Monday, January 28, 2013

•°•°• Female Stalker for Three Years •°•°•

A woman has been stalking me for three years. Two years ago, the police called her and told her to stop it.

She finally went away, but still likes to silently watch me. She probably thinks that I do not know. I have these blogs linked up to a very good demographic an IP tracking software. She lives in one of the cities that appeared in my software.

"Yes psycho, we know you are watching."

Friday, January 25, 2013

Strachan The Leprechaun Slayer

Theology of War makes absolutely no sense. When someone tells me they have a degree in ‘theology’, it makes me smile. So they went to a University to study a magical, supernatural deity that refuses to prove it exists. Congratulations. That is as meaningful as a degree of Leprechaunology.

Since the early nineties the United States Department of Defense formally banned women from most ground combat units. At long last, the military has been forced to end its sexist policy because they were sued by the U.S. military will end its policy of excluding women from combat and will open combat jobs and direct combat units to female troops, CNN has learned. Since 1994, the Defense Department has formally banned women from most ground combat units. The American Civil Liberties Union sued the Pentagon on behalf of four female service members over the combat exclusion policy, saying women are already serving in combat roles but not receiving the training or recognition of their male counterparts.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

French Twitter Lawsuit: release the names!

A French Jewish organization has filed a lawsuit against twitter asking that they release the names of French people who posted anti-Semitic comments. I thought this incident was worth briefly discussing, because I resided in France for about one year and feel as much a connection to France as I do to Mexico and the United States. I care what happens there.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Are all people equal?

The other day I posted a Facebook status update which read,”Here is a question. Do you think the human species is getting dumber? Smart people are not having as many children as stupid people. Do you think that in the next few hundred years, our collective IQ will drop?”

With such a controversial question, I saw more than the usual responses. Many of the respondents said that if one is measuring smarts by test scores on IQ tests alone, then we have been getting progressively smarter since about the 1930’s. A few people mentioned the Flynn effect. The thing about social network comments is that the subject matters shoot off like branches of a tree, taking on a life of their own.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Crisis in Mali

French President Fran├žois Hollande decided to send fifteen thousand French troops to Mali after terrorists from Northern Mali pushed South, taking Timbuktu and the capital city. 

To date, about six thousand French nationals live in Bamako, and about eighty thousand Malians live in France with close family ties in Mali. In 2006, Bamako was estimated to be the fastest growing city in Africa and the sixth fastest in the world. 

Today we are going to examine what happened, and answer that big question, with all the problems in the world, and in France, why does France give a crap about Mali? Mali poses absolutely no threat to their security. 


When asking why any country cares about another, consider the following factors: money, energy, power, and geography. France does not have any uranium, so they have to mine it from abroad. They get their uranium from Niger, and those uranium mines just so happen to be very close to the boarder of Mali. In order to continue mining, the French must have safe access to the uranium and be able to transport it back to France for enrichment.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

•°•°•°• YouTube Video Against Nate Wodening Flagged •°•°•°•

A few little gay-hating MRA decided to flag my video. As a result, it was pulled from Youtube and I am not able to repost it. In the spirit of free speech, the video is featured below. I have also provided a MediaFire link so that any person may download it, and reupload it to their channel if they so elect.
The video I was responding, (original author Nate Wodening) to is linked HERE.

One of the problems with Mirroring videos is that once they are pulled, TY has certain algorithms and robots that will recognize rejected material. I took my original video, while staying true to the message, altered the audio at different points. You should have no problem re-uploading it to your channels. I have a feeling that one of the reasons it was pulled, is because I mirrored the content of a gay-hating, MRA, liar and repeated some of this hateful comments a few times in the video. Although censorship is wrong, the best response is to mirror the content.

The  video he flagged is featured below, with a link for anyone who wishes to download it, click on the following LINK for a free download. You may re-upload the video if you so elect to your channel. If your channel is monetized, milk it for every cent it is worth. This is my gift to all of you wonderful people out there.

If any problem arises with the download, here is the link again. LINK. I have the original on my desktop and will send it to any person who would like to upload it.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Decadent Sluts Music Video

Ladies and Gents,

The Davis M.J. Aurini music video has arrived. For a free download, CLICK HERE. Feel free to upload the video to your personal YouTube Channel. Please link my blog in the video description box. Muchas Gracias :--)

Sunday, January 13, 2013

.•'´¯) ♡♥ Davis Aurini's Dating Advice

Goodness me, I did not think that I would write another blog about this Nazi Davis M.J. Aurini. He has turned out to be a constant source of amusement for me. In the linked video below, Davis gives us ladies some very important dating advice.

Lets examine the first claim he made. Make-up makes a woman look younger and enhances secondary sex characteristics. Make-up is the first thing women do to 'get a man.'

Let's take a trip to the man cave, and give Davis Aurini some facts on what exactly female secondary sex characteristics are. I know...I know...many of you will feel like you are back in Jr. High School Gym Class, but unfortunately sometimes we need to go over the fundamentals.

Secondary Sex Characteristics begin to appear during puberty. They tend to start earlier for girls than boys. Although they are predominately determined by genetics, they are influenced by climate, diet and social conditions.

Female Secondary Sex Characteristics Are:

  1. rounder breasts
  2. wider hips
  3. pubic hair
  4. underarm hair
  5. changing fat distribution
  6. greater development of thigh muscles
Make-up does not enhance secondary sex characteristics.

If women use make-up, to enhance their secondary sex characteristics then they will use make-up to make their breasts appear rounder, their hips wider, their public hair and underarm hair bushier and maybe, their hips wider. When you think of secondary sex characteristics, think puberty, body hair, and menstruation.

Make-up is worn by both women and men, but usually by women. It is used to achieve many different effects. Sometimes, it is used to make women look older. (where he gets that idea that make-up makes women look younger is beyond me.)

Female facial beauty, like male beauty, is about facial symmetry. Facial symmetry is not a secondary sex characteristic. Hormones that become more active during puberty will not make her big nose smaller, push her eyes together or make her lips bigger.

Ladies, if you would like to enhance your secondary sex characteristics, there are a few things you can do. First, get online and shop for a Merkin. They will cost about $40.00. (about the same cost as Lancome eye-shadow kits) Aurini seems to be really into secondary sex characteristics, maybe he should invest in one of these for his poor, long suffering girlfriend.

If you are really interested enhancing those secondary sex characteristics, you can go to Lowells hardware store and start injecting liquid silicone into your hips.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

Loyal to a fault: the crisis of male identity and rape

Western men are at an impasse, they must reconcile themselves with the fact that 98% of forcible rapes are committed by men, yet 95.5 percent of men are not rapists. Most men are decent, loving human beings who would never dream of doing such a vile thing to another person. As a result, men are faced with a contradiction. That contradiction placed them in a difficult position of defending their basic identity. They can revise their view of the world, or ignore the contradiction in favor of a treasured belief. That treasured belief in this case is that women are lying about rape, deserve to be raped or are responsible for rape because they choose to drink too much alcohol. This article will argue that the media reports of rape, cast the 95.5% of innocent men in an unfavorable light. Men are rightfully angry about this, and resort to some unsavory tactics defending the male gender, and their identity. This article speaks to the 95.5%of men who are not rapists. I will argue that rather than swimming in cognitive dissonance, or deception, it is better to be honest about the facts surrounding rape and deal with it on an individual level rather than let this become a gender war.

Think for a moment about all the things that make you, uniquely you. When you make that list, carefully consider how you use the pronoun "I".  English is the only language that capitalizes "I" regardless of where it lives in a sentence. The emphasis will always be on YOU. As long as you are communicating your ideas in the English language, you are the capital, you are the value, you are the center of whatever idea the sentence communicates. I will argue that we should encourage the 95.5% of men to defend their advanced identity, all the things that make them unique, rather than their basic identity, their gender. At the same time, women should remember that 95.5% of men are not rapists, and should remember that men have the right not to be labeled as a criminal when they have done nothing wrong. We attack the perpetrator  not the gender. Gender wars have been raging on the internet, women vs. men, men vs. women. Gender wars are harmful, and they demean us as individuals. 

Most of us start inductively organizing our descriptive adjectives from the general to the specific. For me, the first things I would write are, "I am a female, Caucasian, brunette." In that order, I am first a female, then I am white, then I am a brunette. Then I would start listing the more specific to idiosyncratic things that identify Naomi as an individual. "I am a mother, wife, entrepreneur  linguist  skeptic  artist, chef, and gardener." I would finish discussing things about my person that most people would not know unless they knew me very well. "My favorite artist is Klimt. I love bold colors. I dislike sunlight. I heat up my coffee-mate creamer in the microwave for thirty seconds before adding it to my morning coffee." There are many more things that define me beyond female, Caucasian and Brunette.

All of this might seem irrelevant to the topic of men and rape, but in fact it is very relevant because Western men are facing a much bigger identity crisis, as a gender, than ever before.  Many men adopted some harsh attitudes about rape, which strongly correlate to their need to protect their gender, and in turn, protect themselves. The only way the gender war will come to an end is when people stop dichotomous thinking, stop labeling all that is masculine as 'good or evil' and stop labeling all that is feminine as 'good or evil'

Davis M.J. Aurini: The Canadian Taliban

I was honored that the Critical G did a reading of my blog, The Paranoia Agenda. I was surprised to see that he put a good deal of work into his editing. It was  nice to see someone actually get my sense of humor. For your viewing pleasure, his video is featured below. 

Today´s blog, Davis M.J. Aurini: The Canadian Taliban, is about a person I found from the comment section of Critical G´s video. In the comment section, a man by the name Aurini ( Davis M. J. Aurini) posted the following comment:

*Sigh* That Democrat/Patriarchy bit was pretty disappointing - as usual we hear the one instance where the Old System went wrong, and are expected to ignore the 99 where things turned out very, very right.
Other than that, excellent blog.
I was curious who this man was. All I knew about him, based on that one comment, is that he believes the Old Patriarchal System turned out very right in most cases. It was hard to fathom that any social system or world view turns out very ´right´ 99 percent of the time.  

I decided to mozy on over to his channel and see what kind of a person he was. After all, we cannot judge a person alone by a single comment. 

When I found his Channel, I was blown Away. Wow! Was I shocked. This is a deeply disturbed man, with profound control issues. I could see the need to possess women almost immediately. From reading his blogs and suffering through several of his twenty minute lectures, I found Davis Aurini to be a psychologically complex character with a deep desire to control the women he claims to deeply love. He describes his love for women the way a parent loves their child. This man has been both emasculated and deeply cut by women. 

In this blog, there are certain buzz words I chose to ignore - misogyny being one of them. Misogyny: of or relating to the hatred of women  These characters do not 'hate' women just as homophobes are not 'afraid' of homosexuals. Some words just do not work anymore, so I will avoid them.

Davis M.J. Aurini Is A Monster.  
Ladies - if you see this man, just turn and walk away.
If you are dating him - change your number
Davis M.J. Aurini is a monster, and this blog will produce enough evidence to convince even the most skeptical jury. The pity blogging from the Free Thought Bloggers left most of us feeling like women cry wolf when it comes to patriarchy - another word I do not want to use because of them. These women write blogs about Richard Dawkins being a ´privileged white guy´bla bla bla´. Yet we have Davis Aurini, a man who literally embodies all the qualities these women fear in men, and then he takes it to a whole new level. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Winter Fitness Regime

Six weeks ago I started a new fitness regime. I am going to put on as much lean muscle as I can, focusing mostly on the lets, hips and thighs. I made an extensive YouTube playlist with some of my favorite workouts. Here is what I am doing:

First thing in the morning - 50 jumping jacks or jump rope
Body weight Resistance Training consisting of deep squats, donkey press, straight leg curls and lunges. I will do about 5 sets of resistance workouts, pushing until the muscle is burning and trembling.
Depending on the exercise intensity, I will wait a day or two before working out again.

In just six weeks my body has toned up nicely. I am going to continue with the muscle building regime until March, then I will change to a high intensity cardio workout. I will most likely be doing the Insanity workout three times a day at thirty minute intervals.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Spoon Fed Morality For Babies

"Hi, my name is John Muhammad Smith. Nice to meet you. I am here to tell you that I am incapable of using my own mental faculties to figure out the difference between right and wrong. I need an ancient book to tell me what is right, what is wrong, what I should do and what I should not do. Why? Whelp, because I am not smart enough to think for myself. I need to rely on someone else's thinking. I am a slave, a sheep, and servant. Moreover, I am here to tell you that being a slave to another person's idea about morality is a good thing. Would you like to join my heard of brainless, mindless, sheep incapable of contriving a single original thought?" 

Today I was listening to an audio book  The Laws of Success, while walking the boys to the library. The author started to discuss what he called the Seven horsemen, or the seven demons that prevent us from being successful people. Envy, Greed, etc..etc... Then he went on talking about how we need to have faith in other people if we are to ever succeed in life. The author proceeded to quote the Bible about how faith in human beings is a good thing.

Six Things Smart and Stupid People Do

Six things smart people do vs. Six things stupid people do

Six Things Smart People Do

1. Read non-fiction: real life is more interesting than someone else's imagination.
2. Smart people think they are of average intelligence.
3. They tend to be sensitive to the suffering of others.
4. They tend to have many different academic interests, global diversity and awareness.
5. They are introverted.
6. They are independent thinkers.
Six Things Stupid People Do

1. Pretend to like Jazz or some obscure band nobody has ever heard of.
2. Use obscure words instead of common words to convince others they are articulate.
3. Correct the trivial mistakes made by others.
4. They think they have a high IQ.
5. Behave like they have a PhD when they have only "some college"
6. They create trivial, straw-man arguments  defeat their own arguments, then give themselves a pat on the back for job well done. 


Friday, January 4, 2013

American Mothers Political Party Is A Hate Group

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The American Mothers Political Party is a Hate Group. Not only do they spew hatred towards men, but they also try to censor their critics. They tried to censor me several times (with little luck I must add) FYI: trying to censor a person like me, who has millions of people from around the world willing to mirror my content, is an exercise in futility. But that is another story. 

Bill Windsor recently discussed some horrid e-mails these women were sending him. He openly discussed the stalking on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. His Youtube video is linked below. These bitter women called him everything from a pedophile, rape enabler, pervert, and money hungry bastard whose greatest desire in life is to drink the blood of babes. These women are insane. I  am a friend of Bill Windsor. I am proud of his work, and proud that I was able to help him in his mission to uncover corruption in the United States Courts. He is not a misogynist. He speaks for mothers, fathers, and grandparents.

I made a video entitled "American Mothers Political Party is a Hate Group." In that video, I did two things. First, I discussed some public comments some individuals were leaving on Facebook. These comments are for anyone to see. Second, I asked my viewers to sign a White House Petition calling on our president to help us fight corruption within the government.

When I put the video up Wednesday, the women had it flagged and pulled. I appealed the decision. The video was reviewed and YouTube reposted it to my channel last night. I was happy, I won, I thought that it was over. Wrong.

Five minutes ago, I went to upload a new video and discovered that I couldn't. The reason? The women flagged the same video a second time. I have just appealed it for a second time. Probably tomorrow or the day after I will find out if YouTube will agree with me for the second time that it does not violate any terms of service. It is a real pain because I cannot use my YouTube account until YouTube reposts the video.

I would like to ask my viewers, and all people against radical feminism to help me teach these cry babies a lesson about internet censorship. Below is a MediaFire Link. Please download my video, and re-upload it to your YouTube channel. These women may be able to censor me - but they will not be able to censor all of you.

I would also like to add, that in all of the things I have said against Feminism and the MRA - not once did any Men's Right Group stoop so low as to pull a video they did not like. They came here to the comment section and spoke their mind. They did not pull a cowardly move like this.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Anti-father bigot group trying to boycott Lawless America


The American Mothers Political Party has launched a boycott against Lawless America...The Movie.  
 The American Mothers Political Party has posted that they are launching a letter-writing campaign to the Sundance Film Festival to encourage them to block Lawless America... The Movie.   

The fact is, these crazy letters will probably increase Lawless America's chances of appearing in the Sundance Film Festival. Michael Moore had a lot more haters than Bill Windsor. People created many anti-Michael Moore websites, and not a single one of them managed to shut him up.

One man-hater in particular has gone bat-shit crazy. This is what I was able to view from her facebook page in the last two days. This is NOT normal. I do not care how much you do not like somebody, this chick has no life whatsoever.
For the purpose of this blog, I removed this crazy lady's contact information. If you would like to call her and tell her that she is an obsessive freak, visit the Lawless America Website. 
This lady needs to mind her own business. If she does not want to participate in the documentary, she does not have to. This freak has an elaborate conspiracy theory that Bill Windsor is a misogynist. 

Bill Windsor has taken the statements of women, men, children, grandparents and disabled people. He is not sexist, racist or ageist. This woman is just a fruit loop. The image to the right contains only two days of obsessive posts and ramblings. 

Paranoid feminists are no different from paranoid mens rights activists. This obsessive pustule of hatred is astonishing. I think that Elizabeth is one of those professional victims. You know the ones who choose abusive men and enjoy being little victims. Victims do not have to take responsibility for themselves. This lady is going to be a victim for the rest of her life. At least we can say she is getting what she wants from life.