Friday, April 12, 2013

Four Reasons Why Revenge is Wrong

Revenge by its basic nature is about self satisfaction. Revenge feels fantastic. It gives one that warm, comforting feeling that the person who wronged us 'gets what is coming to them.' Alas - if only that were it.

I am not going to sit here and tell you the same old mumbo-jumbo that we hear from people encouraging you not to seek revenge. For example, " Everything happens for a reason, let karma work, karma will get them. bla bla bla bla" Bull-pokey. Karma does not exist and you know it

1. Revenge is too much work

The energy spent behind a proxy server, fake social profile or whatever method you are using to hatch the oh-so-sweet vengeance is rarely equal to the amount of satisfaction it's supposed to yield. Calculate the amount of time you spend thinking about your plot, changing your mind, rethinking it, and then doing it. Now, think about all the meaningful things you could be doing with that time. It is a waste of time!

2. Revenge Is Worrisome

Depending on the type of revenge you are plotting (secret pregnancy, slashing tires, uploading naked pictures from an anonymous account), there are always a possibility that you can get caught. Knowing that the possibility of being exposed to the world as a pathetic loser is a huge weight to carry. It is not worth it. 

3. When you Do Get Caught

Humiliation. It is not a good feeling. Whether you are sitting in the back of a police car, or everyone is laughing at you - was the person really worth it?

4. Buyers Remorse

If your revenge was very bad...I mean...truly ruined someone's life, if you have just a little bit of conscience the time may arrive when you want to make amends for what you did. Unless you are a complete sociopath, you may end up feeling guilty, ashamed, stupid or all three. In the heat of anger you might not be thinking about this, most aren't, but remorse is natural. 


I am not telling you - do not seek revenge. It can be a great feeling. I am saying that usually it is the wrong thing to do. Revenge usually hurts the person seeking revenge just as much as the target. An eye for an eye leave the whole world blind. Think about forgiveness. If you cannot forgive, keep yourself as busy for as long as you can until the angry feelings subside. Revenge will hurt you more than anyone else, and it isn't worth it.

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  1. Nice post Naomi! For me seeking vengeance is a waste of time as it can become a sort of "feedback loop" of trying to feel better in a way that can make us feel worse--for the reasons you list above, among others. All sorts of shit can happen to us--much of it "random" - even when other people are involved. Taking things personally, making it all about us (instead of the fucked-up agendas of others, or the impersonal movements of "nature") is surrendering our own power, which can be best demonstrated in many "unjust circumstances" by simply getting the fuck on with our lives. Peace.



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