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Personally, I think Ann Coulter is an evil witch from the seventh layer of hell. Her research is shoddy, she is manipulating, mean, ugly, barren  and has a heart so cold a Death Valley summer could not melt it. There are very few instances where I agree with this maniacal creature. Most of the time I wish she would just crawl back under that rock from where she was hatched. One of those instances regards the use of the word Retard. Ann Coulter posted the following comment on twitter. She uses the....'r' word and now twitter is ablaze with 'how dare you' 'apologize to my retarded son' etc..etc...

Journalist Emanuella Grinberg, posted an article on the 'r' word Tuesday October 23rd, at 4.46 PM. The article starts saying, "Parents of children with special needs are demanding an apology from Ann Coulter." The interpretation seems to be that if Coulter says that the president is a retard then retarded children are lesser beings.
Blogger, Ellen Seidman took such offense to the comment that she said Coulter's comment. She re-tweeted to Coulter, "The word "retard" demeans Max and millions more with intellectual disabilities."
Ellen Seidman's retarded son

Many others decided to jump into the twitter bandwagon making comments about Coulter's insensitivity to retarded...I mean.....'special' children. 

So basically, she is giving the middle finger to everyone who does not like her use of the word retarded. With her bony finger, Ann points out in the above comment, to say Stage 3 Romneysia is a cancer reference. Isn't this offensive to all those people living with cancer? Actually, it would be offensive to people living with amnesia, which is not cancer. However, we get the point. I hate saying it, but this evil axe-wielding woman is right.

My official position is this - freedom of speech applies to everyone. There is no doubt that retarded is a pejorative word. There are words out there that offend everyone. Self-censorship campaigns, forced movements and institutionalized taboos are unnecessary and usually do not work. Words tend to change meaning over time and we cannot rid the language of words just because we do not like how they are used. We can only control ourselves and how we use language. We cannot control another person (children excluded) from using words.

 After a quick google search I came across the website Campaign Against the R Word I discovered that the campaign seems to be based on the idea that words represent thought, language represents thought, and therefore, words control thought. If we rid the world of the word retarded, then we will no longer think of retarded people as being lesser beings. The problem is that we cannot treat adults like children and tell them how and when to censor themselves. If they want to live in civilized society and maintain a productive career they will have to censor themselves. This forced movement in essence - treating adults like a bunch of retards because they want to use the word retard once in a blue moon.

I have playfully used the word a few times and never once did I think that any person with developmental problems was lesser than myself. In fact,out of my 27 first cousins, I have one who is slightly disabled due to a birth defect. I also have a second cousin with severe Cerebral Palsy. Using these words do not control our thoughts. Some of these people need to get off their high horse, go to the store and buy themselves a sense of humor. Or wait...let me guess.... a disabled little kid is crying somewhere in lonely corner because someone, somewhere has just used the word retarded.

This may be a surprise to some of you, but political correctness was an obscure term before the early 90's.
Whats happening now reminds me a little of the political correctness heydays back in the early 90's. I remember it clearly, a new wave of -isms swept across the land and college campuses. Think this, don't think that, say this, don't say that. Eventually a backlash ensued and the term "politically incorrect"came into use as an implicit term of self-praise, indicating that one is not afraid to ignore institutionalized taboos or censorship.

This morning I posted an article from Business News Daily called Seven Facebook Posts that could Ruin Your Career. As we read that article, one will note certain things. If you want to post trashy duck-face photos of yourself in Cancun you are certainly free to do it. No one is stopping you. But remember - your boss might not like it. You might want to post comments about your menstrual cycle, the retard next door, or that itch that just wont go away. No one is stopping you. But remember - your parents might see it. If you want to be a respected person in society there are certain things you will not do, like take a picture of your erection with a cell phone and then send it to one of your employees. Or, if you want a career you should not be caught with drugs, prostitutes, or in any other unsavory activity that general society will not like.

When I was in Jr High School, I said something inappropriate about another person and my best friend was there to kick me right in my ass when I did it. She made me a better person for it. When it comes to language, we have society, we have people, we do not require forced taboos.


I have heard people say that we should not use the term 'swine flu', or in French it is 'la grippe porcine" because it is offensive to Jews and Muslims. Instead it must be called H1N1.

We can't say oriental because Asians may be offended by it. We cannot say old person, we have to say Senior. Although I choose not to use certain terms, and find them offensive, I do not like any 'campaign against a word.'

I have to wonder, is using the word Retarded really the same as racial, sexist or ethnic slurs? One time my husband was in a foul mood, and I told him he was starting to sound like a Jewish housewife. Booja! Does this mean that all Jewish housewives in the world should get their panties in a bunch? What a boring world we would live in, when we have to constantly censor ourselves because someone might be offended.

Since we must live with other people, we must have social filters and censor ourselves in certain circumstances. I am an atheist, but I do not go about telling theists how delusional they are for believing in invisible, supernatural things. Do I think they are delusional? Yes. Anyone who believes in magical things, without any evidence or peer review backing up the belief is delusional. But living in a society, I do not go about berating people for it. I do what everyone else does....I use the internet to express my ideas about religion. I will express those opinions when asked about them. I leave it there.

Although I typically vote Democrat, and usually agree with my party on many issues, this is one that I think is silly. Jokingly calling a friend a retard is very different from going up to a person with Cerebral Palsy and calling them retarded. Who would do that? Black Americans call themselves nigger from time to time. I personally do not like it, but it is their business. The words bitch, whore, slut and cunt are used more often than the word retarded. Why isn't there a campaign to rid the world of those words. Why don't we just have them removed from the dictionary all together and make sure nobody knows they ever existed. The bottom line is this. People have the right to use what ever language they want to each other. The first amendment is for everybody, high brow and low brow. I might not like some of these words, but I am not about to censor another person.


 I still think she is a mean spirited human being with an ugly heart. Ursula the Sea Witch has more kindness and compassion for her fellow human beings than Ann Coulter. Her faux pas will cost fans and respect from both sides of the camp, Democrat and Republican. We do not need to institutionalize any taboo onto society because people like Ann shoot themselves in the foot.

Super Retard


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