Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Setting the Record Straight about Elliott Hulse

I was rather shocked at the number of views Elliott Hulse is a Meat Head, actually got. I wanted to take the time to set the record straight about a few things.

I changed the comment policy on this blog requiring all comments to be posted by verified blogger users. I took this decision because one particular person, known in my private life was publishing information about my family on this blog, and other social networking sites. I want to set the record straight that Elliott never published anything about my family online. I know who the person is, it is not him, so lets stop the rumors right now.

That being said: Feel free to post any comment you wish here: love me or hate me - all comments are approved.

A lot of people have been saying a lot of things, good and bad.  Some people are not getting my motivation for attacking Elliott, therefore, I am going to reiterate it is simpler terms:

  •  I was unaware he said anything negative about women, or expressed any misogynist opinions. 
  • My issue with Elliot is that he made a video calling college students a bunch of "obedient sheep" whom the less educated should employ and then treat the college grad like, what he calls "good little boys and girls who will do exactly what you tell them to do". 
  •  Anti-intellectualism is profoundly harmful to culture, progress, and human development. As such - I think that Elliot misused his platform, and is spreading ideas that are harmful to young males. 
  • Young men are the most affected by anti-intellectualism, they are more likely to drop out, join the army, and never graduate from a four year University. 

I harshly criticized Elliot because  his opinions are harmful to boys and men.  Boys and young men should not be told they are obedient little sheep for getting a college education. Male are a valuable  irreplaceable element of our workforce. They are the diverse, creative thinkers and innovators we need to compete with other countries. If boys and men stop going to college, our economy is royally screwed. University education cannot be self-taught, and it cannot be done online. 

 I care about boys and men, and have expressed in previous posts that I want things to improve for them. Any person who cares about boys and men, will not spread anti-intellectualism in groups matriculated by predominantly boys and young men - like weight lifting groups.

There are some times in life when a person like me has to turn into a royal bitch, and do something really mean to another person, to teach them a good, hard lesson.  

From the look of things, I succeeded at my task.


  1. Elliot Hulse anti-intellectual? Well, you would probably absolutely hate Jamie Lewis then:

    1. Thanks for the post, but I committed to evolving my blog.

      It is time for me to move on to other ideas.

  2. Honest question: How many of Eliotts videos have you actually watched?

    He has a few different channels, his main two being Strengthcamp and Elliot Hulse. Strength Camp is mainly (as you can probably tell) related to weightlifting and covers a lot of complex physiological ideas related to the field. His 'Eliott Hulse' channel has more of a 'philosophical' aspect to it and covers such a broad range of subjects it would be difficult to properly categorize. He is out there, most definitely, but I truly believe the label of 'anti-intellectual' to be unfair. I do not wish to attack you as I'm sure a lot of his 'meat-head' fans have already done so, I merely ask because, after skimming through your blog, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you found yourself agreeing with many of his views. He is far, far more than a 'meat-head'.

    Ok one small attack: "It is time for me to move on to other ideas."

    I'd hardly consider blind name calling to be an 'idea'.

    Honestly though, try his channel, watch a few videos with an open mind, if you have some spare time.

  3. On the contrary he is anything but a anti intellectual , for the following reasons : firstly he may lift weights but the way in which he does it is smart and sensible , he trains diligently and In a way which does not result in injury. Also if you watch his videos you will realise that he has some very powerful and insightful ideas that not only help in strength training but in many areas as they cover phycology and physiology. As to the college point that is his opinion I watch him yet deal with his and may others options in my own way.

    1. The points he made about college students is anti-intellectualism. It is against University education.

      I have met many anti-intellectuals who had smart things to say. It does not exactly speak to the real issue at hand. The relevant issue, is that going to college, one is forced to do the work that the professors tell them to do. It forces one to read certain books, learn specific things, and regurgitate the information in a cogent manner.

      I agree, that when lifting weights he has some moments of lucidity. This however, does not negate the fact that he called those who actually do years of work, years of study, sheep who do not think independently. Sheep, who need to be bossed around.

    2. I also want to say that I love your blog and just want to say you write in a ; eloquent, articulate and succinct way. Are you on twitter?

  4. Oh boy, you're going to love his new video "Scientific Research is Bullshit" then. Every bodybuilding YouTube channel lacks credibility in some way - Elliott is a meatheat, Hodgetwins are broscience central, Ogus is well.. Ogus. Thus taking everything they say with a handful of salt is necessary, as you said Elliott does have his moment of lucidity and I would actually argue some of his videos, based on his own experiences, are extremely helpful. However, objective scientific research is what society is built on, in 30 years Elliott has learned about one topic - bodybuilding - the basics of which could be entirely covered in 15 minutes. He is a walking, downward spiralling Dunning-Kruger effect who as someone who never really given what he believes to be "objective science" a chance, doesn't understand how wrong he is. He is the definition of a YouTube demagogue.

  5. I majored in philosophy at Auckland uni and I also work out a lot, so I thought I might share a few thoughts. The "anti-intellectualism" you're infuriated by is really common place on YouTube, forums and social media sites, nobody should be surprised by that fact by now. One need not generalize this sort of commentary to a so-called weight lifting meat head, he is actually quite specialized TO THAT FIELD. In reading and evaluating what you have said I'm reminded of a quote; I'm sure you've read or seen a meme floating around with it, but I actually heard Elliot himself use it - "Small people talk about other people, average people talk about things, and great people talk about ideas". Whilst I may not agree with Elliot's opinion about a tertiary education being a waste of time, I'd sooner listen to that IDEA of his and decide for myself whether or not it was a good one than sit here and read you're ad hominem drivel about OTHER PEOPLE.

  6. how is that philosophy major treating you naomini? I'm a double major graduate from an accredited university in accounting and finance. I would like to pitch my opinion on Elliott Hulse. 4 years of education ( i completed my double major quick coming in with college credit from high school) has resulted in a lot of knowledge and facts to be put into my head. I'm smarter than I was 4 years. Yet at the end of the day the practicality of my education has played no role in helping find a job. The true secret to wealth is ownership anyway. To say that college education is what makes you successful is foolish. Many of the most successful people actually tend to be dyslexic. Their inability to read has taught them what is called business brilliance. They have the ability to seek help from the right people and position people in the right place. College doesn't teach this. Eliott Hulse is right.... many people shouldn't be going to college. We already have too many people going as it is, creating a national debt bubble and devaluing your undergraduate degree as it is. People pay more money than their education is worth due to government intervention into a free market system. your education is now nearly worthless when you value in the actual cost you will pay ( especially if you have a shitty major) to the increased earning you will make. God help the people who come out of school with 100k in debt with an undergraduate degree in poli sci..... Lay off Elliot he is promoting people to be the best version of them self. College isn't made for everyone. He promotes the idea of going based on what your gut feeling tells you. If college is gonna make you better than do it. If your going to waste time at college don't do it cause your wasting time (the only thing successful people have that is precious) and you are probably wasting tax payers money. By the way, he went to St. Johns University in New York

    1. The foreign language major - is treating me very well. Thank you.

      I owned a business in France, then moved it back to New York City. I started a new business in Seattle a few years ago.

      I am sorry your education failed you. Perhaps it is time to take a step back, and think about what you want to do with your life.

  7. I regret not using university to its fullest. I did do very well, but I do wish I took advantage of all the material to read in the library during my spare time, especially on specific areas of my subject that I enjoyed. I also wish I took advantage of some of its facilities. What I'm trying to say is that university, school and college is what you make of it. So many people overlook this fact. Hulse was unfair.

    I don't live in the USA, but I read that less males want to go into higher education. I'm not sure if it's the same where I'm from (England), but in my classes in law school, I see more girls. Yes, the system is flawed here, but many people fail to realise the opportunity. It doesn't help when Elliott spouts out stuff like this.

  8. basically what eliott's doing is kind of "parenting" it's like listening to your uncle, he rarely becomes scientific. the idea of right and wrong is a thing of taste. i have a collage problem too so i can relate to him (currently doing psychology) if you are a strong opinionated man it's very difficult to get along because everytime you have a creative idea, everytime you come up with something a bit different your professors throw you to the side and shove academic terminology in your face, people are not interested in different perspectives in the schooling system, it;s not a place of sharing ideas but of mostly copying ideas and if you like to think with your own head this is absurdly enfuriating. you are NOT considered your teacher's equal and this is the problem! and if you say ... well it's part of the deal, you go to collage to learn from your teacher than we have to agree with eliott when he say you kind of become a sheep don't we? in school it's not a dialogue between shepards! if you feel confident enough just be your own shepard. anyway you have too keep in mind that he is succesfull and that s really what it;s all about. anyway he give ADVICE not SCIENCE, and advice has to be easily understood by ANYBODY otherwise it's not good advice. profound inshight comes in simple words. anyways, looking at the number of views on his channel, the guy is a lot more succsefull, by just being himself, than a lot of collage professors (sorry for the english it's not my native language)

    1. Hi Aallex,

      Thank you for your comment. It is okay your English is not good. The important thing is that you expressed an idea, and presented a respectable argument.

      I appreciate people like you posting comments.

      Thank you

  9. also when science is not usefull it is broscience when broscience is usefull it is science. the point is for it, whatever it means to be useful, and not to be used as a means of hiding the truth even in a "scientific" way

  10. Oh, Naomi. Elliott has reached a new height of stupidity. Even fans have seen through his B.S.

    If you can sit through all of this, then I can only applaud you:

    1. I saw the video. He blocked me so I couldn't leave a response. He sounds like a religious fruit cake on methamphetamine or something in the meth family. Wow....

      I only made it to 3 min.



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