Saturday, September 29, 2012

Happy Blasphemy Day!

Today is the day we treat religious people like adults, and tell them that their religions are all entirely made up.
Today is the day that atheist around the world are encouraged to openly express criticism and/or disdain for any religion of your choice. Why? Because every belief is subject to criticism. 
 Ronald Lindsay, president and CEO of the Center for Inquiry said regarding Blasphemy Day, "We think religious beliefs should be subject to examination and criticism just as political beliefs are, but we have a taboo on religion," in an interview with CNN. The day was set on September 30, to coincide with the anniversary of the publication of satirical drawings of Muhammad in one of Denmark's newspapers, resulting in the Jyllands-Posten Muhammad cartoons controversy.
According to USA Today's interview with Justin Trottier, a Toronto coordinator of Blasphemy Day, "We're not seeking to offend, but if in the course of dialogue and debate, people become offended, that's not an issue for us. There is no human right not to be offended."
Events worldwide on the first annual Blasphemy Day in 2009 included an art exhibit in Washington, DC and a free speech festival in Los Angeles. Blasphemy Day was also widely discussed across the web and covered by several media outlets.
What will Naomi contribute to blasphemy day?
I am not going to make any effort to out-do anyone else. What I will do is state the following:
1. Faith = Gullible
2. There is no evidence Jesus existed
3. There is no evidence that any gods are real.
4. Muhammad was a mentally ill, blood thirsty, plagiarizing head-case in dire need of an anti-psychotic medication.

I could say a lot more but I would rather not because there are so many others who say it much better than I do. Instead I will repost some of my favorite blasphemous images. 

How about some Blasphemy videos?