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"Restoring the Virtue of Women" - Davis BJ Aurini's hatred at the world

"Men, it's not your fault that 2/3rd of divorces are brought due to frivolous claims on a woman's behalf." - Davis BJ Aurini

Dear Reader,

It is no secret that Davis BJ Aurini makes my skin crawl. He is a disgusting little dude, angry he is not surrounded by giddy, insipid women in poodle skirts and pink sweater sets. He dreams of a life where everyone is pleasant, and everything is black and white. In his video - "Restoring the Virtue of Women," Aurini makes more comments so retarded that they cannot be ignored by his dear, sweet nemesis.

He claims that 2/3 of divorces are initiated by women who make frivolous claims.

Lets set the record straight about divorce. Every person has the right to determine their own happiness, this goes for women and men. Everyone has the right to choose whether they want to stay married or not.

Aurini cannot grasp the idea that divorce rates are not a standard for determining social sickness because he is living in Pleasantville. Just because two people decide to go their separate way does not mean that their choice is a bad one.

According to Telegraph UK, women do in fact initiate divorce more than men do. In 2011, women initiated 66% of divorces in the United Kingdom. This means, 34% of divorces were initiated by men. Davis claims that of the divorce initiated by women - 66.6% percent of those claims are frivolous, whilst 33.3% are legitimate claims for divorce. (Note: we are only talking about the UK, we will get onto other countries later). In the United Kingdom, there are only Five legal justifications for ending a marriage, they are as follows: adultery, unreasonable behavior, desertion, two years separation with consent or five years separation without consent. So far - all five of those reasons do not sound one bit frivolous to me.

If a man's wife commits adultery, desertion, separates from him, or partakes in unreasonable behavior - don't men have the right to ask for a divorce? Of course they do. There is nothing unreasonable or frivolous about it. Many other countries, including Canada, France, and Australia have similar standards for divorce. But even if those standards are not present, people want to divorce because they just want to - then so be it.

Everyone has the right to be happy - including women. Aurini seems to think that only men get to determine their own happiness.

Frivolous: Definition: lacking seriousness, lacking importance, has no sound basis

Many women file for divorce because they feel neglected. Speaking for myself, and other women that I have known, being neglected by a husband or partner is a horrible feeling. It is deeply painful, lonely, and miserable. We wander the house, doing chores, errands and other tasks, while feeling empty that our husbands are simply not present. Eventually, we just cannot take the isolation anymore and have to move on with our lives. Everyone has the right to be happy, and everyone has the right to live their life with love and companionship. When men cannot provide that love and companionship, women's choice to leave the marriage is not frivolous - it is serious, it is important, and the complaint has sound basis. Sometimes it is the man's fault, sometimes it isn't, but that does not mean that the feelings women experience have no value. Our feelings do matter, and our need to be (and feel loved) is valuable.

Some States in the US are no fault, meaning the law finds that everyone has the right to divorce if they want to. Why? You do not need a reason. Perhaps you have fallen out of love with your wife and want to marry someone else, perhaps your wife did nothing wrong and feelings change. There should not (nor need not) always be a guilty party in a divorce. Sometimes people just want to go their own way - and there is nothing wrong with that. Aurini however, seems to think that only men get to walk away from a marriage because they want to, but women must have some serious, ground breaking reason for doing it. The man is sexist, pure and simple.

Throughout the video, Aurini continues to call women whores who sleep around with degenerates in their twenties. FYI - men in their twenties also sleep with degenerates! I has been duly noted that Aurini's thinking is very black and white, much like the 1950's fantasy world he wants to live.

At 1:52, Aurini claims that women post pictures of themselves on facebook to validate their own egos....because of never do that. :-)

This guy goes on saying that women are obsessed with meaningless careers. You know, careers like education, nursing, healthcare, and accounting. After all - we are supposed to wear a poodle skirt and sweater set. We are supposed to spend our days making pot roast, and have a martini for our husband when he comes home from a long day. He complains that women spend their money on expensive bags and shoes. Okay - sure, some women do buy designer clothing. So What!!!! If it is their money, they earned it, they can throw their money down the toilet if they want to. Men spend money on cars, clothes, cologne, and objects women consider to be stupid all the time.

How any person could moon over this guy is beyond my understanding. I stopped the video at 1:56 because listening to thirteen minutes of the same gynophobic, woman hating rant is just a waste of time.

Here is why you should not listen to Davis Aurini. He is an angry man, and resents the fact that women are free to choose their own path in life. He wants to be in a relationship with a beautiful woman that he can control. Men who need to control women to this degree, usually are having feelings of inferiority. Aurini's persona, (the in-control, alpha male who has it all figured out). is just a set of armor covering up his real feelings of inferiority about himself. He is impotent, he knows it, and he lashes out at the people whom he believes to be responsible for emasculating him, and that is the very beautiful, witty women he cannot have nor control. The anger he must harbor, not being able to control someone he desires to control sounds like a lot of weight to be carrying on his shoulders. I can not help feeling a little bad for the guy every once in awhile. I come to my senses after listening to the first 30 seconds of one of his rants.

Thinking about that frightening little monster makes me appreciate my husband even more. I am a very lucky women. To any woman reading this blog, if you ever question the kind of man you should be dating, look at the qualities that my husband SpinozasPsyche, possess. My husband is brilliant, fair, kind, hard working and compassionate. He cares about his family and he cares about other people. My husband holds women and men to the same standards, and does not expect less from either of them. That is the kind of man we should look up to, not someone like Davis Aurini who will spend the rest of his days an angry, cigarette smoking alcoholic ranting on Youtube about why his life suck and it's all the 'woman's fault'.

Remember that Aurini is alone for a reason. He is drinking a lot of booze in his videos for a reason. He spews anti-woman empowerment for a reason. Think about what is underneath that armor, and you will find a frail little man.

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  1. I Know this is a very old blog entry but I really enjoyed reading it (:
    Aurini ist just a sad lonely man, but his bitterness ist almost palpable.



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