Tuesday, July 9, 2013

John The Other is one special guy :-)

There is something deeply wrong with John the Other. This man has no confidence in himself and some serious mental issues. I think that he suffers from a low self-esteem. Take the brief comment exchange above. For months ago, I politely asked him to explain a word he used. He waits FOUR MONTHS to post a response. As you can read, he completely ignored the question.

This man likes to string together words, "gender ideological characterization", to make himself sound smart. Then, when someone like me....(a female!) politely asks him to explain what that three-word term actually means, he calls me illiterate. Having read many of my blogs in the past, he knows that not only am I literate in English but I know a few other languages as well.

The truth is, John reminds me a lot of my father. In one sense, he is a smart guy who is trying too hard to be something he isn't. He tries to be part of a group he considers the 'intellectual elite'. I do not think that the intellectuals are any more valuable than the rest of us regular folk. It is sad when I think about it.

I hope he finds something in this world he is truly good at doing, and feels comfortable enough in himself to stop pretending to belong to a group that he does not belong to.

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