Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mississippi still the seventh layer of hell

Always Read The Fine Print

Yahoo News published an article today discussing the most unhealthy places for women to live in The United States.

The study was multi-factored, including things such as breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers. The study considered smoking habits, obesity, rape, domestic violence and poor healthcare. They also considered life expectancy.

As usual, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky  Alabama are consistently the worst places for women to live.

What is bad for women is also bad for men. If women do not fare well in this Hell we call Mississippi, I do not see how men will do much better. Of course, one  must keep in mind that within Mississippi there are  differences in class, education, and wealth. A wealthy woman from Mississippi would fare much better than a poor woman in Vermont. Regardless, Mississippi comes up as the worst, most ignorant, must unhealthy, most obese, most shitty place to live.

Cult of Dusty posted a funny video about Mississippi.

Click on any of the links to verify that Mississippi is in fact - the worst place in the United States of America to live. Embedded below is a video about a woman in Mississippi living with HIV. Southern States have been hit very hard with HIV infection rates. In these areas, ignorant people think this disease is a punishment from god. These people are stigmatized, they have little hope and little help. Just take a look at how they live. It is enough to break anybody's heart. But the worst part is that living in Mississippi, there is not much they can do to help themselves.

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