Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Bound2 is an epic fail

Kanye West released an epic piece of shit video, Bound2, featuring himself (of course) and the very naked Kim Kardashian. As we see from the image below, the video clearly depicts these two egocentric clowns engaging in shaky motorcycle sex in the middle of a sky desert.

The song jumps around from place to place with no real message. At mark 2:21 of this video, Kanye says, "I wanna fuck you hard on the sink, after dat, we get some'en to drink" Well, good for you Kanye....good for you. He goes on to say, "rememba when we first met, amitten is da firs step.  At at, aint nobody perfect...I know, wif da hoes I got the worst rep. " 

It gets better..."et et...we made da first Thanksgiven so eh, maybe we can make it ta Christmas."

Okay, so lets try to get this straight. Whilst having public motorcycle sex with the mother of his baby, he tells the world that he wants to copulate with her on the sink and drink something. Then he goes on about how he has a bad reputation with women of ill repute, but that is okay because they had their first Thanksgiving together and maybe will make it to Christmas. For those of us who just don't get it, the website rapgenius may illuminate you. It offers an "artistic" interpretation on these exoteric lyrics that the rest of us do not get. Check it at if you are so inclined. 
Is it an allegory, metaphor, or symbolic meaning for an unearthed great piece of wisdom? Is the real meaning behind this video something that would confound the mind of Albert Camus? Perhaps we should apply Occams Razor, applying the simplest explanation that this music video is one big, fat, harry, piece of egotistical horse crap. For your viewing pleasure, I linked the video below, however, I have a duty to warn my readers that watching it may not be good for your health. You may end up hurting yourself, our gouging your eyes out with an ice pick to make the image of Jesus rapping to shaky motorcycle in the sky sex just...go away.

At 3:16 of the video Kayne says, "Im tired, you tired, jesus rap.." And that is the part where Jesus himself starts rapping about how Kim and Kanye are tired, while Kanye and Kim continue their strange, bumping motorcycle sex that has now ascending into the clouds. You read correctly. While the camera goes back and forth with long shots of her face that says "I am sexy, I don't give a damn" to Kanye's face that say "I am doing a hot chick, having sex in the clouds, and I don't give a damn". The video takes shots of her face, his face, her face and his face..all the while, Jebus continues to rap about how they are tired. 

This weird ass video gives egomania a new definition. 

What the hell are these two people thinking? Seriously? Here is the video - which I recommend you do NOT watch. 

 As I decided to be a better person in life, I realize that I must say something positive about something I consider to be negative. So here it is, here it is: the nice thing I have to say about egoists is that they do not talk about other people. Ta Da! See, I did it. I am capable of saying something nice about two douchebags! 

 I have to wonder, when Kim and Kanye are having dirty motorcycle sex in the clouds, are they screaming out each others name, or their own names?

In conclusion, I would like to congratulate Kanye on jumping the shark whilst on once again proving to the world that he is gods gift to humanity. He is, after all, the voice of a generation. 

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