Wednesday, February 13, 2013

*❀ · · · Education of Boys To Men: TED talks Video Colin Stokes

In the last two years, gender conflicts have been raging among the Free Thought Bloggers and Men's Rights Activists. Amongst it all, I chose not to join any one of those polarizing groups. I object to the idea that women and men are completely socialized to behave in one way or another. I object to blanket statements and stereotypes about the other gender. Anyone who says, "all this, fail to understand that, must do this" is not any different from someone who says, "all this, fail to understand that, and must do this."

I have been a loner all my life, and so no reason to change now. For that matter, I do not have the desire to 'belong', like other people do. I follow the philosophy of Naomi, which is - think for yourself, come to your own opinions, and do not be a sheep.

When I do find something that I like, I am motivated to share it. I found this fourteen minute speech on TED talks about educating boys and girls, showing them how to be men and women. I agree with what the Colin Stokes says at the end of the video. Please watch the embedded video - it is not time wasted.


  1. So, what exactly do you agree with? To quote myself from the comments on YT:

    ""A real man is someone who trusts his sisters and wants to be on their team. And stands up to the real bad guys. Who are the men who want to abuse the women." Sounds legit. Being a man is to always side with women and see men as villains. Being a villain is to abuse women. (fuck yeah, women are the only real victims in the world and obviously, only men abuse them.) EQUALITY! This is horrifying."

    It's trying to fix an existing imbalance by stepping on one side of the swing so hard the other kid falls off and breaks its neck.

  2. The thing about victims, is that they have a pedantic obsession over their perceived oppression. In this case, women oppress you. Victims like being victims because they do not have to take responsibility for themselves.

    You sifted through that entire video - Sifted with the finest of finest tooth comb - and found oppression. You found it because you wanted to find it. You probably choose bad women because deep down, you want them to abuse you.

    If it suits you, I found some online domination equipment.

    I think it would suit you well. You can put it in your basement, or your closet. Go ahead and tied yourself up, and wait to be victimized, oppressed or whatever.

    You - are not any different from a Feminist.

    Poor Victim. (tear_

  3. LOL.

    OK, first thing - I'm not an MRA. Second, I don't feel particularly opressed by women.

    What you just did though is pretty standard for this type of discussion. You didn't bother with an argument, you jumped right into judging me, telling me things about me, putting me in a box and telling me to stop being a whiny bitch.

    Good job!

    What I quoted was a summary at the end, the core of this guy's talk. The important part he wants us to remember. And it SUCKS. It's selective, based on false premises and completely one-sided. It's really really dumb advice.

    And I do think it's definitely worth it to teach boys compassion and leadership and teamwork. I do think the "lone boy hero saves the girl" model is overused and not exactly ideal as a role model. It's his "solution" which I find illogical and potentially harmful.

  4. What you did was nit pick a nice lecture - looking for something to be offended by.

    You are a professional victim.

    Time to set up that Domination Equipment :--)

  5. Heh. Right on. Good luck with being rational like that. ;)

    1. And you keep looking for things to be offended by.

      I am confident you will succeed. Someday, you and the angry feminists can get together and complain about all the things that piss you off about the other gender.

    2. It's all because I am ashamed of my tiny penis, you know.

    3. No, Mountain View... your penis is probably just fine.

      The problem is that you want to be offended, and will look for it.

      PS: did you know that I install IP trackers, and know when someone tries posting from an anonymous account using the same computer? I am a bit of a technocrat.



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