Monday, January 7, 2013

Six Things Smart and Stupid People Do

Six things smart people do vs. Six things stupid people do

Six Things Smart People Do

1. Read non-fiction: real life is more interesting than someone else's imagination.
2. Smart people think they are of average intelligence.
3. They tend to be sensitive to the suffering of others.
4. They tend to have many different academic interests, global diversity and awareness.
5. They are introverted.
6. They are independent thinkers.
Six Things Stupid People Do

1. Pretend to like Jazz or some obscure band nobody has ever heard of.
2. Use obscure words instead of common words to convince others they are articulate.
3. Correct the trivial mistakes made by others.
4. They think they have a high IQ.
5. Behave like they have a PhD when they have only "some college"
6. They create trivial, straw-man arguments  defeat their own arguments, then give themselves a pat on the back for job well done. 


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