Monday, December 10, 2012

Seven Simple Rules

Seven Simple Rules 

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Lesson One: You are a victim
As long as you have a penis, you do not have to take responsibility for anything that you do. Feminist have been oppressing men for decades. You are completely powerless in your life. No mater what happens - it is not your fault.

Lesson Two: You have no power over your reproduction
Never forget that you have no reproductive rights. Condoms are a feminist invention created to trick you into thinking that you have power over where your sperm ends up. Vasectomies are also a big lie, and always fail. The entire system is rigged against you.

Lesson Three: Misogyny does not exist
Women invented words like: cunt, bitch, slut and whore - and ensured that there would be no male counterpart to those words, for the sole purpose of creating the illusion that misogyny is real. Remember even if it looks misogynist it isn't because misogyny is not real. There is probably an elaborate, overly complicated explanation involving the Illuminati. Just remember, women do not have a hard time in life because they are women.

Lesson Four: Nobody cares about you
Nobody cares about men. All of those grandmothers, sisters, aunts, nieces and daughters who have loved you and cared for you all of your life - they were all faking it. Men are the only people who care about your happiness.

Lesson Five: It is Women's fault that Men are less healthy
All the doctors who say women tend to outlive men for evolutionary reasons are lying. It is a feminist conspiracy. Women are funneling all of your money into women clinics to pay for their yearly pap smears. Women are doing this because they want you all to die early so they can take your money and go on a vacation to the Bahamas. 

Lesson Six: Women force you to drop out of school
The only reason you drop out of school is because some woman made you do it. Never forget, you are completely powerless. Blame the fact that you do not have social programs to help you out in life. Remember - no matter what - you are not responsible for the bad decision you make to drop out of school. Somehow, it is a woman's fault.

Lesson Seven:  Anyone who says The Matrix is just a movie is lying. There is a red pill and a blue pill. Everyone who does not agree with you has taken the blissfully ignorant blue pill. 

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  1. Thus, on a thumbnail, why I am not an MRA, and why I distance myself from the MRM. I strongly disagree with radical feminism, and a fair slice of mainstream feminism. Et nec plus ultra.



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