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Mental Slavery - free your mind and the rest will follow

Islamic Slavery to Slave Morality
In order to understand how religion enslaves the mind, we must examine two types of morality as described by Friedrich Nietzsche in Beyond Good And Evil. In most of the modern world, we do not live as masters and slaves to other individuals, however the two systems still exist in our minds.  Although this rule applies to other monotheistic religions, this essay is concerned only with Islam. Islam created a world view where Muslims are proud to be slaves and consider slavery to be a noble institution.

The image that comes to mind is the image of an African slave, happily picking cotton because he knows that being a slave is a good thing. The image is enough to break the heart of any civilized person.

What we are about to examine, Slave Morality vs. Master Morality  As we examine these two concepts, one can easily understand how Muslims around the world are slaves in their mind, and slaves with every breath they inhale. 

According to Nietzsche, Slave morality is absolutely everywhere. Anytime someone grounds his or her morality on what the Master does, this is slave morality. Although slaves and masters do not exist in modern times, human beings still exist within the two moral systems. Slaves are only able to do precisely what their masters tell them. Their master dominates a slave’s entire life. Therefore, slaves think about morality in terms of their masters. In the position of a slave, where everything they do is for the master, they will come to resent their master. In some countries, slaves hate their masters to the degree that they equate everything about their Masters as evil. Slaves believe everything Masters Value to be equally evil. Moral evil enters the picture in slave morality, as a form of resentment for the master. Anything the master values the slave will hate. Slaves define morality entirely in terms of the ‘evil’ master.

For slaves anything opposite of the Master is good. The slave will think of moral goodness in these terms, “Evil is the opposite of goodness. I am the opposite of my Master. Therefore, it must be good to be a slave.” The Quran refers to Muslims as Allah’s little ‘slaves’, and Muslims appear more than thrilled to play out that role of servitude. As a result, they end up being fatalistic slaves for the rest of their lives. While the Masters create, postulate, expands and invents the disgruntled Slaves spend their time bitterly reevaluating what the Masters do. Slaves hate the freedom Masters have to define themselves. They hate being subservient to Master Morality. They believe that being a slave is a good thing. They cannot create, postulate, invent or assert power in life because they must always work from underneath the terms the master has set for them. In this context, the Master is Islam.
The slaves cannot wield power to their advantage and reach their fullest potential on their own terms. The Master can be a person, but typically, Masters are political, religious or ethical systems. The Master can do whatever it wants to do. The Master sets the game and rules slaves must live by. Christians who ground their morality in Christianity are slaves to Christianity. Muslims who ground their morality in Islam are slaves to Islam. Masters are also charlatans, who wield religion to suit their own agenda. Any person who grounds their belief system in what that charlatan says is a slave to the charlatan. As Masters create new concepts, slave morality resentfully attempts to control what Masters are. Muslims slaves try to manipulate Master vocabulary. Muslims manipulate the Masters words to suit their own agenda. This includes manipulating the word ‘atheist’ all the way to manipulating words in the Quran. Slave cannot define anything unique on their own merit, without submersing themselves to the Masters. This is not to say all atheists are Masters, according to how Friedrich Nietzsche’s has defined Master, but there is something to be said about the subservient way Muslims respond to the word ‘Atheist.’ They try to work under our word, manipulating it, controlling it, and vainly tempting to redefine something Islamic ideology is unable to control. Muslim charlatans submerse themselves under the word Atheist because they cannot control atheism on its own terms. To deny the existence of an atheist or to cry ‘mushrik’ represents the slave morality in Islamic vocabulary.
Slave morality will shift the meaning of a word ‘atheist’ ‘polytheist’ ‘religion’ and ‘worship’ to suit their advantage. Slaves can only reevaluate what Masters do. Slave morality exerts itself by submersion while Master morality exerts itself with independence, freethinking, innovation and dominance. Slaves are always under the Master’s feet.
All slaves, according to Friedrich Nietzsche harbor resentment towards any person who does not prescribe to their slave morality. As Muslims enjoy being slaves, they harbor deep resentment towards atheist who reject Islamic slave morality. The Quran says humans must submit. Islam means to submit. Atheists refuse to submit and even go so far as to say Muslims are irrational for submitting to an imaginary deity. Muslims hate atheists because atheists refuse to be slaves. Atheists are unaffected by their threats of ‘hell’ ‘hellfire’ or ‘brimstone.’ Muslims are hateful towards atheists because they know that they cannot control us, and their brand of slave morality will never be able to control us. A part of them is envious of the kind of freedom we possess over our own destiny. While they are fatalistic – we are empowered.
Muslim slaves say they are slaves only to Allah. This is untrue. Muslims are slaves within many levels. They are slaves to the Quran, slaves to doctrine, to charlatans, slaves to Islamic worldview and most importantly to Slave Morality. The Quran is full to the brim with slavery, slave mentality and submission to slave morality. Women are slaves to their husbands. Husbands are slaves to Allah. All Muslims are slaves to the aristocracy. The Islamic world is like an onion, with layers upon layers of psychological slavery. Only a small number of Muslims in the Islamic world are Masters, they are the ones with the money, power, and freedom. Muslims masters use Islam to enslave other Muslims. Religion is the easiest way to get gullible slaves to do exactly what you want them to do. Muslim slaves are easy to manipulate by their masters because they live predominately in the other world. The slave is concerned with all the rewards they will receive in paradise. These are the easiest people to dupe. Muslim masters will dangle alluring concepts in the slave’s face. They will lecture about an imaginary global Islamic State that will never exist. They will talk about paradise, grapes, wine and houri’s. The slave Muslim will suckle himself at night, with a head in the clouds and dreams that are anywhere but grounded in reality. The slave Muslim is on the bottom of the food chain while duping himself into believing he is on top of the world.
It is not a surprise Muslims harbor resentment. They have every reason to be resentful. While non-Muslims go on vacation, and enjoy a sweet, fruity Margarita on the beach. Muslims have to waste their precious time on earth performing devotional deeds, rituals, washings, prayers, and fasting. Muslims have to spend their valuable time thinking endlessly about how they can exert control over people who refuse to subscribe to their slave-morality. Even Islamic charlatans like Zakir Naik and Bilal Philips only reevaluate what the master does. They try to wield their slave morality under the feet of Westerners that look down upon them. When they try to explain one weird Islamic idea after another, the reality is that they are doing it all under the foot of people they feel dominate them. They recite what we do, try in vain to control the terms we set, and demand we ‘respect’ their slave-mentality. No wonder they come across as angry. No wonder they lose their cool when someone insults Islam. Islam is the only thing they have in this world to live for. All Muslims must live entirely for their religion. It is a crying shame what they do to themselves.
Moral goodness for Muslims means being a good slave. Good slaves are humble, blindly obedient, live in another world, and subscribe to doctrine. Good slaves must do everything their little Allah and Muhammad prescribes with obedience. If Muhammad throws a bone, slaves must fetch that bone with the loyalty of a Labrador. They must fetch when Allah says ‘fetch.’ They must roll over when Muhammad says ‘roll over.’ Slaves may never reject their servitude. This is what it means to be a true Muslim.
The slaves maniacally attempt to toy with everything Masters have created, manipulating the Masters concepts, and squeezing the Masters into that little black box we call Slave Morality. Slave morality is consumed with the otherworldly things, paradise, virgins, and punishments in the grave, god, spirits and jinns. Slave morality is blind, self-deceptive, confessional, sneaky, subversive, cleaver and manipulating. The Slave Morality is proud to manipulate non-believers into Islam through deception and trickery. Any deception to gain pity points is something to be proud of in their eyes. The slave mentality does not know any better. Unseen forces, unseen powers, and all the unseen things the Quran promises them in the hereafter guide the Slave Morality. The Slave Morality can define what is good or bad by this unseen force and unseen intentions. The Muslims, who represent slave morality, cannot conceive that atheists are not polytheists, simply because that unseen, invisible force dictating the Quran never explicitly mentions atheists. The only concepts Muslims know are those in the Quran. Muslim slaves cannot think for themselves for the simple fact they are not allowed to think for themselves. The Quran thinks for them. Any Muslim who decides to question the Qurans authorship has crossed the threshold, coming one-step closer to becoming one of those people who represent Master morality.
The master is self-directed, creative, lives in this world; they are experimental and strong willed. The Master Morality controls his world, strives for success and accomplishment. The Master Morality is powerful. These are the people who can think outside of the box. These are the people who make the rules. These people live in this world, the only world we have, the only life we know for sure exists. The Master has an optimistic view of human nature while the Slave has a pessimistic view of life and human nature. The Master tries to change things that are wrong, while the Slave accepts the wretched hand Allah has dealt him. The Master sees life full of abundant opportunity and possibility; the Muslim slave will always be under his master. The Master Morality determines what is right and wrong from his own standpoint.
The man who thinks
slavery is good.
As we delve deeper into Islam, what we see is when a person subscribes to the Slave Morality the Quran imposes, that person will always wear a pair of chains around their ankles. Muslims will be frightened by the natural passions for life, wealth, sex and power. Their Master, which is Allah and all the Islamic charlatans who pretend to know what Allah wants, will control every opinion the slave forms. The slave will feel oppressed by their sexual desires, they will feel ashamed by looking at a beautiful woman or guilty for wanting to make love to their boyfriend. Shame comes when one betrays their authentic self. Muslims slaves will never know their authentic self. Islam imposes itself upon their true identity.
Sometimes we are told that atheists are negative, atheists just attack religion without offering any uplifting alternatives. I disagree. Where we have exposed Islam for what it is by showing how it works. This may be interpreted as ‘negative’ thinking. The only thing we are doing is making statements of reality. Atheists will never shrink back from attacking Islam, knowing full well how harmful Islam is to all humanity. Yet we cannot simply take away an entire way of living without offering something uplifting to Muslim people. Atheism can demonstrate to Muslims how the world actually works through rational thinking, logic and an understanding of science. Atheists can say to Muslims, ‘You do not have to be slaves to anyone or any institution.’ Unlike Islam, atheism does not tell Muslims what to think. We can only show them how to think without relying on logical fallacies, false beliefs or evoking the spirit world. We can show Muslims that rationality is better than religion, that freedom is better than slavery. We can show Muslims that they do not have to be proud of being mental slaves. We want to uplift Muslim people; we do not want to tear them down. By tearing down Islam, we are uplifting them. That is what they fail to understand.
Muslim will lead a more meaningful life when they chose not to subscribe to all the supernatural thinking Islam imposes. Their lives will be richer, fuller and more fulfilling as they accept that one does not need any religious doctrine to be a moral person. One can chose to live an authentic, moral life. One does not need to substitute their thinking, for someone else’s fourteen hundred year old thinking. Their lives will be more meaningful when they chose not to be a slave. To become an atheist is akin to when a child finally accepts that there are not monsters in the closet. Atheism is also very liberating, it means being an adult who takes complete responsibility for life and consequences. Atheism means that one can chose their own future rather than allowing imaginary fate to choose the outcome of their lives. Atheism means letting go of an immature belief and accepting a more mature belief. As Muslims chose atheism over religion, they will take that all important step into becoming Masters instead of Slaves.

Naomi Chambers
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