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Goodness me, I did not think that I would write another blog about this Nazi Davis M.J. Aurini. He has turned out to be a constant source of amusement for me. In the linked video below, Davis gives us ladies some very important dating advice.

Lets examine the first claim he made. Make-up makes a woman look younger and enhances secondary sex characteristics. Make-up is the first thing women do to 'get a man.'

Let's take a trip to the man cave, and give Davis Aurini some facts on what exactly female secondary sex characteristics are. I know...I know...many of you will feel like you are back in Jr. High School Gym Class, but unfortunately sometimes we need to go over the fundamentals.

Secondary Sex Characteristics begin to appear during puberty. They tend to start earlier for girls than boys. Although they are predominately determined by genetics, they are influenced by climate, diet and social conditions.

Female Secondary Sex Characteristics Are:

  1. rounder breasts
  2. wider hips
  3. pubic hair
  4. underarm hair
  5. changing fat distribution
  6. greater development of thigh muscles
Make-up does not enhance secondary sex characteristics.

If women use make-up, to enhance their secondary sex characteristics then they will use make-up to make their breasts appear rounder, their hips wider, their public hair and underarm hair bushier and maybe, their hips wider. When you think of secondary sex characteristics, think puberty, body hair, and menstruation.

Make-up is worn by both women and men, but usually by women. It is used to achieve many different effects. Sometimes, it is used to make women look older. (where he gets that idea that make-up makes women look younger is beyond me.)

Female facial beauty, like male beauty, is about facial symmetry. Facial symmetry is not a secondary sex characteristic. Hormones that become more active during puberty will not make her big nose smaller, push her eyes together or make her lips bigger.

Ladies, if you would like to enhance your secondary sex characteristics, there are a few things you can do. First, get online and shop for a Merkin. They will cost about $40.00. (about the same cost as Lancome eye-shadow kits) Aurini seems to be really into secondary sex characteristics, maybe he should invest in one of these for his poor, long suffering girlfriend.

If you are really interested enhancing those secondary sex characteristics, you can go to Lowells hardware store and start injecting liquid silicone into your hips.



  1. What if I dislike make up and other body mods? Does it mean that I'm not a "quality man"?


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