Friday, July 26, 2013

Why is it so hard to just ignore these people?

Another Trayvon-Martin-esque case sprung from the bowels of Florida once again. November 23rd 2012 Seventeen year old Jordan Davis was shot to death whilst sitting in the back of a vehicle. The shooter was 45 year old Michael Dunn. He drove a black Jetta. Below is the CNN video. If the link does not work, click here: LINK

Forward to 1:24 of the CNN video. "Police say what happened was a verbal altercation between Dunn sitting in his car and the other teens sitting in theirs." According to Dunn, one of the teens was trying to escalate the confrontation threatening to kill him.

At the 2:00 mark, Dunn explains that he said to the teens, "excuse me, but are you talking about me?" According to Dunn one of the teens said, "kill that bitch." Then the boy allegedly reached down and grabbed something. 

When confrontations happen, egos hijack common sense. People need to learn to take the high road and walk away. Speaking only for myself, I went to an awful inner city high school in Seattle. There were some gang-bangers and many bratty kids who started problems. My solution was simply to ignore them. They are morons. They are retarded people making retarded choices. As such, they do not deserve my attention or my words. 

Some would argue that Dunn should not have to move his car, the teens should have been decent human beings. The fact that the teens were acting like a bunch of hood rats is doubtless. However, this is an example of that situation where one must be the bigger person and walk away. It is not about "accepting defeat", it is about being smart. 

If a fight or argument ensued, my job was to stand up, gather my belongings and walk away. One time, a black kid (they type with his pants hanging halfway down his ass) actually came out yelling at me because I ignored him. "You ain't deaf!" As much as I wanted to say, "Ain't is not a word, please learn the English language if you want to address me." I remained silent and continued to ignore him. We never spoke to each other and that is exactly how I like it. 

The kid with his pants hanging down his ass is not the only one I ignored. There were also a group of trailer trash girls that I would also ignore. 

I had a small circle of friends: two white females, one black female, two Hispanic and a few Vietnamese girls. That was it. I had some male friends as well, they too were from different racial backgrounds. The point is, do not be so politically correct that you fail to identify the people in this world who are not any more valuable than a stinking pile of shit. Shit people start fights. Shit people actively seek out things to be upset about. Shit people are never happy. Shit people are crabs in a bucket. Shit people rarely amount to anything in this world. Identify the shit people and ignore them. 

So what is the point of all this. Some shit punks will play their radio loud. Some will verbally accost you, and many will do it particularly because you are white. I was targeted many times because I am white.  Be the bigger person and ignore it. 

Some people are not worth the air consumed to speak their name. Some people are not worth your time or your words. These are the low class people who have nothing positive to contribute to society. 

Some people deserve to be ignored until they are ready to enter civilized society. Just look at the video below. Why would you consider even speaking to these people? There are millions of people in this world far better than this. The fact that any person would even engage in this activity and not walk away from it shows their true value to society. 

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