How to Hide Tinder from your phone and hide other stuff too

I hope we can agree there are times in life we have to hand our phone over to someone. There are also times in life our soon-to-be ex will steal our phone, browse through it to get incriminating evidence. I am not hear to teach you to be a jerk, but rather, to give you some tips on grading your privacy. Privacy is pretty important to me. I've been known to immediately dump someone who read my diary, let alone checkout my internet history or sneak a peak at my phone. It isn't about "hiding" ourselves, its about good old common sense. We all need room to breath in this world without feeling like we are being monitored and judged. 
 If the soon to be ex gets your phone - do you want them to see your Tinder app right there on the screen? Unless you want things to get bloody and messy, I hope the answer is a resounding "no". 

Here's what you do.....

Settings General Screen Time Content & Privacy Apps Set the Age Restriction 17 plus when you want to use Tinder. 

Do Hurt Feelings Actually Hurt?

When we talk about "broken heart" "hurt feelings" or "rejection" we use the same vocabulary we'd use to describe a physical injury. A broken heart might be just a metaphor for our emotional anguish - after all there is no mistaking severed limb from a broken heart. If you ask someone about the worst moment in their life, they might reach back into childhood and recount an time they were socially rejected. Getting dumped, divorced, looked over - why does it affect us so deeply? Why is it some people get over it so quickly, where others hold on to the pain for years.  I've been interested in emotion for a long time, emotion is an organizing principle that guides our everyday structures and interactions. Its harder to get a handle on emotions than other cognitive functions.   In 2003, Eisenberger and a team of researchers attempted to answer that question by examining how the brain responds to rejection.  The researchers watched people’s brain activ…

Belief in the Unfalsifiable

What would you think if I told you there is an ugly, self-sustaining, omnipotent invisible force that explains everything. It frames every argument, structures language, and every element of human experience. It is like the air we breath, most of the time we do not think about it or know it is there. It has an amazing ability to control the brains of women and men, framing every belief, value and cultural norm human beings experience since the dawn of time. It's barnacles are entirely invisible. You cannot touch it, feel it, taste it, or even smell it. It has no shape, color, form, or mass. As scientists, forget about trying to use the scientific method to study it because it cannot be studied.  Imagine something so powerful, omnipotent and invisible that it is able to inundate every single collective achievement made by humanity since the day we jumped down from the African trees and started walking on two feet.
This impressive thing explains everything. H…

Seattle's Night of the Living Homeless

I grew up loving my home city, Seattle Washington. In the early 90s, was always a treat going downtown to the Pike Place Market, Ye Ole Curiosity Shop or take the bus up to the University District. Nirvana and Pearl Jam echoed through every car stereo. Me and my friends could hang out, enjoy the city at any of our small coffee shops. Those were the days before Starbucks had completely taken over the world. But things changed since high school - drastically changed

Now, anytime I go downtown some "nice" person starts up a conversation with me. "Hey, how are you doing. Weather is great today."

I respond, "yes, unusually nice weather today." 

What comes next....."Do you have a couple dollars to spare?" Ug! How I  hate this. Can't I just go somewhere without being bothered? Oh, wait....wanting something like that would make ME the bitch.

 Seattle's homeless act all friendly, start a conversation then start begging for money. Yeh, this is annoy…

Alzheimer's Disease and Physical Fitness

I remember the day my grandfather died. His brain shriveled to the size of an apple, and apple with millions of microscopic holes. His body forgot how to breath, and then he died. Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia in elderly people. Three genes have been identified that cause early onset: amyloid precursor (APP), being a protein gene on chromosome 21. The presenililin 1 (PSEN!) gene on chromosome 14 and the presenilin 2 gene (PSEN2) on chromosome 1. More than fifty percent of late-onset and related apoliprprotein E affect risk and age of onset of this disease. 

I am studying NSCA (Studying for the National Strength and Conditioning Association) personal trainer examination. One topic peaked my attention - Biological mechanisms, neurotropic factors of exercise. This topic caught my attention because my paternal grandfather died of Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a terrible way to die, and it also has an undeniable genetic component. Simply put – there is a …

Highest HIV rate in Mississippi, making Mississippi still the worst State in the Union

As Governer of the State of Texas from 1994 - 2000, a time when Texas AIDS cases soured to fourth in the nation, George W. Bush never mentioned AIDS in a single public address. He appointed a Public Health Commissioner who opposed condoms because "that's not what god wanted." Christian politics operates like this..."AIDS is bad, but not quite as bad as using a condom." How hypocritical religion hijacks morality. How hateful to punish people until they subscribe to Christian doctrine. That sounds like some emotional slash religious slash shaming blackmail to me. 
The Christian rhetoric, particularly in the South, sounds something like this. "If you are gay - then stop it because you are wrong. If you are gay and don't use a condom - you deserve HIV." A moral person would say, "Your life matters. If you are gay and have sex, use a condom to protect yourself." Immoral people don't care about preserving life, while moral people do. Immo…

A message to the Mexican President

Apologies to to everyone who doesn't understand Spanish This is my post regarding "The 150 billion dollar Wall" Trump thinks Mexicans should pay for. I proposes some policies the Mexican government should consider changing with the United States. This blog needs a  prelude - yes I am a dreamer and I know not every idea is feasible. Yet, when faced with serious problems, we should be always be thinking of new ways to overcome obstacles, feel our growing pains and let that pain do it's job. 

Ideas are intellectual capital, far more valuable than possessions. If one idea doesn't work, then we quickly pick ourselves up, brush of the dust and start thinking of more ideas. The point is that we must always keep trying. 

First, there are some facts about Mexican/US tourism one should first know. 

FROM JANUARY – OCTOBER 2015 25.8 million international tourists visited Mexico, increasing 9.7% from last year.
American passengers by air were confirmed as the main market. A total