge. Future generations will exist to take our contributions, add to them, use them, manipulate them, and make them something new and better. Societies with people, with diverse educational backgrounds create dynamic, healthy, thoughtful people who all bring something unique to the table. 

So if people like Aaron Clarey (oops...I mean, Mangina) cannot appreciate that, then do we really need people like him? Ironically, I would say, yes, we do need people like him. When we look at him, his arrogance, his condescending attitude, we can stop and say to ourselves, ¨That is how I do not want to be.¨ I am thankful for the manginas of the world. They do play an important role in our society.

This guy is as much a writer as Brett Keane is a writer. I have to wonder how many of those positive book reviews on Amazon he wrote for himself. Hmmmm.... I wonder. 

UPDATE  Mangina made another douche video lecturing young people that they should not commit to a career until they are 35. Yuppers. This guy is so stupid that it is a waste of time to debate with him. He does not deserve it. Instead, I am going to make a video making fun of him. Yes...not to professional, not too cool. But you know what, he is a grown man, a misogynist on the internet lecturing people with his anti-intellectualism, condescending bull crap.

Mangina on the beach

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