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Examining the Shadow Side of Wokeism and Religion

    In the ongoing cultural zeitgeist, the notion of "woke" has gained immense popularity. Those who subscribe to this worldview purport to be the proprietors of empathy and the champions of compassion. They have erected a contemporary, twenty-first century religion that demands adherence to a particular set of politically-charged doctrines, all in the pursuit of a utopian society. Yet, in their feverish quest for a collective paradise, the woke have callously thrown individuality to the wolves. These acolytes fancy themselves the savants of society, the only ones capable of deciphering its complexities. They arrogantly claim to be the sole bearers of righteousness, dismissing any dissenters as intellectually inferior. The conceit and self-righteousness of the woke movement is truly staggering. The woke mindset contains a strong sense of " divine wisdom " thinking , as those who follow it need to feel as though they are part of something gr

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