Friday, June 7, 2013

This is not acceptable

When I uploaded my video today, I noticed on the right hand side of my upload there were some odd YouTube recommendations. The one that made me laugh was this one:

Wat to and not to do wen somebody has a birth defect

The video was made by one Lisa Conner.

Lets take a look at the title of this video again, I want to make sure you all took a good, long look.

I made a promise to be a nicer person, but.... AHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH

Dear Lisa, let me help you for a moment. 

Every time you write a video title or provide a Facebook status update, you are providing something for the world to see.  I am prompted to write this blog because I cannot believe how much unintelligible garbage, including your use of the monosyllabic grunts - "wat" and "wen" are put on on public display. This is not an abbreviated word for a twitter update, there is more than enough space in a YouTube Title Box to properly spell out the title of your video. 

Next, lets work on the grammar, it is not necessary to write "to and not to". It is repetitive. Proper spelling is an indication of both education and intelligence. There is a correlation between people who are stupid and people who cannot spell. I am not calling you stupid, but if you are young and misguided then you simply will not understand the importance of putting the right foot forward.  

American English is standard. There is no such thing as "white English", "Asian English" or "black English". It is okay to have an accent, but it is NOT okay to misspell elementary words or write like you have never passed a second grade spelling test.  

Have standards: if you want to command respect in this world then you must respect your audience as well. Speak properly, employ good grammar and for the love of Zeus - if you cannot spell it then DO NOT write it. 

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