Monday, August 11, 2014

Bill Dunfree: New Beginnings Ministries

I found an interesting and entertaining story about an Ohio strip club, The Fox Hole, protesting a church. The church has been stalking and threatening these ladies and their patrons. The threats range from telling them they are whores and they are going to hell. These fruit cakes photograph the licence plates of cars and threaten to put them on the internet.

The club owner said judges have repeatedly denied his requests for injunctions to keep church protesters away from his property. 

The church’s pastor,  Bill Dunfee, told the Tribune recently that church members will persist in opposing the club. “We know what we’r e doing is working,” Dunfee said. Well then - the rest of us on the internet should do what we do best and turn the tables on these folks. 

Anyone get photos of church members harassing these women, just send them to me. :-) I will have fun giving them shit.  More people are one the side of this club than the nutters protesting them with their archaic, 2000 year old book of made-up fairy tales. 

The minister, Bill Dumbass...I mean Dunfree thinks he has a place deciding which businesses have a right to operate and which ones do not. According to him, the First Amendment belongs only to born again Christians - and not to stripper and certainly, atheists like myself. How would he like it if I shoved my atheism down his throat? 

New Beginning Ministry Members shout at these women, "You don't know love - you only know lust." Wow. To think these ladies have never known love in their lives. How moronic. Like crazy christian lady knows these women or their lives.

If you want to call this church and give them shit - here is their contact information. Being the small people they are, you will likely not see any Facebook Pages or Social Networks. 

New Beginnings Ministries
331 E Church Street
Warsaw, Ohio 43844

In conclusion: please give these ladies your support. Here is their FACEBOOK PAGE

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