Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Highest HIV rate in Mississippi, making Mississippi still the worst State in the Union

As Governer of the State of Texas from 1994 - 2000, a time when Texas AIDS cases soured to fourth in the nation, George W. Bush never mentioned AIDS in a single public address. He appointed a Public Health Commissioner who opposed condoms because "that's not what god wanted." Christian politics operates like this..."AIDS is bad, but not quite as bad as using a condom." How hypocritical religion hijacks morality. How hateful to punish people until they subscribe to Christian doctrine. That sounds like some emotional slash religious slash shaming blackmail to me. 

The Christian rhetoric, particularly in the South, sounds something like this. "If you are gay - then stop it because you are wrong. If you are gay and don't use a condom - you deserve HIV." A moral person would say, "Your life matters. If you are gay and have sex, use a condom to protect yourself." Immoral people don't care about preserving life, while moral people do. Immoral people do not care to preserve the lives of homosexuals, while moral do. Common sense really.....

Southerners, particularly Christians are living in a horrible situation. HIV rates are the highest in the nation. They get zero support from their "churches" (hypocritical institutions that hijacked morality) and they get no support from their States with legislators pandering to churches. 

If you don't believe me, watch this documentary. 

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