Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mississippi: Bans Nutritional Information for Consumers

Before New York City's Super Size Soda Pop ban was expected to go in effect, March 12th 2012, State Supreme Court Justice Milton Tingling invalidated the ban, stating that it was 'arbitrary and capricious.' Personally, I do not care what a person eats or drinks. The only thing people cannot do - or should not do - is poison their children with food. I think childhood obesity is the parents fault. 

The super size soda ban was overreaching. I agree with Tingling that the law is arbitrary. There are many other things that make people fat: watching television, not exercising, and eating the wrong things. There are many bad things that a person could eat. Why pick on the pop? I guess it was super size soda's unlucky day. 

It is no secret that the State of Mississippi makes my skin crawl. Down in the Seventh Layer of Hell - Jackson Mississippi, lawmakers passed legislation, what they call the "anti-Bloomberg law," that would prohibit local governments in the state from regulating the size of sodas or other sweetened beverages. But the law, which is virtually guaranteed to be signed by Governor Phil Bryant, goes much, much further. It also bars local officials from requiring restaurants to post nutrition information, portion size, and to restrict things like sodium.
Tony Smith, the state senator who co-authored the bill, told one local paper that the law was designed to “prevent misguided attempts to battle obesity.” I call bull on that one. The Mississippi lawmakers who signed that bill are acting like a spoiled little brother who says "no!" just because he can. That law is thumbing their noses at free thinkers and liberals. Being rebellious for the sake of rebellion is immature. 
According to the CDC, Mississippi has a thirty-five percent obesity rate. If Tony Smith wants to say that people should be allowed to buy and eat what ever they gosh darn please, I agree with him. If a person wants to eat 4000 calories, (when their body actually only needs 1800 calories), then far be it for me to stop them. 
Their 'lets be a rebel-n-thumb our nose at liberals' law also bars local officials from requiring restaurants to post nutrition information! Tony Smith wants the citizens of his state to be ignorant about the nutritional value of their food. Sodium is a major - major contributor to weight gain. How else are people suppose to know the calorie and sodium content of food, if the restaurants are not required to make that information available to them? I suppose this is another libertarian argument, "Whelp, maybe they can eat somewhere else - like a place that will publish nutritional information." 
Yeah - good luck finding that in Mississippi, the state of WalMart, Fast Food, and Baby Beauty Pageants  Like Mississippians are really going to find healthy restaurants in their city. 
Their state sucks as it is. Apparently it is not sucky enough, and their government want to make it just a little fatter, a little more ignorant, and a little worse. 
Congratulations Mississippi for voting for that fucktard Tony Smith. You may as well start reserving those supersize obese people caskets. 

Lets move on to show the hypocrisy of these people. Ladies and Gents, I would like to inform you about a weight loss drug that suppresses appetite. With the encouragement of healthcare lobbyists, Mississippi government supported legislation banning offshore pharmacies.  With that, I am going to take the same libertarian perspective, and tell my readers that they too should be able to ingest whatever they want. 

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