Monday, January 14, 2013

Decadent Sluts Music Video

Ladies and Gents,

The Davis M.J. Aurini music video has arrived. For a free download, CLICK HERE. Feel free to upload the video to your personal YouTube Channel. Please link my blog in the video description box. Muchas Gracias :--)


  1. I'm entertained by how much you demonize the guy. He's an absolute gentleman IRL.

    1. Absolute gentleman.

      That is funny! I am sure Amanda thought that when he gave her a bloody nose. Or perhaps all of those 'decadent sluts' whom, according to Aurini, should not get an education unless it helps them be better mothers.

      This guy is a gentleman like Fred Flinstone is a gentleman.

      And I am glad you are entertained :--)

    2. Naomi, when I was arrested (at my parents' house, after running away from Amanda) I had a black eye and a cigarette burn on my head, from where she'd jabbed me. Amanda Lockhart didn't have a single injury on her, and didn't want to go to the emergency room - which the Arresting Officer found suspicious.

      If you'd bothered to read the court documents you'd know that from his testimony; I was the victim of domestic violence, not the perpetrator. My bad for letting a woman with a history of mental illness into my house; the legal standard here in Canada is that they always prosecute the man, and never the woman, regardless of who's actually guilty.

    3. You remind me of my mother.

      She spent her entire life choosing to have relationships with assholes, then played the victim when they beat her up.

      I have to wonder if you enjoy being mistreated by women.

      If my mother was still alive, I would set you guys up on a date.

  2. Have you even read the article? The (female, incidentally) judge acquitted him. Borderline, psychotic women exist and Aurini defused the situation. Are men *always* at fault if there's a physical altercation between a couple?

    At any rate, the entertainment factor comes from you neatly fitting his description of a good woman - loving wife and mother, excellent homemaker, interesting human being (yes, he values that in a partner). Have you seen the the current generation of women? As a Millenial, I'm absolutely horrified by my peers.

    1. What is amusing is that I agree with the second half of your comment. It is ironic more than anything. I did read the article, and at first, agreed with the Judge. Courts cannot consider outside information about cases, they must be independent. Some of the things he said, and comments he left changed my opinion about his innocence. Unlike the Court, I am allowed to integrate outside information.

      The things he says about women are harmful to my daughter, and future granddaughters.



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