Thursday, October 18, 2012

Buy Designer Sperm While Supplies Last

There is a saying that we can tell everything about a culture by what is going on in their media, websites and advertisements. I wish I could say that I am shocked, but with the way our culture has changed in last fifteen years, the fact is that I am not shocked at all.

 Fame Daddy is a new sperm donor website offering women the golden opportunity to breed with a superstar. The site Fame Daddy claims to have about forty high achievers across many fields, including rock stars, geniuses, and football players.

For a small fee of 15,000 pounds, you can put your heels up in the harness and be inseminated with some super sperm. Then, cross your fingers and hope that the odds are forever in your favor.

With the donor confidentiality policy, how can these women be certain it is Tom Brady sperm and not some drunk, homeless guy who needed fifty bucks for a bottle of whiskey? Maybe the donor is a felon who needs the cash because after a criminal background check, no employer would hire him? Imagine that sperm swimming through your uterine cavity and up the fallopian tubes. The idea of it grosses me out.

Not that it is relevant to this discussion, but sperm is much cheaper than eggs. By 'cheaper', I simply mean it is easier to collect. There is a low demand and many men willing to donate. Eggs however, require follical stimulating hormones, hormones to start ovulation, and a minor surgical procedure. Eggs will always be more expensive than sperm.

The Repository for Germinal Choice is the first super sperm clinic. It was open from 1980 until 1999 and produced over two hundred children. The repository accepted donations form three Nobel Prize and many scientists. I am not saying that I think this is a bad idea. I know it sounds like something written by Mary Shelly. Below is part I of a BBC documentary about The Repository for Germinal Choice. I think we should think about it from some different angles.

But wait, there's more. In 1999 a website appeared online offering the eggs from models. Ron's Angels offers human egg donations from tall, athletic, top-college ladies with good test scores. After browsing Ron's Angels Website, it was pretty clear that two things are happening. One, he is trying to make money from Ads. Two, this site was mostly about beauty and less about brains. After all, why would a man want to procreate with an intelligent ugly woman, when beautiful and less intelligent are much better options? 

Okay, so people have a natural urge to mate with genetically superior people and produce babies with exceptional advantages. Why not?  Anyone else here watch the movie Idiocrarcy? Do we really think that is not happening right now? IQ's are dropping. Furthermore, we are also living in a culture of anti-intellectualism, a topic I recently discussed while trolling Aaron Clarey and his worthless e-book about how most higher education is worthless. 

In addition to other concerns, mating with a model might bring tremendous disappointment to some couples if the genetic dice rolled the wrong way and their child turned out to be short fat or ugly.FYI - some of these models have had work done. I hate to burst their lovely bubble of delusion, but dyed hair, liposuctioned thighs, and full lips plumped by collagen are not inherited. And it would be very hard for the child who failed such expectations. How will the child feel when the child's not tall, athletic or a genius? 

Parents' quest for beautiful genes resonates powerfully with a growing body of academic research into the possible evolutionary reasons that certain physical characteristics, from hip-to-waist ratio to symmetrical faces, are considered desirable and beautiful. I tend to ask odder questions than most people, so maybe my readers can answer them for me. 

Why isn't there a website selling the sperm of super-attractive men? Why isn't there a website selling the eggs of super-intelligent women? Why isn't there a website selling the eggs of athletic women? Some of these websites are playing into gender roles, but guess what, DNA does not work like that. 

I understand the desire to produce smarter humans. It is an unfortunate fact that dumb people are reproducing at a much faster rate than intelligent people. Yet, we must keep in mind that genetics is only fifty percent of IQ. Environment accounts for the other fifty percent. Eugenics brings up moral questions. I know some people will argue that it is immoral to 'play god'. Fortunately, god does not exist, therefore this is not a question of playing god or not. It is a question of motivation, expectations, humanity and using technology responsibly. In nature women gravitate towards the intelligent, economically stable guy who can ensure the survival of her offspring. Men are attracted to beautiful women but they are unlikely to marry a beautiful woman who lacks brains and personality. It is now more important to men that their partners are companions rather than trophies. According to a study published in the UK Sun, women are also attracted to intelligence and personality. The hot sexy party girls are the least desirable when it comes to marriage. 

We see shallow people everywhere, and most of us are guilty of it. Why do we put such high standards upon those who offer what society considers better quality gametes? All they are really doing is making money off the very thing that humans do for free. 

I am perfectly fine with these enterprises, in that I support a parents right to choose. Parents make these choices everyday when they select their partners, why not make these choices when selecting their sperm or eggs? I do not see the problem. Parents would do well to remember that these kids may not come out the way they hope. Good sperm and eggs only increase the odds, it does not seal the deal. This is true for every family. These companies are just trying to increase the odds. What is the harm in that?

When it comes to intelligence, we need to focus our attention on environment. The number of people who can afford super sperm are few. The number of people who are so lucky to have a smart|beautiful person to procreate are few. Lets face it, take a walk through the mall any given Wednesday. How many people in general society are attractive? Not many.  Intelligence is not likely to be an aberration either. To be intelligent, one must read books, study, and work hard. We do not wake up one day intelligent. It takes work. Even those Nobel prize winners had to work for it. The only thing we can really buy is good looks. Cosmetic surgeons are in every major city.

The moral of the story - turn off your computer and open a text book. 

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