Thursday, October 11, 2012

My dream Halloween costume

For the last three years I toyed with the idea about a Halloween costume that I would like to design for myself. I know some say Halloween is just for kids. Fiddlesticks! To all those nay-sayers.

Halloween is for everybody to dress up and have fun. I love Halloween. My philosophy is that the best costumes are the ones that require an explanation.

While taking a French literature course (yes, you have heard me in other blogs talking about certain classes). Sorry, I do not want to sound like an elitest snob. Back to my story. I was taking a survey of 18th century French literature course. We read Manon Lescaut, La Religieuse, and Liasions Dangereues.

In Liason Dangereuese, Laclose paints the most evil, manipulating, cruel woman ever known to literature - the Marquise de Meurteil.

Many moons ago I decided that I wanted to be the Marquise every Halloween.
Well, here is the problem.

One: this costume has to be made. It would be far to expensive to commission or buy.

Two: one must be careful not to confuse Meurteil with Marie Antoinette. I already have my sexy Marie Antoinette Costume. Not interested in that.

Three: Halloween seems to be that special opportunity where women have permission to show more skin than they normally would. There is the sexy nurse, sexy maid, sexy witch, sexy, sexy, sexy something. They could make a potato sack into a sexy costume. They could make a Steven Hawking costume look sexy. Frankly, I am not interested. This is not to say that I am not proud of the body my mother gave me, but I have grown to be a modest person. I do not desire this kind of attention.

With two babies at home, I want a Halloween costume that I can wear when I take them trick or treating. I want something that will make them smile. And most importantly...I want something that will keep me warm while taking them trick or treating. At the most, my costume will show some cleavage. Nothing more.
My dream costume is a dark, smoldering Meurteile dress and wear it year after year. I want it to scream, ¨I am the evil French bitch from that book written three hundred years ago

I came to terms with the fact that if I want this, I am going to have to make the darn thing myself. Here is  hoping next year I will have it.