Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Effort and Mindset

Did you ever think that praising "intelligence" and pushing kids eventually backfires? Some praise backfires.
Praising only a child's IQ or intelligence can send the message that intelligence is a natural gift and thus out of a child's control. It's better instead to give kids the idea that hard work is always needed for achievement.
If you want to praise,  praise your child's process, commitment, the strategies that work. Focus on the learning, not just the grades. Do you tell your child, "Easy A, wow, you're smart!" Or, do you ask, "What did you learn in that class?"
Children praised lavishly for their past high performance may be harmed even more than kids who have typically done less well. The high performers think it's beneath them to try hard, that it's just for dummies. There's a false promise here: "You're so smart, it will just come to you." And when academic success doesn't just happen, some kids may worry that they are no longer the whiz kids they once thought they were and lose their motivation to study.
Of course, we all come with certain natural abilities, but just because some have a more natural ability doesn't mean others can't learn the skill, too.
Parents need to value learning, progress, effort, resilience. Their children will take that with them and enjoy it for a lifetime.
Knowledge and intelligence is not something that comes easily. Think about it for a moment, how many people are really born genius - and never have to work for their knowledge? .001% of the population. The difference between the kids who learn and those who don't comes down to one principle: self discipline
That difference in children's mindset affect their motivation to learn and ultimately their performance in school.
Middle school students who believed intelligence was fixed tried to preserve their self-image by only doing what they already knew how to do well. "They didn't want to risk their precious label -- being smart," Their fixed mindset, ultimately, could limit the growth of their intelligence.
Fixed mindset carries over to adulthood. Have you ever met that person with a high school diploma who esteemed themself as an "intellectual" knowing they did not read a quarter of the text books a University sophomore has to read? 
Working hard in the University means something. To quote Issac Assimov

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I am related to the creepy Crucible Judge

Play write Author Miller wrote The Crucible, which was later adapted to film staring Winona Ryder and Daniel Day Lewis. My husband and I found certain things the judge said to be amusing. Like when he accused Winona Ryder's character of "harlotry", because, you know....she was a harlot. 

He was a real guy - and My 8th Great Uncle!

Thomas Danforth (1623 - 1686)
is your 8th great grand uncle
father of Thomas Danforth
daughter of Rev Nicholas Danforth
son of Mary Danforth
son of PARRISH
son of John M PARRISH
son of John Bennett Parrish
son of John Parrish
son of William B Parrish
son of James Martin Parrish
son of Clark Allen Parrish
son of Allen XXX XXX
Naomi Gutierrez

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The Best Motivational Speeches

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Continuing Education: The Truth About Food BBC Documentary

Fitness and nutrition is a big part of my life. I care what I put into my body, and I especially care what I put into my children's bodies. I do not use excuses like, "It is 'okay' to eat 1100 calories in once sitting - once in awhile." I do not eat more than 500 calories in a meal - EVER. Just like I do not smoke cigarettes - EVER, I do not consume more calories than my body requires - EVER.

But, there are always more things to learn, different ways of looking at nutrition, and new research coming up. When I look at all the diet books, I do not throw them away thinking, "all diets do not work." Diets fail because many of them are too rigid and people cannot incorporate them into their permanent way of eating. Many of the "fat activists" and "fat acceptance" people, who claim All Diets Fail simply have a negative, pessimistic attitude.

After all, living in denial is easier than changing one's permanent way of eating.

If we put a camera on their shoulder, recording what they eat day in and day out for a week, we would see that they are eating too many simple carbohydrates, too much processed white products, too much sugar, salt and oil.  I know they do not want to believe it is "their" fault. They do not want to feel even more hurt, or bad about themselves. I get that.

As ususal, if you do not know how many calories you should eat every day, go to this link, plug in your height, weight, age and gender.

Follow the meal planner, plan your meals every morning, cook your meals every day and the weight will come off.

In the pursuit of continuing, ongoing nutrition education that should last for the rest of our lives, I embedded a BBC documentary: The Truth About Food. Enjoy the movie!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Royal Lineage

Engenulf Ferrières (967 - )
is your 32nd great grandfather
son of Engenulf Ferrières
son of Henrie Ferrières
son of Walchelinde Ferrers
son of Henry Ferrers
son of Robert Ferrers
son of Robert Ferrers
son of William Ferrers
son of William Ferrers
son of William Ferrers III
son of Sir William de Ferrers of Groby Ferrers
son of William 1st Baron Ferrers
son of Baron Henry Ferrers
son of William 3rd Baron Ferrers of Groby Ferrers
son of Henry Ferrers
son of Sir William Ferrers
son of Thomas Ferrers
daughter of KNIGHT Henry Ferrers
son of Elizabeth Ferrers
son of John Clarke
son of John Clarke
son of Thomas Clarke
son of Thomas Clarke
daughter of Richard Clarke Sr.
son of Margaret Clarke
son of Henry Howard
daughter of John Howard
son of Eleanor Howard
daughter of Thomas Deadmon
daughter of Martha Susan Deadmon
son of Mary Emeline Wilbourn
son of John Franklin Midkiff Sr
daughter of Charles Nathaniel Mxxxx
daughter of Patricia xxxxxx
Naomi -------------

Monday, August 11, 2014

Bill Dunfree: New Beginnings Ministries

I found an interesting and entertaining story about an Ohio strip club, The Fox Hole, protesting a church. The church has been stalking and threatening these ladies and their patrons. The threats range from telling them they are whores and they are going to hell. These fruit cakes photograph the licence plates of cars and threaten to put them on the internet.

The club owner said judges have repeatedly denied his requests for injunctions to keep church protesters away from his property. 

The church’s pastor,  Bill Dunfee, told the Tribune recently that church members will persist in opposing the club. “We know what we’r e doing is working,” Dunfee said. Well then - the rest of us on the internet should do what we do best and turn the tables on these folks. 

Anyone get photos of church members harassing these women, just send them to me. :-) I will have fun giving them shit.  More people are one the side of this club than the nutters protesting them with their archaic, 2000 year old book of made-up fairy tales. 

The minister, Bill Dumbass...I mean Dunfree thinks he has a place deciding which businesses have a right to operate and which ones do not. According to him, the First Amendment belongs only to born again Christians - and not to stripper and certainly, atheists like myself. How would he like it if I shoved my atheism down his throat? 

New Beginning Ministry Members shout at these women, "You don't know love - you only know lust." Wow. To think these ladies have never known love in their lives. How moronic. Like crazy christian lady knows these women or their lives.

If you want to call this church and give them shit - here is their contact information. Being the small people they are, you will likely not see any Facebook Pages or Social Networks. 

New Beginnings Ministries
331 E Church Street
Warsaw, Ohio 43844

In conclusion: please give these ladies your support. Here is their FACEBOOK PAGE

Thursday, August 7, 2014

My favorite exercises

When I am not in the gym, I have a few exercises that I do at home. These are great for building hamstrings and glutes.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Alix Catherine Tichelman - The Sugar Daddy Murderess

In 1982, Catherine Evelyn Smith (born 25 April 1947) served fifteen months in the California State prison system for injecting John Belushi with a fatal dose of heroin and cocaine. Did she commit a crime? Belushi and Smith were injecting each other with the drug, but Belushi's dose caused his death, while Smith's dose didn't. Smith was accused of murder for injecting Belushi with the drug that he wanted. Did Smith know the concentration of drug she was giving Belushi? Wasn't Belushi being as reckless with his own life as she was with hers? It is an old case, and the debate continues. We  have a new Catherine on the scene, and her name is Alix Catherine Tichelman.


2014, a 26 year old woman, Alix Catherine Tichelman is accused of injecting her 51 year old
sugar daddy, Forrest Haze, with heroin, causing his death. They were drinking and injecting each other, the injection caused his death, while Tichelman's injection did not cause her death. 

Security footage from the yacht shows the victim suffering medical complications and going unconscious. Rather than providing first aid or calling 911, Tichelman gathered her belongings, including the heroin and left. To my understanding, in the United States only certain people have a duty to act (police officers, fire fighters, teachers). If any person is hurt or needs help - nobody has a duty to help. 

I am not saying that is what I would do. In fact, I would help someone who needs help. If you do not want to get involved, then call anonymously for help. That being said, most society do not have a duty to help. We have a duty not to harm someone, in this case, she was giving this man what he wanted and what they did together as a couple. There was nothing she did that he didn't want.
"It showed our suspect, it showed our victim, it showed her injecting him with heroin, showed her absolute callousness, after the fact, as he starts to have medical complications.  There was no effort to call 911," police said. I call bullshit. How was she to know this man was having an overdose and wasn't just sleeping? She was under the influence as well - both alcohol and drugs. People under the influence are not going to be as perceptive as sober people. If this woman was completely sober and clean, and understood that an overdose was happening - then you call her callous. The fact is, people are picking on her because she is a woman, she is attractive, and she had a sugar daddy relationship with this man. Makes for sensational reporting. 
According to police, the video also shows Tichelman stepping over the victim’s body several times as she is gathering her belongings.  At one point, she steps over the body to finish a glass of wine. Eventually she is shown leaving the boat, stopping to lower a blind to  so that the light would not wake him up in the morning. 
What reason would she have had to intentionally kill this man? They had a relationship, even if we disapprove of the nature of their relationship, the fact is - they were involved with each other. He provided for her. The fact that she was allegedly a commercial sex worker, or had a sugar-daddy relationship with this man is irrelevant. These two are adults and can have what ever kind of relationship they want. The potency of heroin changes from one batch to another, there is no way this woman could have known that this particular batch would have been too strong or too weak. If she is used to weaker heroin - how much of a risk was she taking? How much reasonable risk could she foresee without really knowing the chemistry of this particular batch of drugs?  

Why would she kill a man financially providing for her? It makes no sense. 

She did have an ex boyfriend who died of a drug overdose. He was a drug addict, and he died. That is irrelevant to the death of the Google executive. I do not see any evidence that this woman had any intention to kill anybody. If someone wants to be shot-up, and wants their drug using friend to do it - they are rolling the dice. This man's choices lead to his own demise, she did not force him to do anything he did not want - he has responsibility in his own death.
When people are injecting themselves and each other with drugs, I do not think any one person should be charged with murder when an accidental death occurs. These adults know that overdose is a real possibility, especially with a drug like heroin. Belushi wanted to be injected, the Google executive wanted to be injected, these women wanted to be injected. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

My Ancestor William Riley Caldwell

William Caldwell was born on the 31st of November, 1879 in Kerr County Texas. His mother was Nancy Ann Jarvis and his father was George Caldwell. William's father George had three brothers and three sisters born Pulaski Missouri. One of William's paternal uncles, James Patton Caldwell (1844 - 1906) had a son David Samuel Caldwell (1890 - 1957). David Samuel Caldwell became the major of Richland Missouri and founder of an oil company. 

William was my great great grandfather. I am lucky to have William's penetrating dark brown eyes and dark hair. My father and great grandmother also have some of Williams striking features.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Say It Right - Obesity and Acceptance

There are many thing about "fat acceptance" that should bother everybody. Take for instance, the definition of acceptance, and tell me if these phrases sound correct.

1. I receive obesity
2. I approve of obesity
3. I am in favor of obesity
4. I believe obesity is just as good as being fit

Now, lets compare that to the following statements:

1. I accept anorexia.
2. I approve of anorexia. 
3. I am in favor of anorexia.
4. I believe anorexia is just as fine as eating a healthy diet. 

I have seen many people struggle with obesity, women and men alike. They all wanted to be fit, but just did not know what they were supposed to eat or how to exercise. When I was about fourteen years old, I remember vividly my friends mother trying to workout in the living room. She had a fitness book on the floor, tight fitting fitness clothing, and she was trying to do the workout. Her movements were slow and confused, the poor woman simply did not know what she was doing. Twenty years later she is still obese.

I have seen men struggle with obesity, including many of the men in my own family. Obesity hurts them just as much as women. Obese men know women prefer fit, strong men. Standards of beauty are ingrained in our DNA. Two hundred and fifty thousand years of human evolution cannot be erased just because someone wants it erased. The ultimate goal is to live long enough to pass genetic material, caring for our grandchildren and great grandchildren. The fact is: obesity kills. Humans have evolved to know it. Within 99% of world cultures, including those not exposed to Western Media - obesity is still not sexy. LINK

There are two major characteristics obese people possess, first, they are in a great deal of emotional pain, and second, they display a general pessimistic attitude towards nutrition.

They deal with that pain by denying it. One of the most common lies obese people tell themselves is that they are happy being overweight. They have an elaborate maze of defense mechanisms. They try to convince themselves, and the world that they happy just as they are. They claim that they love their bodies - when we all know they don't. They claim they love being out of breath after long walks - when we know they don't. They claim they love going to the beach in a nice bathing suit - when we all know they want to hide. They claim they do not care that their children are embarrassed by their appearance - we all know they do care. They claim that they are not bothered when they have to turn the lights out before being intimate with their partners. They claim they love their diabetes - we know they don't. Most importantly - they claim that they are so strong, powerful, and confident that they can transcend what they consider "fat hate". They claim their obesity is nobody's business but their own - but then turn around and make it everybody's business by publishing blogs, videos, and conducting interviews about how proud they are being obese. They throw their obesity in our faces, trying to force feed us their mutually shared delusions, then when we tell them they are wrong, they say "its none of your business."  The truth is - fat people hate fit people. They perform more mental gymnastics than the Cirque du Soleil, covering up all that pain inside.

One will often observe a pessimistic attitude towards calorie control. The obese anticipate undesirable outcomes if they attempt eating within their calorie range and believe evil hardships will outweigh the positive benefits of eating within their daily calorie range. For example: obese people will will criticize diet books, claiming they do not work, whilst ignoring the tens of thousands of people who lost weight using those diets. The women featured in BookLiberation2, display a typical pessimistic attitude towards diet and nutrition. I doubt any of these women eat within their calorie range on a daily basis. If they did - they would not be overweight.

Even recently, an anonymous person made an instagram page accusing fit women of lying about what they eat. LINK

The fact is - fit people do not hate fat people. When I am in the gym, I do see overweight and obese people working out. I do not look at them and say, "eww". I have never seen anybody in the gym do that to an overweight person working out. In fact, we accept them. We are happy they are there, making the right choice. Fit people want to see more overweight people in the gym. We know they feel insecure and we want them to overcome the insecurity. Sometimes, they never come back. I have to wonder if they don't return to the gym because they feel nervous working out around fit people. Fit people are not doing anything bad to overweight people, rather, our existence makes them feel insecure.  How dare fit people exist! How dare we wear nice jeans, sexy clothing, or show off our six pack abs! HOW DARE WE! LINK

Obese men know women prefer fit men. Obese women know men prefer fit women. We know it is true, but we don't want to admit it because it hurts feelings. The fact is, we are so tolerate towards obesity that few people will actually say that they reject someone because the other person is too fat. Take the Hodge Twins for example, think for a second, they admit to sleeping with large women, but do you think these men would ever choose to have sex with a fat woman over a thin woman? Do you think they would marry an obese woman? Listen carefully to what these men say about obese women - do you really...really think they find obese women sexy? Of course they don't, at the end of the video they say, "if you are fat and want to lose weight, we have this great channel..." Think about it for a second, if they really thought fat women were sexy, would they direct these ladies to a channel about how to lose weight?

Overweight and obese people insist they do not overeat (when they do), they insist they exercise (when they don't, or don't do the right kind of exercise.) They try to convince themselves that they "celebrate" their obesity, like it is a race, ethnicity or gender. The difference is that we cannot choose race, ethnicity or gender. Everyone, except those .001% of people with thyroid problems can control their weight. I repeat - EVERYONE had power to control their own bodies. Obese people lie and say, "I can't work out at home. I can't go to a gym. I can't go to a track and run. I can't walk at a park. I can't lift weights. I can't control my portions. I can't eat vegetables. I can't stop eating pizza. I can't eat an apple." They all can do these things, the truth is, they don't do these things for two reasons. Reason one: they don't know how. They were never properly educated. Reason two: they don't want to do these things because they are lazy and feel it would be too hard. This is not to say all obese people are lazy, we know what is coming, "Waaaa, don't stereotype all fat people as lazy...waaaa (boo hoo hoo)." Let me be clear - many obese people ARE lazy. Sure, they may work a 9-5 job sitting at a desk or driving a bus, they think that being employed now means they are not lazy. If they are not getting in 60 minute of cardio every week, and making excuses for watching TV instead of going for a walk - they are lazy.  Or, let me guess, just too much work they don't have time? Right.

The problem is that many feel powerless. They do not know how many calories to eat, they do not know their metabolic rate, they do not know how many calories are actually in the foods they eat. They simply do not know how to eat properly. They push their "fat acceptance" agenda onto the world, deluding themselves into thinking that society is going to change. The fact is, women and men will always be repulsed by obesity. We will always look down on it as something gross, unattractive and shameful for the simple fact we cannot overcome human evolution. It took hundreds of thousands of year of human evolution to make us desire certain traits - no amount of social networking will change our hard wiring.

Men will always prefer attractive women over unattractive women. They will always prefer to look at a fit beautiful body over an obese body. I do not care how many fat acceptance twitter hastags, or fat acceptance YouTube videos or Fat acceptance facebook pages a person creates. People simply will not change.

But lets talk about the obese people themselves. First, they consider the word obese to be an ugly, insulting word. Obese is a medical term, if your Body Mass Index is 30 or above - then you are obese. If your BMI is between 25-30, then you are overweight. Today, my BMI is 23.7, last year it was 26. (remember muscle weighs more than fat, so people with a large amount of muscle will show higher BMI without being obese.)

Obese people are in a lot of pain. They have a tremendous amount of emotional pain and suffering. I think that most people in this world do not, or cannot really understand how much these people suffer. Their smiles are fake, their laughter is fake, and their lives are not as full as they could be. This is not to say they do not have happiness, I am sure they do. The fact is - obese people never enjoy being obese.

My Fitbit profile
I lost 16 pounds in 3 months. 25 pounds in 12 months.
I remember trying to lose the baby weight, my BMI was over 25 making me medically overweight. Losing 16 pounds was not the easiest thing to do, but a healthy serving of vegetables every day did the trick. Losing weight is easy - people make it complicated.

I could have been just like all those overweight people who say "I love my fat, I think the way it giggles as I walk is cute." Truth be told, if you love yourself, love your spouse, and love your family, you will want to lose the weight. I lost the weight because I recognized that having two children was not an excuse. I did it because I loved myself. I deserve to be happy. I lost the weight because I love my husband, he deserves to have a fit attractive wife. I wanted to look good in a nice dress for my husband. I do not want my children embarrassed by my appearance. Remaining overweight would have been selfish. Obesity affects the entire family in a negative way. Think about it for a moment, what family is better off because of obesity? What child is truly proud that their mom or dad chooses to be obese? What woman is truly happy when her husband chooses to be obese? The only woman happy by that choice is if she is also obese, and his weight loss makes her feel bad about herself. If a person really has self-esteem, and truly loves their spouse the way I love my spouse, the will lose the weight. People who are selfish will remain obese.

How do they feel when they go shopping? How do they feel when the person they like does not want them because of the weight? So much suffering for something that can be fixed in one year. All it takes is one year of eating healthy foods, lots of vegetables, limit processed foods, drink water and workout at the gym. Shedding pounds can be a lot of fun when you get into it. Why are they cheating themselves?

Obese people are insecure about the way they look. If they truly did not care what other people thought about their appearance, then they would not be so vocal online about it. They would be like, "this is who I am, and I am happy being obese, period." Even when we are nice to obese people, and offer to help them - they come off with so much anger and hostility.

They talk about their obesity so much because deep down, they are not happy with their body. They want us to believe they are - but really, they are not. Just look at the above interaction between me and Jasmin Ashton. She was offended that I responded to something she posted in public. (Sometimes I think people forget what social networks are) Anyway, she posts a picture of herself eating some sort of processed twinky food thing. I do not know if this particular lady is aware of this - but you cannot eat foods like that
you want to lose weight.

As I looked at her picture, she came across as an attractive woman. I mean, she is not ugly by any means. From looking at her posts, it appears that she projects herself to be stronger than what she really is. I am not saying this to make her feel bad about herself, on the contrary, I do not want her to feel bad. People forget what we say or do, but always remember how we made them feel. She clearly has an eating problem, so how can a person help someone who clearly needs it, while being clear that she  did this to herself. She made herself obese. Nobody pointed a gun at her head and made her do it - she did it. Many overweight people want to lose the weight without the effort. Ah, if only life were that simple.

It comes down to a painful process which I call, tearing down the defense mechanisms. Stop saying you are okay being obese when you know you are not. Stop saying you are happy when you are not. Stop saying that it is okay when it isn't. Take the defense mechanisms, throw them away. Instead, tell yourself that you can, and will lose the weight. Say you deserve to be happy. You deserve to feel sexy. You deserve all the happiness that will come with a healthy weight. When it comes to obesity - say it right.

Jasmin refused to allow me to help her. She wants to be obese. She does not want to be happier in life. That fact is something we all have to accept. I only hope she has family willing to step up and show her that accepting a bad thing, like obesity, will only hurt her even more than it already has. That is what family is supposed to be for.

Another woman on twitter, Mandi Stewart, posted the following image. What we see Mandi doing is making a strawman out of my argument, as if to imply my argument is that all obese people live with self-loathing every second of their lives. If you read my blog, you know that is not what I am saying.  It is a very common defense mechanism for obese people to joke about their pain. She posted a picture of herself, exposing her breasts, as if to imply that an image of her obesity is offensive. Her profile reads that she is married and slowly being "okay" with being obese.

As these people make their lives public, they should expect the public to respond to these claims. Privacy is not existent when they make their fat-acceptance and obesity public. Nobody forced these women to make their obesity public - they did. Question to readers: do you think Mandi would be happier her current weight, or fifty pounds lighter? She lives in Kentucky, one of the fattest states in America, so she already has hurdles to deal with. Do you think she would drop the weight if she knew she could? If she is truly confident in her obesity, why not just take a full body shot and put it online? If she is truly happy with her appearance, why is she wearing so much makeup in the profile picture? Why not just go without the styled hair and make-up if looks do not matter?

One of the most common defense mechanisms, is that obese people say, "I go to the doctor and get blood work, I am healthy - ergo, my obesity is okay."  And what about your heart? Not the one pumping blood through your body, but your emotions? What about your self-esteem? What about your desire to fit comfortably in a seat, or be sexually attractive to your husband? Mandi Stuart is not happy, she wants the world to think she is happy. She publicizes her obesity, and then complains when the public responds. She is conflicted.

Truth be told - someone who has a fitness board on Pintrest and subscribes to Facebook page, "busy moms get fit" clearly wants to get fit. So this whole ruse about "being fat and starting to get comfortable with it" is a farce.

American Obesity Map

So here is the advice I would have given Jasmin and Mandi if they were willing to listen:

"Start eating 1.5 cups of raw or steamed vegetables every day. Just include them in your diet. Continue eating as you normally do - just get that 1.5 cups of veggies in every day, preferably before 3 pm. You do not have to eat them all at once, spread them out with breakfast, mid-morning snack and lunch. The secret to losing weight is recognizing that we cannot deny ourselves the things we enjoy eating. Eat your regular diet, just get those veggies in. Simple. Think about what you need to include in your diet, not what you must exclude. Eat for nutrition first, enjoyment second. The problem with going on a "diet" is that when you go off the diet, you will gain the weight back with a few extra pounds. Just stop dieting, they don't work. Eat 1.5 cup veggies every day. The weight will come off, and you will be healthier."

Eat This Once A Day - Every Day (without dressing)

They even find excuses for not eating vegetables. 

Obese people will find that the weight will start coming off with very little effort. Once she sees how 1.5 cups of raw veggies took off 20 pounds in four weeks, she will be inspired to make better and better changes. Make the changes slowly. What amused me, was how some obese people claim they cannot eat 1.5 cup of raw or steamed veggies everyday because onions contain sugar. This only proves that people are completely unaware of basic food science. That "onions have sugar" statement confirms a UK study proving many obese people have no idea how many calories they eat every day. LINK USA Today also published an article showing American's are unaware how many calories they eat every day. LINK  In all seriousness, what person would say, "I cannot eat 1.5 cups of vegetables everyday because onion contains sugar." The kind of person who eats for gluttony - not nutrition. The kind of person who does not want to take responsibility for their own obesity.

Nutrition Quiz One - Test Your Knowledge  Nutrition Quiz Two - Test Your Knowledge

The fact is - some overweight people refuse to admit they hate being a fat bride, and they want to be more beautiful for their husbands. It takes a lot of courage to admit that it is time for change.

Of all the obese people reading this blog, fewer than 10% will take my advice. Even though the change I suggest they make is relatively small, they will choose not to see the good intentions behind this blog. I do not come from a position of hate, I too have had to lose weight, and I did lose it. The reason they will not take my advice is because they do not want to change and they want to be obese.

Below are a couple of videos, you do not have to eat exactly as these women do, but they give good advice. Weight loss is 75% diet and 25% exercise. If you are overweight, look at your diet first, look at your exercise second. If you need an exercise video, start with this Jillian Michaels three days a week. If you want to know how many calories to eat, start by using this calorie calculator.

Enjoy the videos.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Elliot Rogers: Entitled Spoiled Brat Believed He Deserved A Beautiful Woman

Elliot Rogers was a 22 year old gunman, in a rampage left six people dead because he couldn't get laid.

The internet is ablaze with the Elliot Rodgers mysogeny murder rampage story. Prior to the rampage, he wrote a 130 page manifesto so misogynist that it rivaled even the ugliest, most entitled MRA and PUA's of the internet. The man actually suggested that women be killed off, with a few attractive ones left in concentration camps for breeding purposes. That sounds like some MRA Adolf Hilter rhetoric on steroids.

He had therapists, social workers, a gleaming black BMW. He went to college in Santa Barbara and lived with his family in Calabasas, the exclusive LA enclave home to Justin Bieber and the Kardashian family. His father, a film director, rubbed shoulders with Hollywood's elite and brought his son to red carpet functions.

Elliot was a self-absorbed brat. He was shallow, superficial and had a sense of entitlement. I understand it is hard growing up in a world surrounded by designer cars, beautiful women, champagne and movie stars. Must be tough.

In his YouTube video, "retribution" Elliot spewed his plan to murder the beautiful women whom he feels, did him wrong by not fucking him or loving him. Last night I watched the video with my husband, and told him that rhetoric reminds me of 'decadent slut" aka Davis Aurini. The way those two men speak, and the anger they have in their hearts towards the female gender sounds exactly the same.

Poor Elliot suffered in sunny Southern California because he was a 22 year old virgin. Looking at him, he is not a bad looking guy. The thing is, women are attracted to more than just good looks. There are many things a person brings to the table: personality, charm, moral character, friendship, and trustworthiness. Perhaps this little fruit cake was socially awkward. Perhaps he just did not know how to relate to women. Clearly was full of anger and mentally ill.

The problem is that Mom and Dad should have sent that little shit to live on a farm, in the real world, with real people and away from the superficial life he had grown accustomed to.  If one gets their self-esteem, defining themselves, from superficial places, including one's ability to seduce a woman, they will be disappointed because no one can guarantee they'll have it tomorrow. A lot has been written about how big egos are harmful to young men. Elliot had a big ego, and thought he deserved a beautiful woman because he was "magnificent" and drove one of the best cars on campus. In his manifesto video, he said he was going to the sorority with the "hottest" girls to get his retribution. You see - he only wanted a "hot woman" - a woman with a weight problem, or a woman who wasn't the "hottest" was clearly not good enough for him. He did not care about being rejected by the ugly/fat girls - after all, beauty is the only thing that matters in life, right?

Don't get me wrong, I think women should work out, take care of themselves, and be as beautiful as they can be. (that goes for men to) The idea these young men have that the all deserve a beautiful woman is just messed up. When they do not get what they "deserve", then they think women reject them because women are "gold diggers" or "heartless snooty bitches".

In my life, I encountered many men who felt entitled to beautiful women. Even the poor, ugly, fat men think they are entitled to a beautiful woman. Don't get me wrong, I know many men who are not that entitled or superficial. There are many good men in the world. But unfortunately, it the young ones (age 35 and under) we have to worry about.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Boko Haram is okay under Islam

Muslim apologists will be quick to claim the leader of Boko Haram (translation: Western Education is Evil) is not making a correct interpretation of Islam.

"Oh, Islam is peaceful, what these guys did is wrong.," and "bla bla bla bla"

They will say that Islam holds what he did to those hundreds of girls is not okay. The problem, is that Muhammad did the exact thing that these Nigerian Boko Harem people are doing. These men are literally following in Muhammad's footsteps.

Islam does permit kidnapping non-Muslims, selling them, and forcing them to convert.

In fact, I wrote an extensive, well cited blog showing everything from Quranic verses, Hadiths and Tafsirs proving that slavery, kidnapping, selling slaves, slave rape and forced conversions is acceptable in Islam. LINK  My research into that matter was very thorough. The problem, is that in our politically correct world, we are suppose to think that religion equals good, and all religion must be respected because it is religion.

If we even stop to think for a second that Islam is harmful...then suddenly we are horrible human beings. Let me be clear - Muslims  do two things. First, they lie about the "peacefulness" of their religion. Second, many Muslims are uninformed about their religion - they really do believe that Islam equals good. They really believe that the good things about Islam erases the bad things.

We also must believe that atheists (like Bill Gates, Angelina Jolie, Warren Buffet, Julianne Moore, and Jodi Foster) are all a bunch of heathens incapable of ascertaining right from wrong. If we say religion is bad, we will be called haters, racists, and a great number of ad homimen attacks. So it is better for us atheists to sit back and shut up if we do not want to be insulted.

So I am thinking - if it is okay for Muhammad to take slaves, sell slaves, manipulate them into converting to Islam. (by manipulation, I mean that they cannot be freed until they convert to Islam) Then surely it is okay for Muslims to do it. After all, they want to be just like Muhammad....right?

That being said, these Boko Haram guys think Western education is evil, yet they publish their propaganda surrounded by modern guns, cameras, automobiles and even use the internet. Sometimes the ignorance of the world is enough to make me cry.

Muslims cannot say that what this man is doing is wrong unless, they are also willing to say Muhammad was wrong for doing the exact same thing. With that - people need to start opening up their "holy books" and start reading them...really read them. In doing so, one would realize that religion is poison.