Monday, January 7, 2013

Spoon Fed Morality For Babies

"Hi, my name is John Muhammad Smith. Nice to meet you. I am here to tell you that I am incapable of using my own mental faculties to figure out the difference between right and wrong. I need an ancient book to tell me what is right, what is wrong, what I should do and what I should not do. Why? Whelp, because I am not smart enough to think for myself. I need to rely on someone else's thinking. I am a slave, a sheep, and servant. Moreover, I am here to tell you that being a slave to another person's idea about morality is a good thing. Would you like to join my heard of brainless, mindless, sheep incapable of contriving a single original thought?" 

Today I was listening to an audio book  The Laws of Success, while walking the boys to the library. The author started to discuss what he called the Seven horsemen, or the seven demons that prevent us from being successful people. Envy, Greed, etc..etc... Then he went on talking about how we need to have faith in other people if we are to ever succeed in life. The author proceeded to quote the Bible about how faith in human beings is a good thing.

On the contrary, human beings can be bright, and they can also be incredibly stupid. We are to trust these creatures with our prosperity and success? It seems pretty stupid to me, but then again, what do I know. The biggest lie to come from religion is that morality starts with religion to the point that the two are inseparable. Religion has no causative link to morality.

Humans are primates, as such, we have innate morality. Without altruism and morality, we cannot live in a group. There are no amoral primates anywhere. Some primates have different variations in their moral codes, but nonetheless, those codes still exist. Morality does not require religion.

There are many reasons I have an aversion to religion. One of the biggest beefs, is that people use religion to do their thinking for them. I want to see the good side of humanity, but when people put themselves in a high chair, it is very difficult to have any hope for humanity. These mindless individuals float through their consumer driven lives, with an insipid smile glued on their face, oblivious that they have been duped by the biggest lie ever told. The very concept that religion holds the monopoly on morality must, at the same time, treat grown adults like children. If it were me, I would be offended that any institution, doctrine or what have you, hold that I am incapable of exercising my own mental faculties to know right from wrong. I am often surprised that religious people are also not offended by this as well. But then again, my essay on Slave Morality explains why these sheep open wide for all the bull-crap religions shoves in their mouths.

¨I do not steal because Jesus says stealing is wrong.¨ Take that statement. How insulting to the person. How demeaning to presume that a person lacks the capacity to understand the wrongness of thief by their own abilities. For that matter, by their own logic North Koreans must steal all the time because they do not have any deity telling them not to.

Savor this interesting claim made by some Muslims, ¨The Quran says we must sexually satisfy our wives sexually, ergo, the Quran is correct,¨ I think to myself, ´Well, it is your lucky day that the Quran says that, because if not, you would be fumbling around the bedroom. - right?` What kind of man needs to be told something like that? Again, how is it adults are not offended by this?

I am bothered how religion damages the self-respect of millions of people. I came from a religious community, and grew up hearing the same rhetoric. "It is my fault that I drank too much and had a horrible car accident, but god gets the credit for the fact that after the accident, doctors fixed me up and I chose to quit drinking."  Often I hear them berating themselves for their mistakes, then giving god credit for their successes. Why is it so difficult for a person to blame god for their mistakes and then give themselves a pat on the back for doing something right. Religion destroys their self esteem more than it builds it.

I have a great amount of respect for the person who lives the authentic life and a disgust for people who live like a herd of brainless sheep.  I have seen people behave badly professing to have great morality. When pondering the meaninglessness of it all, I make a mental note that integrity has no need for rules and regulations. Being yourself is a great accomplishment when popular religion, culture, and the entire world are constantly trying to make us into something else. I have paid the price to live authentically. I have been called immoral, mentally unstable, and a long list of ad hominem attacks. At the end, processed it into a few simple principle. 1. )Be yourself, no matter how awkward being yourself might feel. 2. ) People are a bunch of idiots  3.) Make your mind as sharp as a razor blade because in this world, the only person you should truly trust is yourself.

It bothers me to no end because these people end up a second rate version of themselves. People despise authenticity because they are envious of it. Imagine how wonderful it feels to get up in the morning and lay your head down at night being unapologetically you. As Joe Biden would say," It's a big fucken deal!"