I have a confession to make

I am a hoarder.

The first image that comes to mind might be that I my house is filled precious trinkets, garbage to the world yet precious to me. Or maybe you might think that my closet is full of shoes that I never wear. Perhaps I convinced myself that I will wear them someday.

None of those things. My house is reasonably clean (considering I have two boys). I weed out my closet regularly and hate having useless crap around the house.

The image above is taken from my account at the local public library. I  check out a lot of audiobooks, months worth of audiobooks. As I read to my children everyday, you will see some children's books. The other items are all books on CD. The Swedish and Mandarin Chinese are already on my I-pod. I am listening to the unabridged version of Steve Pinker: Better Angels. This book is about how our world is much safer and less violent than the past. I also have Steve Pinker: the language instinct. A book about grammar, success in business, religion, and another on the study of bones.

I either listen to these books while working at home, or I put them on my I-POD and listen to them while taking the boys on a very long, refreshing walk.

On YouTube, I have a playlist called Science and History. Most of the videos I have not watched yet. I am a hoarder in the sense that I love information. With the kids, I simply cannot read like I used to. I have resorted to ordering books from the library, listening to them at home or installing them on my I-POD and listening to them during walks. Just getting through one Pinker audio book will certainly take me a few weeks.

Today I am returning several books on CD and I have a few more to pick up. The image below is taken this morning, these are the items I have on hold.


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