Friday, November 23, 2012

Through the Eyes of the Men's Rights Activist

These last few days I have been thinking about why I dislike the MRA and Feminists so much.  Although I agree with the points that both groups bring, at the end of the day, it is the things they share three annoying traits.

1. I am a victim of circumstance, I am being oppressed by 'the other', and there is nothing I can do about it except bitch about it online.

2. I am socialized. My behavior is beyond my control because of this socialization.

3. People do not appreciate how powerful 'the other' is in life.

In a full circle, we see the MRA and Feminists making the same pity-whoring arguments. I would like to be clear that I am for equality - that means treating people equal. I do not expect men to do something that women are unwilling to do. I take men's issues seriously, and I take women's issues seriously. The life of a man is as valuable to me as the life of a woman. It is not 'fence-sitting' to value BOTH genders. Who the hell said on must take a side? If both sides are wrong or unfair, I am not taking anyone's side.

 I have been picking on the feminists a lot, and only started on the MRA. Today I found the most hilarious video. It made me think that this is how the MRA see life. Just watch the video.


  1. This is one reason why I identify as an equalist, for want of a better term. I don't want to associate myself with either group, while making it clear that I support gender equality. Also, labels like 'feminist' and 'MRA' are inherently gender-specific, so it's hardly surprising that some people using them will care about the issues of their own sex but disregard those of the other.

  2. If you think those sex-swapped clichés are how MRAs view life, then you know absolutely nothing about the MRM. Also, note how I properly used the word "sex" instead of "gender."

    1. I know enough to know they are a bunch of cry babies.

      You need to buy a sense of humor.



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