Friday, October 19, 2012

Why I think FTB Women are being sexually harassed

Are these women being hit on as much as they claim?

 Jen McCreight and Rebecca Watson claim that they are constantly victims of sexual harassment and street harassment, especially in the ever-so-dangerous Seattle Washington. I am convinced these women are being hit on and something must be done to stop it! Today we are going to closely examine the following concerns - the hotness factor - attainability factor - and game theory. When we understand these three concepts, we will understand why every penis in the room gravitates to these three women.

The Attractiveness Factor

After careful thought, I determined that these poor unfortunate ladies are being hit on - A LOT. In fact, I will be able to prove that we are looking at three penis magnets. Everywhere they go, penises are sure to follow.

Some men are willing to sleep with any female no matter what she looks like. As they say in France, "un trou est un trou la bite n'a pas d'oeil." Let me put it this way, my ex roommate is a perfect example of this.  He once brought home a Hasidic woman with a hook nose and a bob wig. She looked like the Penguin from the Batman movie, my first instinct was to give her a fish. These men are few in number, and the trio we see above are much better looking than the Jewish penguin woman.

Rebecca Watson, Jen McCreight and Surly Amy are not attractive women. These ladies will fairly respond saying that they have a thousand other priorities that take precedent over looking good. That would be a perfectly legitimate and respectable response. Our bodies are our own personal property. If being attractive is not on their list of priorities, there is no reason any of us shouldn't respect such a position.

I hope my readers do not misunderstand what I mean by attractive. I am not talking about having big boobs, blond hair or even any of the unrealistic standards of beauty gracing the cover of Vogue. In the looks department they all have potential, but frankly, it looks to me like they gave up a long time ago. Amy and Rebecca have potential while Jen requires some cosmetic surgery just to be more symmetrical. I am not saying that they need to get a job ringing the bell at Notre Dame de Paris. (That is my job, and I have no intention on letting one of these ladies have it.) How does this all tie into being three penis magnets in the dangerous, misogynist city of Seattle Washington? Allow me to continue.

Dangerous Seattle Washington

Watson and McCreight both said that in Seattle Washington, they do not feel safe. I am from Seattle. I was hatched here, grew up here and after a long absence returned home last year. I was certainly hit on once in awhile, but these women make it sound like it is something that happens to them all the time. Fortunately, I have been spared. As a child, I climbed an ugly tree, slipped, fell, and hit every branch on the way down. To this day I stutter and have a slight drool when I say my 's' and 't'. I also have webbed feet. They are great for jumping in puddles, but turn the guys off, especially when I wear sandals.

For the last year, every week I take the light-rail and bus up to the University of Washington. The same place where Jen McCreight said she does not feel safe on the street. This last year alone I have not been hit on once in the University District. Not a single time. You see people, when I say that I am fugly, I mean it. One look at me and you will turn to stone. In the last year, I have had some friendly conversations with men on public transportation, but the only reason the guys talked to me is because they felt sorry for me. My self esteem has been rock bottom lately and I needed a little pick-me-up.

I shot the following video in the University of Washington Area just a few weeks ago. This video clearly shows that Jen is right, and women are being raped on the street. (Except me, because naturally if a man tried to rape me, his penis would probably fall after he lifted the pillow from my toothless face.)

The Proof these Women are Penis Magnets

I have taken their claims and determined there are either one of two things happening here.

1. These women are lying, and men are not harassing them.
2. As John Nash illustrated, going after the Blond in the bar, men go after the least attractive women because they are less likely to get rejected.

I have inferred that the John Nash phenomena is happening. When men look at these Rebecca, Amy, and Jen they say to themselves, "Well, my chances are pretty good. These ladies are not too attractive and probably begging for male attention." Realizing their chances of hooking up with are probably pretty good, they take the plunge. You know what, plenty of other guys are thinking the exact same thing. That, ladies and gentlemen, is why these ladies are being hit on so much! We have a serious problem on our hands.

Fact - every guy wants a beautiful woman. If he says that looks do not matter, he is lying to you. I do not care how PC he is - every guy wants a beautiful woman. Beautiful women know that they are beautiful. They know that all the guys want them. If they are not already taken, they have high standards. Most men are not in their league. This makes guys feel insecure. Being a butt ugly person myself, I know exactly what these guys are going through.

If you are some lonely guy wanting to get together with a lady, would you go straight up to the most beautiful woman in the room or would you go to a woman you think is less likely to shoot you down? Take a look at the women featured below, in all honesty, do you think the ones in column B are really going to be into you?
                                                              A                                B
I made my point. 

Have a nice day!


  1. Been thinking about this for a while. "Münchausen syndrome is a psychiatric factitious disorder wherein those affected feign disease, illness, or psychological trauma to draw attention or sympathy to themselves."

    Surely there has to be an equivalent term for the homely that feign the trauma of being "sexually irresistable" and similarly concoct elaborate mythologies of how they must constantly battle to protect themselves from horndogs.

  2. This is something I've wondered about since discovering these women. The faces of Skepchick and FreeThoughtBlogs, belonging to the voices screaming "rape!" and "misogyny!", their physical attributes are...shall we say unfortunate. The theory that men are going for the less rejected route by hitting on the uglier of selections makes the most sense. I also have a theory that the man who invited Watson for coffee in that elevator probably wanted to get insight into how she could claim to be so sexually harassed, not that he wanted to get into her panties(I've also read that she had been drinking that night. Alcohol usually makes a person believe they're braver, sexier, more attractive than they actually are). There is one thing I disagree with you on though: I don't believe ANY of them have potential.

  3. I think there might be something to the first comment. Maybe they don't have 'Munchausen syndrome' exactly, but they are obviously overdoing the imagined psychological trauma for attention. While a hypochondriac gets a slight pain and imagines they have cancer, these women may get a smile from the man standing behind them in a line and imagine he's thinking about raping her. They obviously have a problem with men and should seek professional help.

  4. I must confess that I thought this, but I cannot say this as I am a white male heterosexual. Rebecca Watson looks like Stephen Merchant. It does not diminish her as a person, but it does mean that I find it hard to belief that she is inundated with offers from men.

    If you want to play like a footballer's wife then you cannot look like a football boot.



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