Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Every political system has good points

Why is it people view the world and politics in absolute terms, either an idea is all good or all bad? The only time people always something is when they breathe. Even then there may be some exceptions. There are as many schools of thought in the world as there are colors in the  rainbow. Some of them have more flaws then others, none of them are perfectly good. My problem is this - why is it so difficult for people to pick and choose what they like? It is perfectly okay to do it. I vote Democrat but....that does not mean that I believe everything Dems say. I do have a few Republican values. I have a few Socialist values and a few Capitalist ones too. It does not mean that a person is an means that a person is an independent thinker.

I will continue voting Democrat because I tend to believe they are right about most things. But there is nobody who can tell me that they are right about all things, because frankly, they are not.

I wish that I could find some Republicans who think the same way. They seem to hate every Democrat idea without even first hearing what the idea is.

In the last few years we have seen a great deal of fear mongering around the word socialism. Having lived in France, a  socialist country, I can tell you with confidence that it is not that  bad. Their medical care is the best. Americans think that if healthcare is socialized we will not get to chose our doctors, we will have to wait in line for hours, or the doctors are not paid well. Bull pookey. In France I had a medical condition and had to see several doctors. The wait was no different from the United States. The quality of care was just as good. The only difference is that they are not wasteful. They do not order unnecessary tests out of fear that they will be sued. Moreover, the doctors over there make pretty good money. The system is logical and self sustaining.

That being said, I certainly do not agree with all socialist policies. I only agree with some socialism. I think that the paranoia we have in the USA about socialism is just plain silly. Here are examples of things we already have socialized in the United States; roads, highways, currency, public libraries, public schools, water and the post office. Do people think socialism is bad in these cases?

You Do Not Have To Subscribe To Any Doctrine Absolutely 

The point of this blog is not about socialism, it is about the fact that a person does not have to subscribe to one hundred percent of any political doctrine. We can pick and choose what we believe is right and what we will follow in life. No person has the right to pigeonhole you into any one political party and no one has the right to be condescending to you for having different views. Also, it is okay for you to pick and choose which elements you think are right, and which elements you think are wrong.

One thing that my husband says is that even a broken clock is right twice a day. There are some Republican arguments that I do agree with. Foreign policy being one of them. I also agree with the argument that any person receiving government assistance should be subject to drug testing. However, I disagree with the believe that food stamp benefits should be cut.

You are free to pick and chose what you will or will not believe. There is not a party that has it all right or all wrong.

A Thought Game

Look to each of these theories, ideologies and belief systems, and find on thing in them, one major principle that you think is right.

Classic Liberalism
Marxist Socialism

If you know a little bit about each of these ideologies, you will be able to find some things in them that you agree with. What ever you come up with, keep it in your back pocket. Remember that it isn´t all all or nothing game.

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