Friday, November 29, 2013

The Book of Mormom

The Mormons have been coming to my house lately. To be frank, I do not mind at all. They are nice boys, very polite, and kind. I was honest with them that I am an atheist, and do not take anything on faith.

After reading the first book of Mormon, I have to wonder - how is it seemingly intelligent human beings are not aware that this is completely made up? I am to believe that 2300 years ago, men built a vessel capable of transporting people from Israel across the Mediterranean, across the Atlantic, all the way to the Americas?

The voyage would have been impossible.  Faith is believing in things when common sense tells one not to. This leads me to think that common sense is so rare these days, that when it does appear it should be considered a superhuman power.

Davis Aurini is stalking me.

Davis BJ Aurini has been up to his typical weird shenanigans. Over the last year or so, time permitting, I take a look at the content Aurini puts online. Perhaps it I just have a morbid fascination with his self-victim hood, or his gynophobic rants.

Aurini simply does not understand why I disprove of his arguments. Instead of reading my blogs, and arguing the issues brought up therein, he attempts to invalidate my claims saying I must have a great big lesbian crush on him. Or perhaps I am menstruating.

Then he writes something about me driving across the country for pics of someones home? WTF is this dude talking about? I lived in Manhattan 6 years, and in Europe. I have not driven a car in YEARS!

Then he goes on to claim that I am in love with his skeevy bald butt. (actually, I find that funny) And, claims that I read his blog. In fact, I never read his blog.

Lets give BJ Aurini a lesson in technology. (Apparently, only men are supposed to know this stuff). Take a look at the images below:

This images shows us that in one day, 64 people read my blog about how BJ Aurini was caught doing something .... Well, he knows what he did.

Real Time Geolocation tracker of current blog hits. A feature available on all blogger pages.

Notice that CANADA is the only country showing in dark green.

 I embed a code into each of my blogs, which allows me to view all IP addresses, nation of origin etc. I have to corroborate the information I get from this service with the information I get from blogger.

When I click on Canada, I know when and where my blog was viewed. Then I compare it with what blogger reports, from that I know for
a fact that Aurini reads my blog A LOT. He spends a lot of time on my blog too.

Conclusion: I have Aurini's IP address. The dude is a little stalker and loves reading my blog. What really strikes me is the amount of time he keeps my blog open. I mean....WOW. I was not expecting that.

With that, I have to thank Aurini. I am very complimented. :-)

Friday, November 22, 2013

"Restoring the Virtue of Women" - Davis BJ Aurini's hatred at the world

"Men, it's not your fault that 2/3rd of divorces are brought due to frivolous claims on a woman's behalf." - Davis BJ Aurini

Dear Reader,

It is no secret that Davis BJ Aurini makes my skin crawl. He is a disgusting little dude, angry he is not surrounded by giddy, insipid women in poodle skirts and pink sweater sets. He dreams of a life where everyone is pleasant, and everything is black and white. In his video - "Restoring the Virtue of Women," Aurini makes more comments so retarded that they cannot be ignored by his dear, sweet nemesis.

He claims that 2/3 of divorces are initiated by women who make frivolous claims.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bound2 is an epic fail

Kanye West released an epic piece of shit video, Bound2, featuring himself (of course) and the very naked Kim Kardashian. As we see from the image below, the video clearly depicts these two egocentric clowns engaging in shaky motorcycle sex in the middle of a sky desert.