Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Continuing Education: The Truth About Food BBC Documentary

Fitness and nutrition is a big part of my life. I care what I put into my body, and I especially care what I put into my children's bodies. I do not use excuses like, "It is 'okay' to eat 1100 calories in once sitting - once in awhile." I do not eat more than 500 calories in a meal - EVER. Just like I do not smoke cigarettes - EVER, I do not consume more calories than my body requires - EVER.

But, there are always more things to learn, different ways of looking at nutrition, and new research coming up. When I look at all the diet books, I do not throw them away thinking, "all diets do not work." Diets fail because many of them are too rigid and people cannot incorporate them into their permanent way of eating. Many of the "fat activists" and "fat acceptance" people, who claim All Diets Fail simply have a negative, pessimistic attitude.

After all, living in denial is easier than changing one's permanent way of eating.

If we put a camera on their shoulder, recording what they eat day in and day out for a week, we would see that they are eating too many simple carbohydrates, too much processed white products, too much sugar, salt and oil.  I know they do not want to believe it is "their" fault. They do not want to feel even more hurt, or bad about themselves. I get that.

As ususal, if you do not know how many calories you should eat every day, go to this link, plug in your height, weight, age and gender.         http://scoobysworkshop.com/cutting-meal-planner/

Follow the meal planner, plan your meals every morning, cook your meals every day and the weight will come off.

In the pursuit of continuing, ongoing nutrition education that should last for the rest of our lives, I embedded a BBC documentary: The Truth About Food. Enjoy the movie!