Thursday, January 10, 2013

Davis M.J. Aurini: The Canadian Taliban

I was honored that the Critical G did a reading of my blog, The Paranoia Agenda. I was surprised to see that he put a good deal of work into his editing. It was  nice to see someone actually get my sense of humor. For your viewing pleasure, his video is featured below. 

Today´s blog, Davis M.J. Aurini: The Canadian Taliban, is about a person I found from the comment section of Critical G´s video. In the comment section, a man by the name Aurini ( Davis M. J. Aurini) posted the following comment:

*Sigh* That Democrat/Patriarchy bit was pretty disappointing - as usual we hear the one instance where the Old System went wrong, and are expected to ignore the 99 where things turned out very, very right.
Other than that, excellent blog.
I was curious who this man was. All I knew about him, based on that one comment, is that he believes the Old Patriarchal System turned out very right in most cases. It was hard to fathom that any social system or world view turns out very ´right´ 99 percent of the time.  

I decided to mozy on over to his channel and see what kind of a person he was. After all, we cannot judge a person alone by a single comment. 

When I found his Channel, I was blown Away. Wow! Was I shocked. This is a deeply disturbed man, with profound control issues. I could see the need to possess women almost immediately. From reading his blogs and suffering through several of his twenty minute lectures, I found Davis Aurini to be a psychologically complex character with a deep desire to control the women he claims to deeply love. He describes his love for women the way a parent loves their child. This man has been both emasculated and deeply cut by women. 

In this blog, there are certain buzz words I chose to ignore - misogyny being one of them. Misogyny: of or relating to the hatred of women  These characters do not 'hate' women just as homophobes are not 'afraid' of homosexuals. Some words just do not work anymore, so I will avoid them.

Davis M.J. Aurini Is A Monster.  
Ladies - if you see this man, just turn and walk away.
If you are dating him - change your number
Davis M.J. Aurini is a monster, and this blog will produce enough evidence to convince even the most skeptical jury. The pity blogging from the Free Thought Bloggers left most of us feeling like women cry wolf when it comes to patriarchy - another word I do not want to use because of them. These women write blogs about Richard Dawkins being a ´privileged white guy´bla bla bla´. Yet we have Davis Aurini, a man who literally embodies all the qualities these women fear in men, and then he takes it to a whole new level. 

Some would ask why write about a nobody like this. There are a few reasons. First, he has a significant number of subscribers on YouTube. Heterosexual white men post comments on his hate videos congratulating him on a job well done...that is... congratulating him on calling women sluts, cunts and whores who should not get an education unless that education has utilitarian value, like making babies. This sicko has an audience. 

 In my time on YouTube and other forums, I have encountered plenty of Muslims who love their women, yet still think women are to be dominated. They believe our thoughts are nothing more than a series of notions which should not be validated, or considered. The man featured above is no different. He seeks a female that he can manipulate, a Betty Homemaker who will follow his lead, have babies, bake cookies, and can vegetables. He wants a Stepford wife. He wants to live in a 1950's sitcom. 

The clash between deeply loving his dreamy Betty Homemaker whilst hating the women he calls ¨decadent bitches and sluts¨ was breathtaking. He contrived a highly structured, penis driven world order where any woman who does not conform to his world view is a bitch, slut, money-grubbing whore. There are many layers to his hate-love personality. When I look into his eyes, I do not see the love he professes to have for women, but rather a deep anger at modern society, bitter resentment for the women who changed things, and nostalgia for a 1950´s fantasy that he will never possess. 

I read his blogs, watched several of his videos and will be linking one of them in this blog. This man....this...Davis M.J. Aurini is a perfect example of why feminists have become so paranoid. Davis Aurini is the type of person that drives their anger and paranoia. As I said in my blog, The Paranoia Agenda, most men are decent, only a small number are bad. I still stand behind that opinion. Most guys are good, some guys are dick, and very very very few of them are monsters. 

If any woman he starts a relationship with has the foresight to google his name, I hope you are reading this blog right now. Run! Run for the hills! 

As most guys out there are good, it has been ages since I heard such a vile little man stereotype millions of women, calling all of them a bunch of sluts, whores, cunts and bitches for the way they dress and enjoying their sexuality in a manner they see fit. He goes on to say that only 1 out of 10 are marriage material because 90 percent of us are a bunch of decadent sluts who like to fuck men in the bathrooms. 

Usually when we find a man with feeling that strong, three other characteristics typically follow: 
  1. Low Self Esteem
  2. Deeply Hurt in the past
  3. Tiny Penis ( see rule number one )
I downloaded and embedded his video.  You can see that I am not making this up. When I first found this video I thought to myself, ¨I am actually embarrassed that this man liked most of my blog The Paranoia Agenda.¨ The fact that he agreed with most of my blog makes me want to take a shower with burning Lye Water and grow an entirely new set of skin to replace what just went down the drain. I recommend watching the whole clip from beginning to end. There is a lot more where this comes from.

The first time around, I felt so nauseated watching his video that I watched it only to the four minute mark. Then I went back and watched it a couple more times to desensitize myself enough to write this blog. 

I am not going to hold back, and will detail exactly what I think about this Monstrous Excuse for a Human being. Davis Aurini is a modern day Fred Flintstone, he is controlling, sinister, and manipulating. He is good with words, and has plenty of angry men following him on YouTube. His self-loathing seeps through every pore.

Based upon his writings, forum posts, videos and other sources sited in this blog, we can confidently assert the following facts: 

  • He holds a strict father-model view of the world
  • He thinks in metaphor, applying his strict-father model of family life to his views on politics and how the world ´should´operate.
  • He wants to live in a 1950's sitcom where women have no authority. 
  • Davis wants only the hot women, because he is ´too good´for the 98 percent of women who are not as attractive, or a little overweight, or already have children. 
  • Davis has a sense of entitlement - he deserves to marry only a hot woman who will give him the traditional nuclear family where only he holds primary responsibility for the well-being of the household. She will take the day-to-day responsibilities of house and children. 
  • He gets to set all the primary responsibility for setting family policy. Because after all...he has a penis and therefore, is more competent than his long suffering wife.

Setting the Stage

The entire set up for his YouTube videos are forced. I can tell he puts a fair amount of effort into his little set-up.   [serious looking bald man dressed in black, sips on cocktail whilst spewing venomous woman hating philosophy to a webcam]  Then we are all suppose to say, ´ serious.´ 

 I cannot imaging making a similar video, attacking men like that. Davis Aurini´s video shits on gender equality, stereotypes women to the nth degree, invents an enemy, invents an argument, then destroys his own invention.  In his dark world, women are villains out to suck his money dry, and drink his blood because we were born manipulative bitches hell bent on destroying the earth. The interesting part is that he has a deep love for women, while hating them for what he considers to be immoral behavior.

His entire video ignored all the positive things about gender equality. Women are free to vote, obtain higher education, compete in the job market and hold public office. These are good things, right....Right? For normal men who do not live their lives with an incessant need to control women, how they dress, how they live or what they do, it certainly is a good thing. Fairness and equality are good things. 

It follows Aurini would not find these things to be good. After all, a woman´s place is at home, following the man´s lead, breeding, cooking, folding his laundry, and speaking only when spoken to. 

Weird Life Philosophies 
Inside the mind of a dominating psycho  

Feminizing Legislature Wants Your Testosterone 

His diatribe goes on to say that ¨We live in a world where most of our legislature is feminizing, where wealth transfer goes from men to single mothers.¨ Mr. Davis seems to have a conspiracy theory that our governments are out cut out their testicles (see BME Pain Olympics) and to inject men with estrogen. What the hell is this nit-wit talking about? What wealth transfer from men to single mothers? Is he talking about welfare? 

I cannot speak for Canada, but in the United States parents on welfare must enter a program called WorkSource. Temorary Assistance for Needy Families is - temporary. A person must be completely destitute to be eligible. There are plenty of men on welfare too. There are men who take money from the government. Women are not the only single parents out there. As I am a civilized person, I have no problem helping those men out. If the need is genuine, and the person cannot help them-self - this is what we do in a civilized society. We elevate people. We do not stomp on them.

Higher Health Costs - Apparently Only Men Have To Pay

His angry diatribe went through stages of highs and lows. Davis went on to state that our government is forcing men to pay for women´s higher health care costs. Apparently, women who work and pay taxes do not have to pay a cent for their own healthcare, or the healthcare of other women - only men must do this. (Still waiting to see some evidence backing up this claim of his). The higher health care he refers to must be Pap Smears, Breast Cancer Screening, and Child Birth expenses. You know, the kinds of things women need so we do not...oh what is that word???...Oh...that´s right, so we do not DIE. Not that he would see any loss in the death of a woman. That is just one less pap smear he has to pay for. 

He goes on to say that legislature supports women doing what ever they want, and puts the burden on men to pay for it. What things are we doing that men have to pay for? Are we getting manicures, botox, what? What are you paying for that we do? Once again, I call bullshit. As far as the healthcare claim he made, unlike angry whiskey drinking bald man, I present evidence backing up my claims: 

Women pay $1 billion more each year in individual health insurance costs even though they tend take better care of their health than men, according to a new report released on Monday by the National Women's Law Center.
     What does that add up to in real life? Take a 40-year-old woman who does not smoke in Louisville, KY. She pays $196 a month, compared to the $128 a male smoker pays for the very same coverage with HumanaOne, according to data cited by the New York Times.
Women certainly do have higher healthcare costs, mostly due to the fact that they take better care of their health. I have never heard a Canadian woman bitching that her tax dollars are being used to pay for his prostate exam (which he probably enjoys getting.) Do I hear Canadian women complaining that they have to pay for his hernia, high blood pressure, cirrhosis, testicular problems, varicocele, alcoholism or the lung cancer that will inevitably ensue from all those cigarettes he smokes while making angry YouTube videos? 

The first fallacy in his argument, is the belief that men have to pay for women. Women do have higher healthcare costs, and women are the ones who have to pay for it. Women have to pay more for most things including haircuts, clothing, female products and our healthcare. 

This dude is literally saying that our government enacted laws forcing Men to pay the heathcare costs of Women. This same government specifically ordained that no woman must pay for the healthcare of Men, nor must women pay for the healthcare of other women. In a socialized healthcare system such as Canada, when men have heart problems guess who pays - everybody. When women need a hysterectomy, guess who pays - everybody. 

In the United States each person is expected to pay for their own healthcare which means women will pay more. 

Since we are talking about costs and expenses, how about we start charging all men for the cost of arresting, prosecuting, and incarcerating men. According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons, as of this week, there are exactly 218, 107 people in prison. Of that number, only 6.5 percent of them are female. According to his logic, we should impose a special tax on men to pay for all of this. Why should women pay for all these thugs in jail? Tax the men for goodness sake.

 Women took-eer-jebs

Angry guy in black goes on to say,  ¨meanwhile, we have a twenty percent unemployment rate among menHe says that ¨men are not welcome at the workplace¨. Actually, most newly created jobs are going to men. The fact that he was wrong about employment facts is not that big a deal to me. Women are surpassing men, especially in management positions. The real gold nugget is something he said at the beginning of his video...something about a University Diploma as a ´useless piece of paper´. 

I have a feeling this man does not even have a university diploma. His linkedin profile indicates that he has a Bachelors Degree. He seems more like the type that will check the box ´some college´ rather than ´college graduate.´ He certainly does like to dress up in black and sip alcohol on camera. Fortunately, dressing up like a smoking, angry French philosopher does not a real intellectual make.

Over the last fifteen years there has been a shift in diploma awards. This year about three women will get there BA degree for every two men. Fifty years ago, that ration was two men for every one woman. As a result women are becoming more skilled, more educated, better prepared, and they are getting the jobs. Davis Aurini knows this, and makes a special effort to shit all over the education women do get. I will get this this a little later.

 Why Women Need to Get Back in the Kitchen

Davis published a video January 12, 2012 entitled the Economics of Women in the Workplace. I suffered through all twenty-two minutes of it. He starts the video with a glass of Johnny Walker, puffs on the cigarette, and stares bitterly into the webcam.  

See how happy she is!

The lecture begins asking us to compare two societies. The first, is his ideal 1950 society.(with all the butterflies, unicorns and smiling babies) In this society, all the women stay at home and all the men work. The second society originates overnight. A society where women are working, making money, and living independently. 
(imagine Hard Times by Charles Dickens, billowing smoke, crying babies

Davis argues, that wages will be depressed as women are now working, and the cost of goods will remain the same. This is a direct quote form his video, ¨Working did not bring you any more money ladies. It just cut your husbands pay in half.¨ He argues that women are taking money out of their husbands pockets, where it is taxed again, and put into their own. Selfish Bitches Indeed!

I suppose he forgot to mention that the population shift in the work force, in the real world, took 40 years, where the demand for goods were constantly changing with each decade. In his example, the change happens overnight. Therefore, the nuts and bolts of the economic argument do not add up. We went through several economies to get where we are today. His little hypothetical seems to miss all of that.

Monetized domestic services

He argues that homemakers are sadly left alone in these days because all the women they should be knitting with, are instead selfishly working or going to school. He argues that back in the day women did productive stuff, like gardening, canning, babysitting etc.  ¨You women created a lot of wealth. Now you are creating wealth, but getting taxed for it.¨   He ignores the fact that education, in and of itself, allows a person to lead a richer and fuller life. One can appreciate elements of life that they otherwise would never have known. 

He tells women that they "create wealth by canning, gardening,and baking". Tax Free wealth at that. But the riches we get from education, literature, philosophy, engineering etc..., is a waste of money unless those studies help us become better mothers. He recognizes the non-monetary wealth of canning, whilst ignoring the non-monetary wealth from taking History of Art. 

Lets just go to brass tax. It is a shame this man cannot just say what he thinks, that men make the cash, hold the power, and make the decisions while women should just obey. Women's work should only enable her husband to become rich and powerful. The fact is that this monster defines women only by what they can do for men...more specifically...what they can do for him. 

The interesting thing here, is that I stay at home with my babies. I enjoy it. Someday I will work full time as a self-employed woman, but for now, I actually do the gardening, cooking and canning. I even have blogs where I share my recipes, gardening tips, cleaning tips etc..with others. I also have a blog about how to learn foreign languages. But...I guess my foreign language learning is just useless crap without utilitarian value in his sick little mind. It certainly does not make me a better does it

Educating Women is a Waste of Money

The best part of his argument is where he states that educating women is a waste of money. A woman's value is defined only by: how sweet she is to him, how good of a mother she is, and how obedient she is to him. What is the point of educating a female whose real job in life is to be helping him with his goals and ambitions. Women should just be happy serving their masters.

What I find interesting about his video, The Economics of Women Working, is that he adds that politically correct disclaimer that...certainly women deserve education, they are humans after all. bla bla bla (he doesn't mean it) A disclaimer worthy of Fox New. 
Female Education
Only if it helps them be better mothers

He said that women are always looking to marry men that are better off than they are. This guy pigeon-holds both women and men, he squeezes them into his own narrow definitions, archetypes and stereotypes. He argues that educating women means that women will find fewer men who are marriage material because they are constantly raising the bar. Of course. That is a great point. We should just keep women stupid and uneducated so they are pleased with any common nit-wit that comes along. 

Women will not be turned on by any man that makes less money or has less education because, ¨they do not make your vagina tingle.¨ Over looking the fact that this man referring to the tingle in are va-jay, jay´s is both offensive and disgusting, speaking only for myself, I have had relationships with men who had less education than me and made less money than me. I did not look down on them or think any less of them.  When I was living in New York I knew plenty of women who made more than their husbands. 

All that time and energy to teach women this specific skill is utterly wasted. Utilitarian Values. ¨It is an immense waste of energy that women get all these advanced degrees that they never use.¨ Learning to be an engineer does not help you be a better mother. And there it is, at the end of the day, the value a woman has to society is only in being a good mother. 

I have children, and love them dearly. I read to them, care for them, educate them and nurture them. For this ass clown to say that this is the only value I have to society? Wow. The depth of his sickness is shocking. 

The video goes on to say that women take on useless English degrees. I have no doubt that his guy think my education in foreign languages and philosophy is utterly useless. He clearly cannot see that education does a lot more for a society. It gives each person an opportunity to know and understand the world. It gives us a wonderful chance to lead a richer and fuller life, by richer...I DO NOT mean dollars and cents. 

¨All the money we spend educating women, do we really have this money to throw down the drain?¨ Somebody just ordered a Taliban straight up. Now I understand, when TheCriticalG read my blog post, why this guy agreed with everything I said...except...that part about how my father refused to pay for my education. 

*Sigh* That Democrat/Patriarchy bit was pretty disappointing - as usual we hear the one instance where the Old System went wrong, and are expected to ignore the 99 where things turned out very, very right.
Other than that, excellent blog.

Clearly he is in agreement with my father. There is no point educating a female because she will end up being a stay-at-home mom anyway, and the education will be a waste of money. It is all coming together now. 

Education: Women vs. Men

Before publishing his blog, I took a second look at his YouTube Activity. As I expected, ever obsessed with anything that tears women down, he favored a video shitting all over the hard work women have been doing to achieve a higher education. The video he linked is by Aaron Clarey: Debunking the Myth that Women Earn More Degree´s than Men. In a nutshell, the video was about how women do not earn ´real´degrees, because anything that is not a masculine degree is a weak degree. It takes thousands of books, intellectuals, disciplines and studies throwing it right into the garbage. 

Any person who claims that entire disciplines are not real degrees, weak, or worthless, as these men do, it is pretty clear what is going on. The fact is these men could not get one of these degrees even if they wanted to. They are either not motivated, stupid, slow, or lazy.  These are weak men who feel increasingly emasculated by the fact that women are picking themselves up by the bootstraps and doing what they need to do to get ahead. 

The whole concept of a diploma being worthless is completely wrong. Education is a  blessing. Men have been studying the humanities for centuries, I do not hear these hateful men talking shit about them. Suddenly when women do it, the education no longer has value. 

The Huffington Post published an article on this exact topic.

 BusinessWeek ran a cover story entitled "Behind Every Great Woman," which took a deep dive into female corporate executives married lives. To rise to the top, the article concluded, female executives need supportive husbands who are willing to take a backseat to their wives' ambitions.
BusinessWeek's story cited different statistics from the Census: Women hold more than half of all managerial and professional positions and 23 percent of wives now out-earn their husbands.

English Degree! Haven't You Spoken
that language your whole life! Get a real degree
 It is an elementary theory, ' blow out someone else's candle, and it will make mine glow even brighter.' One person even commented that my degree in foreign languages is useless. (except that I have made quite a career and life from it) These haters have no interest in knowing these women, appreciating them or being inspired by them. Moreover, why not get off their dead asses and get an education themselves?  Oh... that's right...forgot....these morons are either too stupid or lazy to do it. Silly me. Keep forgetting. 

Regarding Aaron Clarey comments about English degrees.. The dude clearly has no idea the complexity behind literary theory. Reading an entire book from cover to cover, by any of these great writers would probably give him a migraine and put him to sleep. It is so much easier to say.." that is stupid. that is stupid...that is not a real degree." That way, they feel just a little bit better about themselves.

The Roman Empire References

Aurini´s new home, where no bitches, sluts and whores can
steal all of his money.
Davis specifically says, ¨our women have become the most decadent sluts since the fall of Rome.¨ This guy really loves women. I am feeling the love! If he hates women and society so much, then he needs to buy the Uni-bomber old Montana shack and go live in the forest. Tim Treadwell has been dead since 2001, I can see angry bald guy taking his place up in the Alaskan peninsula. 

The limitless fallacies in Davis´s monologue gives me so much to debunk, and so many ways to do it. I am actually enjoying it.  that I do not know where to begin. I am going to break it down and make it as easy as I can for this guy. 

Decadent Slut Clothing worn by the women 
who ruined Rome. *cough*
Some More of Davis's Fallacies 

I. Rome did not ´fall´, it declined. The reason Rome declined is because of political fragmentation and the inability to centralize power. The Army generals became too powerful. The legions became loyal to the generals instead of the emperors  How do I know this? I had to take a World History class at George Mason University whilst earning one of those ´useless pieces of paper´ that are making women more employable than men.

Calling 90 percent of women a bunch of sluts and whores who deserve to be raped sounds more like a Muslim fundamentalist than a dignified man who claims to know what it is to be a ´real´man. It is just as offensive to get on camera and call African Americans a bunch of niggers who are too lazy to steal. It is just as wrong as calling Mexicans a bunch of wetbacks. It is just as wrong as calling homosexuals a bunch of fags. I am certainly above being offended by monosyllabic insults. 

III  He goes on to complain about how women are a bunch of attention whores, who post slutty pictures of themselves all over facebook. Again, another simplistic stereotype from a simplistic mind. Only certain women ( usually young, misguided, and immature) post pictures like that. Females are perfectly aware that men like Davis, value them first by their appearance and second, by the quality of their character. If Davis was a ´real´man, as he so claims, he would care first about her character and lastly - her appearance. He would be willing to marry any of the overweight or less attractive women. But, that would not be very ´alpha male´of him, now would it?

Go to 2:33 of the above video - Davis claims that these ´sluts´, you know, 90 percent of the female population, go out for gang-bangs every week. This guy actually believes that these girls go out and have orgies. 

¨We have fat, disgusting women who still think they are hot stuff.¨ According to Davis, this is because men are complimenting fat women about how beautiful they are. Apparently the correct thing these men should be doing is making sure the fat women get their big asses in a gym. And the ugly ones - make an appointment with the cosmetic surgeon and get that nose fixed. No ´real´man or ´alpha´male will ever want her otherwise. It does not matter how intelligent or kind she is. I made a video with my husband awhile back called, A celebration of obesity, where I said that obesity is not something to be praised. But that does not mean these women deserve to be called fat and disgusting. They are human, they have feelings too. Not that Davis would actually care about hurting one of these women. They are, after all, only women. It isn´t like their feelings matter.

 Man up and marry those sluts is the message we get from the conservative Right. He claims men are blamed for the fact that women have become dogs that were never trained, bouncing and flipping about with no focus, no attention, and no respect for the men in their lives. 

Victim blaming. This man goes no to criticize his version of ´victim blaming´. He talks about women dressing up as whores, going to bars and getting raped. He starts saying, ¨A slut goes out to a bar...¨ Wow! Dude, you really need to lay off that booze. Didn´t your parents ever teach you not to use certain words  (slut, nigger, bitch, spick,). Oh, that´s right...calling a human being a filthy cum drinking whore is perfectly okay.

According to him, women should not be acting like that in the first place and deserve to be blamed for rape. I know, enough to make you vomit. Of course, I have to state the things that hopefully most of my readers already know. Most rapes on females (98%) of them are committed by a boyfriend, husband, or a date.  Stranger rapes are very rare. All people are allowed to wear what ever they want to wear, drink what ever they want to drink, or pass out where ever they want to pass out without having to worry about some man forcing himself inside of them. The fact that I have to even explain this is shocking.

Let me put it this way - no person deserves to be raped. Not a man or a woman. 

Single Parents: The Losers of Society

He refers to ´single mothers´ as losers of society. Being a single mother, due to death, divorce or any unfortunate incident does not make her a loser. Plenty of men are single fathers - are they a bunch of losers?  Of course not, they have penises. The entire rhetoric, follow the father-model role.

¨Men of the West, we have been lied to, used, and abused.¨ He goes on to say that men are told to go to a University and get a diploma. After getting that diploma, they are supposed to get a job.  Then he describes entering a ¨ lesbianized¨ work force.  What I find interesting about this man is how he sexualizes nearly every institution in life. It is almost as if he took Freudian theories to a new level of weird. Instead of the explicit hierarchy of the masculine, where you know your place in the organization and you know what you need to do to get ahead, we have the implicit hierarchy of the feminine.¨

Squeezing Men into his Narrow World Views

I grew up thinking that men were different. They have different thoughts, feelings, needs, and ideas. Davis, categorizes men by how many women they sleep with and their function in society. Alpha, Beta, Gama, Omega, Zeta.

Alpha Male: Bill Clinton and The Bouncer who fucks all the women in the wash room. One has a high IQ and the bouncer is the low IQ type.  The Alpha male, one would think, hold that men should sleep with as many women as possible as evolution would dictate. He goes onto say, ¨NO! That is how Chimps behave! We are a distinct species from chimps!¨ He claims that the difference between men and chimps is that men have more ¨structure built into them.¨ He argues that human males have a greater propensity for monogamy from the chimps.  

One of the blogs Davis links offers the following description of the Alpha Male:

The star quarterback, while he could have shagged a lot of 6’s, 7’s and 8’s, that is not generally what he does. What happens is he gets the prom queen – the best/hottest chick – and they generally stay together for quite a while. He does not trade his “10” in for quickies with a series of “7’s”. The top male pairs off with the top female and they tend to stay together.

Is it me, or is this sizing up of women incredibly superficial? There are plenty of women out there who are not the hottest or prettiest woman out there, but maybe she has other qualities. She is thoughtful, kind, intelligent, hard working, and cares about other people. In Davis´s worldview, women are valued more by their appearance than by the quality of their character. 

In his video Who is the Real Alpha Male, he describes the female hierarchy as something driven by beauty, motherhood, and relationships with men. This guy thinks that most women define themselves by their relationships with men. Wow. That guy has absolutely no idea what he is talking about. 

Like Davis, I am also of the generation X. In my life, I have only known a handful of low-self esteem women who defined themselves only by their relationships with men. Women have relationships with other people too. We have parents, brothers, sisters, teachers, employers, friends and acquaintanceship  Many women define themselves by the kind of person they are, the art they create, and the contributions they make to humanity. 

Perhaps he thinks that we define ourselves only by our attractiveness to men because beauty is more important to men than a woman's conversation, companionship  work, and contributions to society. When he looks at us, what he looks for is first a pretty face, then ass, then breasts, and then maybe he looks to see if we have that perfect ratio for pushing out babies. 

In Davis's blog, he goes on to show us why Mitt Romney is unfit to be president. Is it because of his experience? Political history? Voting record? Or the fact that Romney believes that he will inherit a planet when he dies? Nope...nit-wit's world, Mitt Romney is totally unfit because of the way he leans towards his wife in some photos. Romney is not acting like a real 1950's man, he is not standing quite...Alpha enough. 

The following image comes directly from his blog. 

Alpha Female - Omg Omg Omg...that lipgloss totally clashes with my purse

The Alpha Female is chosen by the Alpha male (according to Davis). She is then, the standard by which all other women measure themselves. 
If the Alpha male breaks up with her. Things go into chaos until he chooses a new Alpha female to replace her. Unless of course, the Alpha Female breaks up with the Alpha Male. Oh..wait a second...then he was probably never the alpha male to begin with? Right?

The following clip illustrates what Davis imagines to by typical female dynamics, where women define themselves only by their relationship status. 

Davis Aurini´s Forum Comments on Women

There are just too many sources to cite. We have his YouTube videos, his blogs, and the random comments he posts online. Below are some of his forum comments. Here is the original source so that you can read the entire post in context:

You might think that saying women have too much freedom is bad enough. One might think that it is weird enough Saudi-Davis Aurini wants to take away our drivers licenses, less leave the house without his permission. Remember the movie, The Wedding Singer, where the Don Johnson wanna-be gave Adam Sandler's character a little lesson that women are happy only when they have a man to dominate them. Whelp, ladies and gentlemen, it isn't only in the movies that we see this mentality.

Get a load of this comment also found at the above mentioned original source.

For those of you who follow me, you know that I do my best to be fair to people. I also say what is on my mind, and can be very offensive at times. Not too long ago I published a video detailed exactly how these men are oppressed by unrealistic standards of masculinity. Men are more likely to be victims of random acts of violence, robbery and murder than women are. I do not even want to begin the estimate the number of men and children that have been raped by men, either by coaches, teachers, caregivers or in prison. 

There is really just to much anger and too many stereotypes in his video to address one by one. He claims that only 1 in 10 women are marriage material. I guess I am that 1, because I am happily married to a wonderful man. There are no words to show how much I love my husband. I would never mistreat him, hurt him, or deceive him. We treat each other with mutual respect. 

 His diatribes reference over and over again to Rome and Greece. In one of his comments, he wrote: 

"Feminism arose in both Rome and Greece during the collapse", Umm, yeah, it appears to me that he is unaware that in both Greece and Rome women could not vote or hold public office. Women with so little power were able to destroy entire civilizations. The only thing missing from his lunacy are blogs about the female menstrual cycle, and how it makes women too moody and irrational to hold public office. According to Davis, two civilizations collapsed because of some uppity women.  

Davis´s Libido Manipulated by Billboards

In a video entitled, Objectification of Women, Davis begins his diatribe in the usual forced manner. Drink in hand, black clothing, and colorful use of buzz words that gives him that smug air of superiority. The video starts off with Davis showing us how outraged he is at seeing a half naked woman modeling lingerie to sell some product. 

One would think at first glance that this makes him a nice fellow. After all women are not objects (they are homemakers who should not go to school except to learn to iron, sew, can veggies, take care of babies and act sweet to him.) But objects. Surly Not! 

Once again, Davis makes himself into a poor little victim. You see - the MEN are being objectified by that billboard. The Men! The Men! Are being treated like they are not even people...but objects! The humanity! The outrage! 

I am not one of those ladies who earned what Davis calls a, ´worthless English degree´. My education was in foreign languages which tends to be a male dominated discipline. None the less, I know the English language well enough to know that a picture of a sexy woman does not objectify men. 


  [uhb-jek-tuh-fahy]  Show IPA
verb (used with object), ob·jec·ti·fied, ob·jec·ti·fy·ing.
to present as an object especially of sight, touch, or other physical sense; make objective; externalize.

A billboard objectifies the women when her ass or sexual parts are separated out from her person. One is objectified when they are reduced to the status of mere instruments, or else regarded as if body part were capable of representing the person as a whole. Translation: she is a person not an ass. This is different from manipulating a man´s libido which is what Davis whines about. His video says that his libido is being objectified, when in truth, it is being manipulated. If his libido was being objectified, then his libido would be featured on the billboard instead of the woman´s ass. You see, this is where knowing the English language comes in handy. 

Poor Davis (violin playing), his life must be really terrible. How does he manage to get up in the morning knowing that he will face another ass, somewhere. Imagine it, having to ride the train and see a woman´s ass on a billboard. For that matter, a sexy woman walking down the street could also....objectify...his libido. His poor libido is being objectified every time he leaves the house. I have an idea. How about we put his misery to and end, and make all those sluts, cunts and whores wear a burka. Yeah! Then their pretty body parts will not..objectify...his down trodden libido anymore. 

Fortunately I have always been a height/weight proportionate lady. But being anywhere near Davis would probably motivate me to wear the hijab, lest the curve of my ass...objectifies his frail little mind.  In my blog, The Paranoia Agenda, I discussed how Rebecca, Surly Amy, et al where acting like a bunch of crybabies. Davis Aurini is not any different from them. His videos are all about poor little him in some form or another. Even the objectification of women, reducing women to body parts, he manages to spin into a poor little me, argument. Maybe we should just get together and send him a box of Kleenex to dry his tears. 

In all seriousness, there are millions of women who have to see men like Davis YouTube videos, talking about how women are only a ´5´ or a ´6´ in the looks department. Women who are overweight or less attractive see this guy treating them like shit because of the way that they look, saying they are, ¨fat cunts who think they are hot shit.¨ Imagine what it must be like for these women to see these billboards? What must it feel like to know that what appears on billboards and magazines is a standard of beauty most women cannot obtain? What must it feel like to look in the mirror and know that you are fat and ugly? Then, when these women find something in life that makes them happy, perhaps in their career or education, Davis has to come along and shit all over that too. It is sickening. 
buy my boxers...please

The image to our right example of objectification. It is fitting if you think about it. By looking at his video, Davis is clearly a skinny, pale fellow. Not exactly the kind of guy that would make our ´vah-jay-jay´s tingle.´  This would be a great little ad for Kmart where boys in Jr. High School can buy their underpants. 

The Function In Davis's Philosophy:

The goal of his ideology, at first glace, looks like he wants to obtain a utopic 1950's world where streets are lined with oak trees, picket fences are perfectly white and wives obey their husbands. The fact is we are approaching year 2013, and will never be back in those days again. This man wants to curtail a woman's independence, and any power she may have to leave a bad situation. He wants women weak, uneducated, under-control and docile so that he can do what he wants with them. He is a controlling person, he feels emasculated, he feels that he has been denied respect from women. 

Because women are children who need to be spanked.

here is to dreaming
His world is an alternate reality, from a warped ideologue with a need to dominate. What is most unfortunate, is not that this man will become a bitter old man someday, that is almost a certainty. Rather, the fact that most men out there are good. Most men are not sick like this. Most men are not obsessed with stepping on women, treating them like they are stupid, talking down to them, controlling them and humiliating them. Most men do not call women a bunch of dogs that have not been properly house trained. When hardcore feminists like Rebecca Watson or Greta Christina come across freaks like Davis, it feeds into their paranoia that most men are like this. 

Rule 34 - If it exists, there is porn for it

At this point, this blog has torn Davis Aurini an entirely new rectum. Poor little guy probably will not be able to sit down for a week without cringing. Whats more, this blog has been viewed a lot more than I could have ever hoped for. I thought - debunking his hateful, cruel, bullshit claims isn´t really enough for the things he has said and done. For all the things he has done to women, humiliating and demeaning him the way that he does - I want to make sure that this wound of his is ready for a nice does of salt. Since this guy wants to live in Pleasantville and diddle June Cleaver...oh...what the heck....

As I Walk These Broken Roads 
The woman hater tries to become a novelist. Listening to this man's twenty minute rants is enough to give any person a migrane. Unfortunately, he is not good enough to be picked up by an actual publisher and self-published his own diatribes. I did not read the book, nor do I intend on wasting my valuable time on that crap, but I did give this douchebag enough time for a book review. 

Dating Advice from Davis 

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