Tuesday, January 15, 2013

•°•°•°• YouTube Video Against Nate Wodening Flagged •°•°•°•

A few little gay-hating MRA decided to flag my video. As a result, it was pulled from Youtube and I am not able to repost it. In the spirit of free speech, the video is featured below. I have also provided a MediaFire link so that any person may download it, and reupload it to their channel if they so elect.
The video I was responding, (original author Nate Wodening) to is linked HERE.

One of the problems with Mirroring videos is that once they are pulled, TY has certain algorithms and robots that will recognize rejected material. I took my original video, while staying true to the message, altered the audio at different points. You should have no problem re-uploading it to your channels. I have a feeling that one of the reasons it was pulled, is because I mirrored the content of a gay-hating, MRA, liar and repeated some of this hateful comments a few times in the video. Although censorship is wrong, the best response is to mirror the content.

The  video he flagged is featured below, with a link for anyone who wishes to download it, click on the following LINK for a free download. You may re-upload the video if you so elect to your channel. If your channel is monetized, milk it for every cent it is worth. This is my gift to all of you wonderful people out there.

If any problem arises with the download, here is the link again. LINK. I have the original on my desktop and will send it to any person who would like to upload it.

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