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Is There a Moral Duty to Disclose You’re Transgender to a Potential Partner?

  Justifying the Unjustifiable When an argument is a train wreck   There is nothing easy about writing an unpopular opinion, for most people that is. It may be that I am a brave person although admittedly I’m burdened by the same fears as everyone else. My readers should know that I write what I think. You won’t ever find me writing about something I do not personally believe in. This blog is about a real argument someone I know presented to me. When I tell you what this guy said to me, you are going to say, " No way Naomi! This man did not make that argument! " Trust me - you will think I am pulling your leg. I'm not.  Someone I know told me that passing transgender women have zero duty to notify their male partners that they are trans. This blog is dedicated to unraveling one of the weirdest arguments that pushed my left leaning self just a little more to the right.  [Before I continue --- if you have school aged children, please go to this link

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