Thursday, February 14, 2013

☢ °☢° The Soda Pop Death ☢°☢°☢

I have lost many dear friends to Mountain Dew. Soda overdose is a serious problem and it is high time PespiCo steps up to the plate, and takes responsibility.

I mean - clearly the company is responsible?! (eh hem))

A New Zealand coroner has told an inquest that Natasha Harris, a mother of eight who suffered a heart attack in 2010, would not have died if she hadn't been dependent on Coca-Cola.  Media reports refer to it as “Coke”, the New Zealand mother died from Coke.  Let’s make it clear; she died from drinking a two gallons of a high sugar soft drink every day, not Colombian nose candy.  This is the soda pop death.

"I find that, when all of the available evidence is considered, were it not for the consumption of very large quantities of Coke by Natasha Harris, it is unlikely that she would have died when she died and how she died.''

As reported by the Associated Press last year, Harris, a 31-year-old stay-at-home mom, drank more than two gallons of the soft drink every day. Chris Hodgkinson, the woman's partner, said Harris was "addicted to Coke" and had unhealthy habits, such as eating very little and smoking up to 30 cigarettes a day.

The boyfriend calculated that Harris' intake of Coca-Cola meant that she ingested the equivalent of two pounds of sugar and 970 milligrams of caffeine per day, according to Television New Zealand. I did some of my own calculations, and found she was drinking almost 3000 calories and 1.79 pounds of sugar every single day. Her family claims Harris suffered from withdrawal symptoms when she didn't have access to her beverage of choice.

Far be it for me to tell any person how to live their life. Being a person how had 2.5oz of salmon, egg whites and a handful of almonds for breakfast this morning, I find this woman’s behavior too disgusting for words. Ladies and Gentlemen, your body is the only thing that you own. Your body is entirely yours, and your responsibility. Personal responsibility is something that never ends. 

Sugary soda spike insulin levels, making it difficult for other hormones in your body to know that it is time to stop eating and drinking. The soda triggers endorphins causing you to crave more and more. Have you ever eaten or drank something so sweet that it leaves you wanting more? That is a sign that it is playing with your insulin, your endorphins and it is something you should stay away from. The sugars from soda move through your body faster because they are in liquid form. (NOTE: do not drink your calories - chew your calories) Insulin levels will shoot faster because the sugar is delivered to the body as a liquid.

Sugary soda is something I simply refuse to indulge in. I enjoy a diet Squirt, that is my favorite carbonated beverage. Other than that, I drink ice water. I love ice water. I do not even drink orange juice in the morning for the same reason I do not drink soda - too much sugar.

Sugar is addictive, and it is a leading cause of obesity. Frankly, I do not think people are oblivious to the dangers of a diet high in sugar and processed carbohydrates. There are some naughty things we can have once a week. Then there are some naughty things you should just cut out of your diet forever.

 People indulge in bad food and drink for various reasons, most of them are emotional.  Sometimes, I think that they are sabotaging themselves. It is emotionally difficult for a person to step up and say, “I am fat. Fat is bad. It is my fault, and I am going to make better choices.” Some people believe they deserve it. Some have never imagined themselves as thin. Some, are so delusional that they convinced themselves that fat is beautiful, and would rather accept their obesity rather than change it.

When this woman's family said that she was having headaches and cravings, I do not doubt it for a minute. Drugs and alcohol are not the only thing we can become addicted to. 

Admittedly, I do not care this woman is dead. She treated her body like a nightclub on crack and not like a temple. If one loves themselves, like one ought to love themselves, they will take care of their health just like they take care of their hygiene.  I know that the behaviors are deeply emotional and psychological. These people have a lot of baggage they need to deal with in order to change their behavior, and their lives. 

Remember, that their behavior is not helping any other person. I cannot think of a single person who is benefited because they have an obese family member or a family member addicted to soda.

 I do feel sorry for those EIGHT children she left behind. It appears that white trash Americans are not the only people on this earth who find it appropriate to breed rather than have families.  Harsh words – yes. But you know what, it needs to be said. Having that many children is reckless and irresponsible. But, this woman clearly did not care about herself, and was never in any position to care for children. How can someone be a mother, and take care of another person, if they do not love themselves?

Some will tell me that I must respect the person’s right to live their life how they want – and I do. A person can shoot crack for all I care, it is their choice. This does not mean, by any stretch of the imagination, that I am going to keep my mouth shut and not tell them what a fucking idiot they are. Oh, you better believe that I will be blunt and speak my mind. When it comes to certain behaviors, like obesity, we are supposed to keep our mouth shut because it is the PC thing to do.

So, it is okay to tell someone not to smoke, because smoking causes cancer. Yet – it is not okay to tell that same person that they should not be eating three thousand calories a day because they are already obese, and their eating is making it worse. That makes absolutely no sense to me.

 So every once in a while we hear about someone who eats themselves into a grave, or drinks soda until their liver fails. What are we supposed to do? Keep our mouth shut? Who is speaking for those Eight orphans in New Zealand? Who thought about them when this lady was doing this to herself?  I will criticize a drug user, an alcoholic, a video game addict, and sex addicts. When it comes to obesity and soda addiction that has just orphaned eight children, I am supposed to keep my mouth shut because if I don’t, it will hurt someone’s feelings. Screw their feelings. 

I like to leave things on a positive note. If you have a diet problem or a weight problem, I am going to link some Amazon books and DVDs below. I use the Jillian Michaels programs and LOVE them. If you have ad block, pause it for a second and check out what I linked below. Some of the books I read, some I am planning to read. Take the time to look at them, even if you are just slightly overweight or have other bad habits you want to get rid of. It is worth it. 


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  1. Bottled water contains sugar! If only a little. Well I've learnt something new.



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