Sunday, February 24, 2013

The vagina of theseus paradox

In 2009, one of the worst drama's hit YouTube harder than a tsunami. Kevin, (aka CaptinAwesome) viciously violated the privacy of a young woman. Without her consent, he published a sex video they made together. Kevin did this not because he cared how she felt, her feelings were completely irrelevant to him, rather, he did it to piss off her new boyfriend, Chris. 

Kevin published a YouTube video, saying to Chris, "I fucked your girlfriend before you did. So next time you go down on her, remember my cock was there. How taste my pee pee." Juvenile, I know. 

Kevin was not expecting the hailstorm of anger and hate he received. Nobody was on his side.  He humiliated that girl, and it was very, very wrong. I saw the sex tape and did not find it very shocking or offensive. 

This was psychological male warfare. Normally, we see women playing head games with each other. When men do it, we stand and take notice. 


Why do men care about a woman's sexual history? If my husband's ex girlfriend reappeared with a sex tape, and said to me, "Hey Naomi, next time you are with your husband, remember my vagina was there." I would probably laugh. I would not care in the slightest. 

There has never been a time in my past where I cared how many sexual partners my boyfriend had. I cared that he was healthy, and cared that he treated his ex's with dignity and respect. But his actual sexual history is none of my business. 

If men felt the same way, then Kevin would not have been motivated to publish that sex tape for the purpose of offending Chris. It was an psychological attack against the new boyfriend, not the humiliated female. 

Lets examine some facts about the female vagina, and why it makes no sense for a man to care how many penises she had before they got together. The vagina is made up of stratified squamous epithelium cells which are constantly dividing, dying, and shedding. The vagina women have today is not the same vagina they had last year. Every single cell changes, replicates, and carries out metabolic functions. Each cell takes in oxygen, eliminates waste, and processes nutrients. If the cells that make up a woman's vagina are not the same cells that made up her vagina last year, then it is not the same vagina. 

When you replace every single fundamental part of an organ - is it the same organ? I argue, it is not the same organ. If every single cell in my finger changes - is it the same finger? Apply this logic not only to our cells, but break it down to the moving molecules in our bodies. Energy and waste are constantly moving in our body. Food goes in, waste goes out, energy goes in, energy goes out, every single cell changes at a molecular level as well as a cellular level. 

If a man does not want to sleep with a woman who just had sex with another man, I get it. It makes sense. Presuming the woman is healthy, it should not matter if she slept with one hundred men ten years ago, or two men ten years ago. 

Just think about it for a moment. This is the Vagina of Theseus Paradox. 

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