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Terrorists Use Rectal IED

Image from Foreign Policy
Zinna Jones of Free Thought Blogs wrote a zippy response to a clip by The Young Turks, Lady-boys in the Middle East. The clip discussed a news piece published by Foreign Policy, exposing horrific human right violations, rape and torture, of transgender sex workers in Dubai.

Islamic Gulf nations pride themselves on their religious conservatism, yet seem to have an astonishing demand for transgender sex work. These ladies are earning up to a thousand dollars a day from Arab clients.  Even though it is incredibly dangerous, commercial sex workers travel from southeast Asia travel to the Gulf.

The Foreign Policy article interviewed a few women. The first worker goes by the name of 'Mya'. Mya said that on April 28th, 2010 she was arrested during an undercover police in a sting operation.  While confined in a male prison, guards sold her to other inmates for sex. Inmates were allowed to come into her cell and rape her whenever they wanted. The horror of such a thing.

The article also discussed a transgender sex worker 'Diana'. Diana was arrested with five other workers, forced to strip in front of the police, verbally abused, and then raped. Diana said that being forced to strip naked and verbally humiliated in a room full of men was worse than the rape itself.

Zinna Jonse's is Right

When Cenk reported the story, he discussed the cruelty and inhumane way these women were treated. However the controversy is that Cenk called these men hypocrites for engaging in 'non-straight'sex. This is where Zinna Jones jumps in. She had a problem with the fact that Cenk repeatedly referred to this as "non-straight sex". Jones proves that the sex act does not argue against the police's heterosexual orientation. The police otherwise identify as heterosexual, do not show attraction to other men or engage in sex with other men. She said that the police engage in sexual conduct with women, including trans women, therefore, Cenk is wrong for referring to this as non-straight sex.

The issue is whether or not the sex is 'straight'. I know that my readers do not want me to be a fence-sitter. I personally do not like being one. However in this situation, I have to agree with both Cenk and Zinna. In once sense, the sex is not gay, but nor is it straight.  In this situation, one would have to see it through the eyes of a man anally penetrating a transgender sex worker. In this case, I am leaning in Zinna Jone's favor. Yet, as a guy, would you not be bothered in the slightest that there is a dick down there? This leads me to many other uncomfortable questions.  To me, these seems like the kind of question that we should ask men.

So guys, tell me, if you met a beautiful transgender woman in a bar and had sex with her, would that penis down there bother you at all? Does the penis change things for you? Furthermore, if you have had sex with a transsexual  do you consider yourself a semi-straight guy or a straight guy? This requires male perspective, and appears to be a male issue. Whether these men are straight, gay, semi-straight, semi-gay is completely irrelevant to me.

Cenk Is Right About the Hypocrisy, butt...for different reasons.

 I postulate they are hypocrites for entirely different reasons. Muslims are not allowed to engage in anal copulation, even with their wives.  Islam prohibits any form of anal/back passage sex. In a recent video published by MEMRI television, we see there is an exception to this rule. Yay!

The Wahhabi Fatwa Permits Anal Sex only under one circumstance.  If a man needs to make his rectum elastic enough to comfortably fit a bomb, then he is good to go.  That's right ladies and gentleman, one may widen their rectum to accommodate a bomb. I know most of you will think I am making this up. Admittedly I do have a creative mind, but only a sexually repressed individual would think of something like this. Please double check the veracity of my claims - Here is another link to the Wahabbi Fatwa.

This got me to thinking that there must be other ways of achieving this task without allowing oneself to be sodomized. Wouldn't Allah prefer the martyr shove a cucumber, pickle, eggplant, or zucchini up there? What about a toilet plunger, cellphones, salt shakers, pepper grinders, or deodorant tubes? In fact, I am confident that he can find something in the kitchen to shove up there. Why choose to have the rectum stretched by a penis instead of a really hard loaf of five day old French bread? The fact is, the would-be terrorist who sent in this question wants to be penetrated by another man and is just looking for an excuse.

 According to stuff.co.nz, anal bombs are no laughing matter. A little Saudi dude tried to assassinate a Saudi prince, butt ...ended up only scratching the prince's hand. Fortunately, the preparation H-bomb backfired (pun intended), when Saudi terrorist obliterated himself from the waste down, when the three inch IED up his rectum detonated. This gives an entirely new meaning to - fire in the hole! After the shi-ite hits the fan, an unlucky crew had to clean up that stinking mess. Who ever said terrorism is no laughing matter?

To sum it up, unless these Dubai police officers were penetrating the transsexual for the purpose of widening her anus to fit a colon cannonball - then they are not supposed to do it. The fact is that men are not allowed to have anal sex with their wives, let alone a Indonesian transgender prostitute. Therefore, any man who calls himself a Muslim cannot do what they did.

Ridiculous Questions

On a side note, there are many Fatwa websites where this question has been answered many times over. I thought that Dan Savage sex questions were explicit. Muslims have an entirely different sent of problems to write about. Apparently some individuals need to be told how to do every little thing. These people do not know which foot they should use to step into the bathroom, let alone how to make love to their own wives. Once again, do not take my word on it. Go to the following link:  Islam Q & A . This has got to be one of the funniest Islamic sights I have ever seen. Guys, if you are having a problem with premature ejaculation, Islam has the answers for you. >>LINK << If one does not know the right way to ejaculate, Islam has the answers! >>LINK << Questions about female orgasm >>LINK<<
Actual Questions Posed By Muslims

That was a bit off topic, but funny none the less. Maybe it is something to visit at a later date.

Conclusion Jones v. Cenk

To sum it all up, I am not a guy and cannot say what it must be like to have sex with a transgender woman. I think that only men can answer this question. I wish we would focus our attention more on the wrongness of their actions. No law enforcement officer has the right to misuse their power or the prestige of any title to get sex from any person. The transgender sex workers share our common humanity. I really wish that we could focus more on the relevant issue. But there is no argument to be had there because most decent, thinking people already know this.  I know this response is weak and my readers expect more from me.



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