Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Elliott Hulse is a Meat Head


 Elliott Hulse is a Douche Bag

Recently, I made a commitment to attacking any person who spreads anti-intellectualism online. I find anti-intellectualism very harmful to society, human development, the individual, and communities. In my video, When Ignorance is as Valuable as Knowledge, I explained why anti-intellectualism is harmful to the individual. If you did not watch that video yet, go back and watch it now before continuing.

Elliott Hulse is perfect example of an anti-intellectual, and my target of the day. He is a meat head, a liar, and a perfect example of a degenerate. He is a less sophisticated individual, consumed with lifting weights, pumping iron, and lecturing the rest of us about how a University education is a waste of time. I know - most of you are thinking the same thing I am thinking.

The reality, is that this man is too feeble minded to even obtain an associates degree from a community college, let alone a bachelor degree from an accredited University. But that has not stopped him from lecturing the rest of us about what a stupid, waste of time it is to obtain a University education.

The interesting part - is that unless he is in complete denial, he knows that on average, the educated people are a lot more knowledgeable than he is. He knows that he is not smart enough to do a lot of things in this world that other people do. What he can do, is pump iron, whale on his pecks, and share coffee shop wisdom for the rest of us on YouTube  I think this guy gets inspiration for his videos from of those little daily wisdom calenders sold at Barnes and Nobel for $6.99.

Perhaps I am being unfair in saying that Elliotts purpose in life is pumping iron, trying on new tights, and making videos about how to get buff. Perhaps he is a very literary person. So literary, that he can actually read an entire magazine from cover to cover. So - what does Elloitt read? The man so proud that he shit all over the University system? Let me guess: He has a subscription to The Economist, American Scholar, Boston Review, Forbes or Foreign Affairs? Of course not, silly me. He is not interested in any of that stuff.

In his video, Why A College Education is a Joke, he explains that he drives to Gainsville Florida twice a month, to pay some dude $300 to teach him something that he is interested in learning. Personally, I call bullshit on that one. I think he is completely lying. But for now, that fib of his is besides the point.

So - what exactly is this discipline that Elliot's imaginary playmate is teaching him for $600 per month? Let's examine some possibilities.

a. Physical Anthropology - Elliot, being the intellectual that he is, is very interested in learning about human origins, human population, DNA of racial mapping, or neurological adaptations to environment.

b. Aztec Culture and Civilization - Elliot, being the cultured person he is, is interested in the elaborate government and society of the Aztecs. So he is driving to some random persons house to teach him these things.

c.International Business - Elliot, is learning why Germany is must carry the rest of Euorpe through the economic crisis. That is why he is making that long drive to Gainsville Florida.

d. How to pump Iron, whale on his pecks, and gets those glutes as perky as he can.

What Elloit said in his video was this: "You do not have to abide by the rules of other people on what they believe education is."

Who couldn't agree with that? When I was in high school, I knew many guys who had the same philosophy. their careers currently consist of flipping burgers, working in the military, or some other job that requires little or no education. Unless they embark on self-employment, they will be condemned to working for another person for the rest of their natural lives.

I remember many high school kids saying, "this is stupid - I do not want to learn this!" Translation: "It is hard, I do not get it, I am frustrated - therefore I will call it stupid so that I do not feel so bad about myself."

Elliot is living a stunted adolescence  Yes - sometimes is sucks having to take classes. Sometimes, it sucks having to eat our green beans and broccoli. But that does not mean we should throw the plate. This man clearly has no idea what a University education entails. His opinions are very short sighted. If we ever wonder why foreigners are outperforming Americans, or that most doctors in the United States are foreign born - just look at Elliott Hulseand anti-intellectualism in his videos. His simplistic, juvenile opinions of the education system are opinions believed by many American boys.

Elliot Hulse, I would gamble, has never walked inside the doors of a University. He has no idea what University education entails, or the vast amount of educational choices a person has. His video makes the presumption that when we enter the University system, some drone comes up and tells us what to Major in, what to minor in - and what we must study.

NOTHING is further from the truth.

I have never heard of a University forcing a Major or minor on any student. Students choose what they will or will not study. So - what is all this talk in his video about "study shit you do not care about." I have NEVER - heard of a University forcing a person to study something that they do not want to study. If you do not want to study it - then don't. Pick something you are interested in, and something you want to study.

Elliot, however, is not interested in learning anything. That is why he misrepresents the University system. He is an intellectual degenerate, and his mental faculties are limited to coffee shop wisdom and weight lifting. Stop and thing about it for a moment - what do meat heads like this really contribute to human development? What has Elliot ever done to contribute to American culture, or the intellectual development.

According to his video, he resides in Saint Petersburg Florida. The closest University to his home is in Tampa Florida. I took the liberty of checking out the University of Tampa website. The University of Tampa offers one hundred and fifty areas of study. That's right ladies and gentlemen - 150 areas of study and this meat head cannot find a single thing that he is interested in studying.

Lets take a look at some of the Majors offered by the University of Tampa. The image is linked below. From looking at the list, I can find many- MANY interesting things to study. Some of these things can lead to a great career, some of them are in demand by employers and some, not so much. Elliot's idea that the University forces a student to study something they do not want to study has got to be one of the stupidest arguments I have heard from an anti-intellectual yet.

Elliot Hulse is obsessed with working out because he lacks the patience and mental capacity to do anything else. Just because Elliot feels bad about being a failure does not mean he should be sharing that with the rest of the world. He is not an intellectual. He should not be lecturing other people about these things, he is not credible, and he has not earned an ounce of credibility.

I suggest Elliot stick to the things that he does know: pumping iron, leg presses, bench presses - and that is it. He should not be giving out advice that furthers anti-intellectualism in American culture.