Monday, May 20, 2013

Spokane is the Sphincter of Washington State

Economically, western Washington State carries eastern Washington State. If it was not for the people in the West, the people in the east would be in an even worse economic situation than they are now. Taxes from the West are funneled to the East. I certainly do not have a problem with that. People cannot help where they were born. What we can do - is control what information goes into our brains.

Spokane Washington is known for being a red-neck, bible thumping, anti-government haven. So why exactly is Spokane the asshole of Washington State?

Western Washington is better than Eastern Washington for many reasons. West of the mountains we have better industry, more innovation, and the life requires that we deal with people from around the globe. East of the mountains, it is all about them - their families, their communities, their people, and the little bubble that they like to live in. They lack economic diversity, and anyone who knows anything about economics knows that we must have economic diversity in order for any society to sustain itself. They seem to lack cultural awareness and a thriving higher education system.

But, then again, with the number of militias over there it would not surprise me if many people in that area think that higher education is a complete waste of time. Anti-intellectualism thrives in these communities.

In Spokane, the public school system is the largest employer. Where does the money come from to fund their public school system? You guessed it, the taxes we pay in the West. They just do not make enough money in that area to sustain themselves. They must rely on the people West of the mountains to carry them.

It never ceases to amaze me how the very people who profit the most from charity like to bitch about charity the most. The tea baggers like to say "give me my money back." Dude - if that were the case, these people would be living in a hole in the ground. How about they give US our money back!!!!!

Spokane people have scared the crap out of me. I have never met a single one that was liberal in their thoughts, ideas, attitudes or behavior. Many of them are anti-gay, bible thumping Republicans who have no problem spending the money the West gives them. (except for the fact that they are oblivious how much of our tax dollars go over the mountains). They are more likely to be in a militia than a bookstore. Any liberals over there would probably get beat up by some bullies in school. Who knows what the consequences are for being different.

It is much better to live West of the Mountains than East of the Mountains. In the East, they are poorer, more ignorant, and as such - more vulnerable to right wing hate radio.

Spokane is known for right-wing, gun wielding, racist men who think that the police do not know how to do their job. They form circle-jerk militia groups, dress up in their costumes, and have annual pissing contests. They also like to talk crap about the "pinko commies in the West", you know, the people in Seattle who make real money, and pay all those taxes that support them on the other side of the mountains.

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