Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I am related to the creepy Crucible Judge

Play write Author Miller wrote The Crucible, which was later adapted to film staring Winona Ryder and Daniel Day Lewis. My husband and I found certain things the judge said to be amusing. Like when he accused Winona Ryder's character of "harlotry", because, you know....she was a harlot. 

He was a real guy - and My 8th Great Uncle!

Thomas Danforth (1623 - 1686)
is your 8th great grand uncle
father of Thomas Danforth
daughter of Rev Nicholas Danforth
son of Mary Danforth
son of PARRISH
son of John M PARRISH
son of John Bennett Parrish
son of John Parrish
son of William B Parrish
son of James Martin Parrish
son of Clark Allen Parrish
son of Allen XXX XXX
Naomi Gutierrez

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