Monday, May 26, 2014

Elliot Rogers: Entitled Spoiled Brat Believed He Deserved A Beautiful Woman

Elliot Rogers was a 22 year old gunman, in a rampage left six people dead because he couldn't get laid.

The internet is ablaze with the Elliot Rodgers mysogeny murder rampage story. Prior to the rampage, he wrote a 130 page manifesto so misogynist that it rivaled even the ugliest, most entitled MRA and PUA's of the internet. The man actually suggested that women be killed off, with a few attractive ones left in concentration camps for breeding purposes. That sounds like some MRA Adolf Hilter rhetoric on steroids.

He had therapists, social workers, a gleaming black BMW. He went to college in Santa Barbara and lived with his family in Calabasas, the exclusive LA enclave home to Justin Bieber and the Kardashian family. His father, a film director, rubbed shoulders with Hollywood's elite and brought his son to red carpet functions.

Elliot was a self-absorbed brat. He was shallow, superficial and had a sense of entitlement. I understand it is hard growing up in a world surrounded by designer cars, beautiful women, champagne and movie stars. Must be tough.

In his YouTube video, "retribution" Elliot spewed his plan to murder the beautiful women whom he feels, did him wrong by not fucking him or loving him. Last night I watched the video with my husband, and told him that rhetoric reminds me of 'decadent slut" aka Davis Aurini. The way those two men speak, and the anger they have in their hearts towards the female gender sounds exactly the same.

Poor Elliot suffered in sunny Southern California because he was a 22 year old virgin. Looking at him, he is not a bad looking guy. The thing is, women are attracted to more than just good looks. There are many things a person brings to the table: personality, charm, moral character, friendship, and trustworthiness. Perhaps this little fruit cake was socially awkward. Perhaps he just did not know how to relate to women. Clearly was full of anger and mentally ill.

The problem is that Mom and Dad should have sent that little shit to live on a farm, in the real world, with real people and away from the superficial life he had grown accustomed to.  If one gets their self-esteem, defining themselves, from superficial places, including one's ability to seduce a woman, they will be disappointed because no one can guarantee they'll have it tomorrow. A lot has been written about how big egos are harmful to young men. Elliot had a big ego, and thought he deserved a beautiful woman because he was "magnificent" and drove one of the best cars on campus. In his manifesto video, he said he was going to the sorority with the "hottest" girls to get his retribution. You see - he only wanted a "hot woman" - a woman with a weight problem, or a woman who wasn't the "hottest" was clearly not good enough for him. He did not care about being rejected by the ugly/fat girls - after all, beauty is the only thing that matters in life, right?

Don't get me wrong, I think women should work out, take care of themselves, and be as beautiful as they can be. (that goes for men to) The idea these young men have that the all deserve a beautiful woman is just messed up. When they do not get what they "deserve", then they think women reject them because women are "gold diggers" or "heartless snooty bitches".

In my life, I encountered many men who felt entitled to beautiful women. Even the poor, ugly, fat men think they are entitled to a beautiful woman. Don't get me wrong, I know many men who are not that entitled or superficial. There are many good men in the world. But unfortunately, it the young ones (age 35 and under) we have to worry about.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Boko Haram is okay under Islam

Muslim apologists will be quick to claim the leader of Boko Haram (translation: Western Education is Evil) is not making a correct interpretation of Islam.

"Oh, Islam is peaceful, what these guys did is wrong.," and "bla bla bla bla"

They will say that Islam holds what he did to those hundreds of girls is not okay. The problem, is that Muhammad did the exact thing that these Nigerian Boko Harem people are doing. These men are literally following in Muhammad's footsteps.

Islam does permit kidnapping non-Muslims, selling them, and forcing them to convert.

In fact, I wrote an extensive, well cited blog showing everything from Quranic verses, Hadiths and Tafsirs proving that slavery, kidnapping, selling slaves, slave rape and forced conversions is acceptable in Islam. LINK  My research into that matter was very thorough. The problem, is that in our politically correct world, we are suppose to think that religion equals good, and all religion must be respected because it is religion.

If we even stop to think for a second that Islam is harmful...then suddenly we are horrible human beings. Let me be clear - Muslims  do two things. First, they lie about the "peacefulness" of their religion. Second, many Muslims are uninformed about their religion - they really do believe that Islam equals good. They really believe that the good things about Islam erases the bad things.

We also must believe that atheists (like Bill Gates, Angelina Jolie, Warren Buffet, Julianne Moore, and Jodi Foster) are all a bunch of heathens incapable of ascertaining right from wrong. If we say religion is bad, we will be called haters, racists, and a great number of ad homimen attacks. So it is better for us atheists to sit back and shut up if we do not want to be insulted.

So I am thinking - if it is okay for Muhammad to take slaves, sell slaves, manipulate them into converting to Islam. (by manipulation, I mean that they cannot be freed until they convert to Islam) Then surely it is okay for Muslims to do it. After all, they want to be just like Muhammad....right?

That being said, these Boko Haram guys think Western education is evil, yet they publish their propaganda surrounded by modern guns, cameras, automobiles and even use the internet. Sometimes the ignorance of the world is enough to make me cry.

Muslims cannot say that what this man is doing is wrong unless, they are also willing to say Muhammad was wrong for doing the exact same thing. With that - people need to start opening up their "holy books" and start reading them...really read them. In doing so, one would realize that religion is poison.