Monday, May 20, 2013

Aurinigate :Davis MJ Aurini: Caught With His Pants Down



Far be it for me to pass up on a good piece of YouTube Drama, especially when it concerns to that gynophobic monster, Davis Aurini. Normally, I would not write about a person's private life. Nor would I include photographs. In this case, these people decided to make their private life public. They chose to publish YouTube Videos and Blogs. Aurini invited other's into this mess when he advertised it online. Therefore, I am going to treat this in the same way I will treat any celebrity break-up, with one exception, photos of minor children will be blurred.

Let us reminisce one of his woman hating diatribes,  ¨We live in a world where most of our legislature is feminizing, where wealth transfer goes from men to single mothers.¨ The clash between deeply loving his dreamy Betty Homemaker whilst hating the women he calls ¨decadent bitches and sluts¨ was breathtaking. He contrived a highly structured, penis driven world order where any woman who does not conform to his world view is a bitch, slut, money-grubbing whore. 

Today, March 4th 2012, about one hour ago, I discovered that Davis MJ Aurini is a home wrecker. Davis is in fact - the very Decadent Slut he claims to despise. Every time he says, "Decadent Slut", I can now say - "Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!"

He posted a video Gresham's Law: Moral Behavior in an Immoral World. I was shocked to find that I was agreeing with most of what he said in the video. His video had an unusual softer tone to it. His level of hate is normally at an eight, but in this video, the hate was at a two. I sensed something was not right. 

I had to listen to the softer side of Aurini for the entire video, until just the end...the very end...when he drops the bomb. Aurini is in the midst of a very real drama. The whole point of the lovey-dovey video was to put himself up on a pedestal, be the 'moral' person, and not address his personal drama. 

He also said that he would delete any comments made by people addressing the drama. (Good thing I know how to take screen shots of comments)

Drum Roll it is: 

Davis has been sleeping with a married woman. Not only a married woman, and a mother with small babies at home, one barely off the bottle. Here is the best part - the husband was a friend of his! 

The title of his video, that's right ' Moral Behavior in an Immoral World. This guy really believes he is taking the high road. Sleeping with his friends wife (meh), choosing not to talk about it publicly (the morally high road)

Moliere wrote, "The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity." That softer side of Aurini was his self-deception and sincerity. This dude really thinks he has taken the moral high road. Somebody needs to get that guy as strong cup of coffee. Maybe a cold shower? I do not know, but he needs to take something because I have a hard time believing he is that delusional.

I know I am not perfect, and one of my faults is that I do have a little bit of schadenfreude. This makes me wonder how Richard Dawkin's must have felt when Ted Haggard (minister, evangelical christian, leader of huge Colorado church) was caught having sex with a gay prostitute. 

Here are some of the comments Davis will probably be deleting soon. I saved them for you: Just click to enlarge them.

Let me get this straight, Aurini makes extensive videos rambling about how women are a bunch of decadent sluts. He says most women are not marriageable, they should not work, they should stay home and have babies - and - educating women is pointless unless it makes them better mothers. He also talks about single mothers being the scum of society. 

Featured Below: the Decadent Slet Music Video. It is a brilliant metaphor for Aurini's sick mentality.


  1. Thanks for the info. He's turned into a decadent slut himself.

  2. Here is Anya Skuza's (aka "Alpha Unit") personal blog about what a loyal and loving housewife she is to her husband. lol.

    She wrote this barely a month ago:

    "You see, I always wanted a traditional marriage, kids, the works. While I’m too Type A to wait around for Prince Charming, when he showed up, I checked out. My Junior year, I got married, graduated a semester early, and moved 1700 miles away. Horrified, disappointed, fascinated, and/or confused everyone from my best friend to my parents’ cleaning lady.

    Doomed to fail, right? Nah, 2 kids, 12 moves, and all sorts of assorted shenanigans later we’re about to celebrate our 4th anniversary."

    What a sick joke.

    1. Thank you for the blog. From the content, I was able to update the content of my blog about them, with images.

      I hope her husband has access to this, and forwards it to his lawyer.

  3. Unfortunately, from the sound of this web forum, the husband sounds like a pretty awful person as well:

    It looks like some weird white supremacist website. One post from someone who apparently knows both of them says the following:

    "during the time that I knew her, Anne (as she was then called) hooked up with multiple guys at Penn (including, yes, a black dude) but kept it on the DL. She's one of those really self-absorbed, holier-than-thou types who loved to call other chicks sluts and whores for engaging in the same behavior she did. I assume she lied to Bryce about her sexual exploits, but the shit Bryce lied to her about was much worse IMO.

    See, Jay Brys' real name is Leland Bryce Heithold. He changed it to Justus Bryce after he was accused of some kind of sexual assault (rumor has it that he tried to rape an under-age drunk chick., though I'm not sure how much truth there is to that). He proposed to Anne a week after they first met, and they got married a month later.

    Anyway, at the liberty conference where Bryce and Anne met, Bryce constantly bragged to everyone about how he was "basically an engineer," about how he was a war hero, and about how he "could have gone to Yale."

    In reality, of course, Bryce is an incompetent grade-A moron with serious personal insecurity issues. Dude has literally dropped out of 3 colleges in the past couple of years. He was only finished with one semester at some no-name mining engineering college in SD when he met Anne and told her that he would be a rich engineer some day and provide for her forever. Needless to say, that didn't happen. After they got married, Bryce dropped out of south dakota mining college and went to another school of mines in Colorado. Anya lied to her friends that he was doing a Master's in Economics there. In reality, he was a college sophomore (at age 25). He flunked out of Colorado after 1.5 semesters and then transferred to South Dakota for an Associate's degree in Nursing. Then, about a semester ago, he dropped out of the Nursing program as well. (On top of all this is the history program that Bryce dropped out of after he graduated high school in New Mexico. )

    You might be asking yourself how the two of them managed to support two kids during this time period without ever having a real job. Well, as Anne is so fond of mentioning, Bryce has a 50k/year inheritance stipend from his rich grandpa. And Anne still uses a credit card that's attached to her mom's bank account. Since neither of them have careers, they both spend all day on Facebook, blathering on about how Bryce is a "patriarch" and "provider," and about how poor people are lazy shits, and about how people who "can't keep a family together" should be sterilized. Ironic, no? Anyway, they are both delusionally-narcissitic, fat, lazy, hypocritical morons – it's kind of amazing that their marriage failed since they have so much in common."

    Their poor, poor children....

    1. Wow, that is interesting. I am curious, have you made the same observation that people who are against higher education tend to have these kinds of lives, and tend to repeatedly flunk or drop out of school?

      I noticed on her FB page, she said that she graduated early, as a Jr in Slavic studies. I am thinking that she too dropped out.

    2. So Anne abandoned her children to the care of Jay the Neo-Nazi Child Rapist so she could go shack up with Aurini who is a convicted Domestic Abuser and fulltime doomsday prepper? man, this chick sure knows how to pick em.

    3. Actually, Aurini was not convicted of beating Amanda. The judge found that she attacked him first, and that his actions against her were reasonable. Amanda previously burnt his bald head with a cigarette. Aurini and Anya have one thing in common - they both choose to have relationships mentally unstable people.

      I am suspecting that these people have the following traits:

      low sense of self worth
      over estimation of their own intelligence
      idealism and magical thinking

      This is why their lives will never be normal

  4. Also, there is this video of Anya ("Alpha Unit") and Aurini talking about several topics, including: how much they hate feminism, how they think that the US fought "on the wrong side" of WWII (Aurini thinks we should have sided with the Nazis), eugenics/white supremacy, and the "coming financial apocalypse." Aurini and Anya also spend several minutes making fun of the immigrant cleaning staff that are employed by the corporation Aurini works for. These people are seriously sick.

  5. Wow, you sound just as hateful and irrational as Aurini. You've spewed quite a bit of hatred about a woman you "know" from a small handful of blog posts.

    You may not realize there are lots of people, both liberals and right-wingers, who do not trust their doctors. (Are you quite sheltered, how do you not know this?) She didn't say *your* pediatrician sucks, she said that as a group they are often underinformed. There's no denying this is quite true. Just because you got a good one doesn't mean they shouldn't be questioned.

    And, contributing to your child's college fund isn't as de rigueur as it once was. Plenty of caring, educated parents (myself included) are not saving for college for their kids. (Also, how do you not know this either?)

    I'm certainly no fan of Davis Aurini, he's an angry, pompous douchebag who's put his life on display and deserves your vitriol, but I find your attack on Anya rather disgusting.

    1. Feel free to go elsewhere.

    2. And Anya is an angry, pompous bitch who put her life on display. She had a well-trafficked blog that she used to mock racial minorities, poor people and single mothers (ironic, huh?). She and her husband, Jay Brys, are also well-known members of a bunch of neo-Nazi, apocalyptic facebook groups and Anya has gone on Aurini's youtube podcasts to publicly spew her hatred of others.

      Anya ("Anne"?) deserves Naoimi's vitriol every bit as much as Aurini does.

      PS: Naoimi, her last name is Skuza, not "Sukza" -- you spell it wrong in the blogpost.

  6. There is evidence that she also emptied her husband's bank account shortly after leaving. A fine catch befitting a fine man, amirite?

    Aurini's "Lunatic Podcast #10" has Aurini, Anya, and Matt Forney (the loser who picked a fight with Paul Elam of the MRA movement while working at Wal-Mart).

    Listen through to catch the subtle flirtations and inflection in tone between Aurini and Anya; they were practically cybering. Knowing what is now known about the situation, it is especially lulzy is to hear the following snippets:

    9:45 - Aurini: Alpha Unit, you are a virtuous woman.
    16:22 - Aurini: Alpha Unit is a very big mover and shaker... without screaming for handouts (she has her children's college fund she can steal from, lol)

    1. Nice try, but I've never worked for Walmart. And I didn't pick a fight with Paul Elam, he picked a fight with me (I posted a mild criticism of his site a year ago, and he went ballistic).

      If you're going to lie about me snookums, at least make the lies believable.

    2. Elam owns the register her site? I did not know that. Have you seen ?

      I think both sites are immature.

    3. Forney (the Manatee) is the one who is waiting for a chance to move in after Aurini's done. He talks a big game, posting an article: "How To Rape A Woman And Get Away With It." After people who talked a bigger game responded, he was frightened into making an apology.

      Just in case someone wanted to know the quality of people that compose Aurini's friends circle.

    4. If anyone deserves to be listed on, it's Anya Skuza.

    5. As an update: Anya is back with her husband trying to work things out for the children. Still talks to Penishhead daily. Wonder when the kids will have to be introduced to "Uncle 'Rini?"

    6. If that is true - the husband is stupid for taking her back.

      How do you know all of this BTW?

    7. Are you sure? Aurini is still listed as "in a relationship" with Anya on FB and is making comments about what a "sexy witch" she is (I kid you not).

    8. Feel free to take screen shots and e-mail them to me. :-)

    9. "How do you know all of this BTW?"

      The Bryces made themselves fairly well-known in the groups I frequent; many of them gossip and I listen. Prior to that I was somewhat acquainted with and on friendly terms with Aurini.

      I was the whistleblower when it was confirmed Anya was in Calgary with him. He knows me, and he is welcome to blame me for his own failings.

      I didn't know about the story behind Jay other anon posted above, though that doesn't shock me.

      It's a pretty sordid group all-around. A spoiled family, a carpetbagging "philosopher," and a goodly number of pathetic men and 3rd-rate charlatans being led down a dark road.

      If that is to be our "reaction," I will happily break bread with you, Naomi.


    10. Bulbasaur, does Aurini have a job or does he just make shitty youtube videos for a living?

    11. He's working last I heard, but doing nothing special.

  7. Your link to the lifelong benefits of college education is from the College Board. Credible? :/

    1. Do the research, read the document.

      I have no time to discuss education here. Other things to do.

  8. "...when a relationship begins with an affair, both parties know the other has been willing to betray their spouse, so they lack trust in each other."

    I stumbled on that insight when I was in my early 20s or thereabouts. Thus far, it has kept me on the straight and narrow. If I leave my wife for another woman, that woman will never truly trust me, because why would I stop at one infidelity?


  10. Doesn't change my mind about supporting his views, just about the fact that I respect him much less right now.

  11. "Aurini makes extensive videos rambling about how women are a bunch of decadent sluts. He says most women are not marriageable, they should not work, they should stay home and have babies - and - educating women is pointless unless it makes them better mothers. He also talks about single mothers being the scum of society."

    It seems that you misunderstood everything he's said and have taken it out of context.

    "with an alcoholic, sexist, woman hater like Davis Aurini?"

    Ahh, so criticizing women automatically makes you a "sexist woman-hater". You're an idiot.

    1. Ahhh - I never said "criticizing women automatically makes you a "sexist woman-hater" That is a strawman - hence - you are an idiot

      It seems you misunderstand his motives, and cannot see the forest for the trees.

  12. Hey Naomi. I think we'd all benefit from a feature on Justus Bryce, and how being a men's rights activist and a neo-nazi prick (not to mention -- per one of your comments and many more on the grapevine -- a rapist?) is a poor relationship strategy unless you want your wife to hate you and cheat on you.

    many thanks.


    1. I am always enthusiastic to write about any neo-nazi, dip shit like Jay. I would need to see some evidence that Jay is influential in some way. Right now, he seems like a nobody. I think that most reasonable people can see him for what he is.

      If he starts making videos, or publishing blogs that reach a lot of people - I will go after him.

    2. Give it a 2-6 months, and will make a decent target for you. Growth remains pretty steady for us thus far.

      I don't expect we'll be friends in the future, but we can at least agree on this subject.


    3. Bulbasaur, why do you mention theRightStuff? Does Jay write for that blog?

  13. And btw, Aurini and Anya as of today are no longer listed as in a relationship on FB anymore. drams!

    1. They are still on each others friends list. They are probably just toning it down.

      I am amazed at how many hits this blog is getting. I was not expecting it.

      What I found weird is that Anya contacted me. I told her that I would remove any content she did not want posted here. I meant it too. If she asks me to remove something, I will do it.

      She never got back to me, or asked me to remove a thing.

    2. Why would you acquiesce to such a vile person? YOu should keep the blog up -- she brought this on herself just like that POS Aurini did.

    3. I would have kept the blog up. Aurini and Anya are both horrible people, I agree with you.

      However, Aurini made himself much...much...much more public than Anya did. I will never remove anything about him. But I do not know if she chose to have this much attention on her.

      I think that any person has the right to be a POS. For me, it is a moral dilemma, because if she never wanted to be a public person, and wanted to be a POS in private, then I must decide if removing her identifying information is the right thing to do.

      If I have evidence that she publishes public videos and blogs, with her identifying information, then I would keep the content up regardless of her wishes. Since I do not know, I am going to keep the door open for her to contact me and say, "listen, I never published anything, I never asked to be public, I do not want to be public."

      Aurini, smears his face everywhere, which is different.

  14. The below comment is something I posted on another site in response to Davis Aurini. I broke off a friendship with him years ago, and after reading this post about how Davis abused those who trusted him, I think this will be relevant:

    "The thing is, I can understand the old-fashioned traditionalism. I even support some of its ideals, such as care in the matters of sexual relationships between individuals. But Aurini tries to mix old-fashioned traditionalism with modern pick-up artist philosophy. That just does not mix. If an old-fashioned traditionalist met a modern pick-up artist, the former would probably bludgeon the latter to death. If my grandfather met Aurini's pal Roosh after Roosh tried to seduce his daughters, he'd probably beat Roosh so bad that Roosh's face would look like the beef you buy at the supermarket.

    At first, I kinda liked Aurini because he was talking about the value of traditionalist ideals. Then I discover that he's a sex-obsessed man-whore who hates on women for whoring around, but has no problem whoring around himself. The guy spends half his time blasting the "sex-obsessed" culture then spends the other half trumping the values of "game" in pursuing women, which is as much anti-traditionalist as you can get. At least even the beta-male liberals who wind up with feminist wives still have kids, which means that even they do what God wants (ie. go out there and reproduce/have families) more than "game" practitioners like Aurini do.

    A traditionalist engages in dating and sex to find a permanent mate to make a family with. Aurini just wants to wheel and deal and have a good time, minus the baby-maker part. So yeah, to me, and to most real traditionalists, Aurini is not a traditionalist. He's someone that a traditionalist, especially one who is a father to daughters, would probably shoot in the face with a double-barreled shotgun just for good measure. Traditionalists would rather tolerate people who spend their coin on whores or read/watch porn rather than tolerate those who make a sport out of deflowering their daughters while leaving them unmarried and lonely at the end."



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